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  1. Air harassment at home, at the hospital when I was admitted, at the beach when I am surfing or walking, when I am hiking, when I am driving on surface roads and the freeway. Even got buzzed by a very low flying, large commercial plane on the freeway near the airport, completely synchronized. She handled this well and NO, we do not have to consent!

    • I’d like to know where they find the money to harass us. Helicopters are very expensive to use. I hope you’re all right. You said you were at the hospital.

      I sent the video through, because I thought others would like to see it, but I haven’t been able to see it. It won’t work when I try to watch it.

      Isn’t life just fun, fun for us targets?

  2. I have had similar experiences. Had aircraft follow/circle me over the house and while on walks. I have also had the black helis follow me and became suddenly ill after having encounters with low flying aircraft of various kinds. Never heard of one of em actually LANDING and harassing a person walking alone though. The heli cops will shine the light on me if I’m outside at night however. Once, they were gonna get rid of the helis but didn’t because they suddenly found the funding–crap! One windy day the local cop heli was flying over me and following me. I thought to him how dangerous it was flying in wind like this etc, and he left. Totally true. When I set up my very first blog in 2005 a heli hovered over the house for 2 hours. The only really bad police experience I have had though was from an ordinary squad car.

      • Wouldn’t it be great if they harassed people for commiting real crimes – like gang stalking, and hacking the computers of people who don’t use them to commit criminal activities?

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