Gang Stalking – Live my life for a week!

Shopping mall

Shopping mall (Photo credit: pix.plz)

English: McDonalds' sign in Harlem.

Imagine There's No Hunger    -  Strawberry Fie...

Imagine There’s No Hunger – Strawberry Fields – Central Park, NYC (Photo credit: asterix611)

hearts aplenty in February

hearts aplenty in February (Photo credit: Esther17)

Vons Grocery Hollywood

Vons Grocery Hollywood (Photo credit: DonnaGrayson)

I can’t believe that it’s already February.  I guess time flies by when we’re having so much fun. Fun?  What fun?

It happens everywhere I go.  I walk into McDonald’s, Vons, Albertsons, 7-11, shopping mall, bus, and the atmosphere suddenly changes. All these places become loud, bright lights go on, loud chattering, a lot of loud laughter, public address system always goes on, everybody becomes aware that I’ve entered.  It’s like something evil has entered the place. The evil is, of course, me.  And the all the people have to get rid of the evil. And this is done by being noisy.  The noisier the better.  The noisier, the quicker the evil spirit will leave.

This is what I have to deal with every single time I go somewhere.

This is what’s done to people who are not wanted.

You people, who don’t live my live, can’t even begin to know what it is like to live my life.  From reading my blog, you can’t even really feel what I feel.  You might think you do, but you can never know.  Just as I don’t know what life you live, you can’t know mine.

You people are lucky that you’re not  victims of government harassment.  The only people who know what my life is really like are other targets. They know how miserable this life is.

So, while I appreciate someone telling me to be positive about life, I also resent it.  If you can tell me to stop whining, then I know you have absolutely no idea of what my life is really like, because if you did, you wouldn’t say that to me.

This is an absolutely miserable time in my life.  I didn’t know what misery was until the government harassment began.

These people are evil and without a soul.  I know none of them have a soul if they can do to me what they do.

Imagine having someone attached to you 24/7. Imagine never a moment to yourself.  Imagine not even being able to take a shower without that person right next to you. Imagine this happening to you every day of the year without let-up.  That’s my life and the life of every target.

We are living in hell. All of us targets. And someone telling us to suck it up and be positive doesn’t help.  It makes us feel worse. All the positivity only make us realize you out there don’t really understand what’s happening to us.

If only you could live our lives for one week, you would truly understand the hell we live, and  I wonder how long you would last!

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16 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Live my life for a week!

  1. IGA is the worst here. Though some of them are nice, some are terrible! My car gets attacked while I’m there. We don’t have an Albertsons.
    I get tired of hearing that goo about positivity too. And things like that your destiny is your choice….Happiness is a choice…or the most aggravating of all – Don’t let other people run your your life…
    Like the reason we’re down is because we choose it or something…I AM Positive. That’s why I am still alive even though there are plenty of reasons for me to feel like it’s not worth it – and it has nothing to do with not being positive – it’s because of them. All of our misery and our bad feelings are THEIR fault. We would be perfectly content without them. Everyone has a bad day once in a while, and can get over it, but once a person becomes a target, they NEVER have another GOOD day ever again. THE PERPS make sure of it. I guess the best thing to say to those stupid people is “Live my life for a week” In fact, that’s what I’m going to start saying now. Oh, and people who don’t get what I’m going through or say mean things like that I’m crazy automatically fall off of my “worth associating with” list already.

    • Yeah, I love those people who tell us to be positive. As I wrote, I would love to have them live in my shoes. I bet none of them would last a week, because they have no idea the hell we go through every single minute of our life. And when someone tells you you’re crazy, that’s an automatic perp to me. They’re told by their handlers to repeat the word “crazy” over and over to a target. It’s supposed to get you thinking that you must be crazy because everyone tells you so, so course, you must be crazy.

      • I don’t think they’ed survive 3 days. I think part of the reason we get chosen for thes experiments is they know we’re strong and they want to see how much they need to do before they bust us. You’re right about people who say we’re crazy being automatic perps. I remember people saying I was crazy way back but didn’t realize why they were saying it then because I didn’t know about GS’ing. It got the result they wanted, but now the result is – I walk away and never speak to them again. Perps aren’t worth being friends with!

    • You got through. Oh, Albertsons, they’re one of the worse stores when it comes to harassing targets — loud music, obnoxious cashiers, loud laughing, mess with our food. I’ve complained a lot on my blog about what dirt bag the store is.

    • I know they do. We go into their business and get treated like dirt. I now walk out of stores when I feel I’m being belittled. I’m not going to support some business that feels it can take my money while belittling me. F–k that. And F–k them all. What store banned you?

  2. when i worked for the usps the intercomm abuse was daily. And when i confronted management they would send me to a psyche because the guilty party would gas light aobut it. Workplace mobbing is a big part of this and i beleave corporate sponsered way of weeding people out of jobs and society.

    • Oh, it’s just like the holocaust. A lot of companies were involved in the Holocaust. And today a lot of businesses are in with the government and do everything the government tells them to do to targets. There isn’t a business that’s not guilty of harassing us.

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