Gang Stalking – It makes me angry I have to live my life alone.

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Sometimes, I get really, really angry that every day I have to wake up to the miserable life I’m living. I know my day will be one miserable hour after another.  I know wherever I go someone will be around trying to abuse me. Someone I never met, and never will, will feel free to mistreat me in any way he/she feels.

It makes me angry that I can’t  have any friends.

It makes me angry that I no longer have a family in my life.

It makes me angry that I can’t get a decent job.  A job where there is no workplace mob.

It makes me angry that I can’t find a place to live where someone will not torture me.

It makes me angry that anything I value someone steals.

It makes me angry that there’s no place I can go where no one will not know me.

It makes me angry that I have no privacy in my home. I’m even watched in the bathroom.

It makes me angry that everywhere I go some perp watches everything I do.

It makes me angry that I can’t have a relationship with a man.

It makes me angry that I can’t enjoy the holidays.

It makes me angry that I can’t travel to get away from the perps.

It makes me angry my computer’s hacked, my phone.

It makes me angry my mail’s read before I get it.

It makes me angry every package I receive someone opens.

It makes me angry I can’t buy clothes that won’t be torn, or stolen .

It makes me angry that my apartment’s broken into every single day.

It makes me angry I have to put up with the government’s harassment, and I haven’t done a damn thing.

It makes me angry that the U.S. government is not what everybody thinks it is.

It makes me angry that the U.S. is not free.

It makes me angry that U.S. is full of liars.

It makes me angry that the U.S. government is so corrupt.

It makes me angry that no one believes what’s happening to me and others.

It makes me angry that I live in a place full of sheep.

It makes me angry that I can’t get help from police, ACLU, FBI, police.

It make me angry that I trust no one.

It makes me angry that I have to live my life alone.

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14 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – It makes me angry I have to live my life alone.

  1. hank you for replying! I did fight the psychs and STILL ended right back up where I started from. the evils started early on me getting me tagged and diagnosed with various sh*t (always changing) in my teens. For almost 3 years ca. 2008-2010 I lived medication FREE until the perp o traitors took a new tack in dealing with me which almost left me dead or institutionalized. The resulting anxiety and insomnia requires me to take pills. Some of the lovely things that happened were dead animals in my path and dreams of hell. Every morning I wake up I’m bombarded with v2k telling me God has left me etc etc. I have to sleep with mp3 on and NO radio. They somehow manage to get some sort of evil signal even through the Christian radio station I used to use to sleep to. Especially after it was sold.

      • Testing…to see if this bounces…seem to have been blocked from commenting on your page.

        On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 12:28 AM, Neverending1’s Blog wrote:

        > ** > neverending1 commented: “The music comes through the wall. They do the > same to me. I put my radio on and re-direct loud music to them through the > same wall.” >

  2. Hi, I used to have a blog here at WP, too. The perps scared me out of it. They put me thru a hell of not being able to sleep or sit still or even EAT towards the end. I was getting demonic dreams on top of all the other stuff (stalking, skits, voice to skull, electronic zings) and was told I lost my Salvation. One night I could not sleep as every time I tried to I was going down a black hole. I sought help and was led to an internet deliverance ministry. I deleted my blog not long afterward.

    I left the ti blogs/message boards (where most tis acted like perps towards me anyway) and started visiting the Christian deliverance sites for teaching and self deliverance even though the perps had followed me there pretty much as well. I turned my life around: I stopped listening to rock music and watching TV or listening to the radio, etc. I also had to turn to the arm of the Enemy to get pills to deal with the torture because I could no longer sleep, etc. and prayer did not seem to stop the torment.

    I have been goody goody good now for almost 3 years and the perps have not let up but consistently keep getting worse and worse. I have spent hours in Bible study. The perps attack when I do study. I have fasted 100s of times, doing it at least once a week for 2 years. I have even tried to forgive my perps.

    Going anywhere is torment. People are coming up in my face and calling me satan/devil/evil at the GROCERY STORE. The psychiatrists keep dreaming up more and more serious “diagnosis” for me. I know it’s all crap: the nightmare is real. I have to keep seeing the docs since I’m addicted to the pills they give me–now I’m a drug addict on top of all the other stuff.

    I have been threatened to stay off ti sites (by perps) and especially comment on them. The perp o traitors tell me what to wear, where to go on the web, etc. The isolation grows. And now, to top it off, one of the sites I go to for ministry is using a child molester to go up there and preach and teach every week. I keep praying he will be gone every time I go on there to listen to the show but he’s baaaaack again every darn show. I used to only think he was a pompous a hole that was sent to the show to bore me to death until one week as he spoke he let it slip out he “ravished his daughter” in the past. I am also a survivor of molestation. The minister that runs the show will NOT let him go and I’m going mad since that is the only show where I go get ministry since I got perped on the other show that does this same kind of ministry.

    I wish the world would end at last and the evil satanic elite would get it coming at last.

    • It sounds like you’re having a hard time. I know what you’re going through. They do the same to me when I write my blog, but I haven’t let the idiots stop me from writing it. Writing my blog gives me a chance to let out all my anger, because as you know, we can’t do that in public. I really feel what you going through. It’s too bad you’re hooked on drugs. Why don’t you try to get off them a little at a time? And the psychiatrists, they’re only there to hurt you, and keep you addicted. They never got me to take drugs, even though they all tried. I stood up to them, and that’s what you have to do. Get your power back. If you’ve lasted this long, you’re a strong person, so use the energy you have to help yourself. I know how you feel. Believe me, I know. It’s a horrible thing that’s happening to all of us. It’s like a living hell every day. Try to get off the drugs if you can. You’re only hurting yourself. Take care of yourself. Thanks for writing to me.

  3. Be Strong in the Lord Never Give up Hope & Pray for eachother… As TI’s(all victims of all GangStalking Organized Harrasment & All Mind Control Experiments ever done & devices used) we all get BEYOND ANGRY AND ITS NOT OK NEVER WILL BE AGAIN But don’t lose it I do need to seek out more better shielding its a war for our Spirits + Souls Find your Strength in Weakness

    God Bless us all

  4. Not everyone in the GOV. is involved, only the cursed sons of the Lucifer. And its all about money, nothing else, its been going on for long time.
    Start pronouncing CURSES upon the children of Lucifer, who are perpetrating these crime and read psalm 137.

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  6. My husband and I would never fight if it weren’t the @$$%0!s we have to put up with crap from 24/7. We may have each other, and Shaun, but we don’t have anything else, and I am constantly tormented with radiation. I mean CONSTANTLY! It never takes a break. They have someone aiming it 24/7. You know it’s satellite because it happens even if you leave your house – go to work – the school to pick up your kid – Denver for a funeral – constantly. Pain, and tingling, and scans that go through yough your head and make a loud sound that only you hear, since it’s only being aimed at you, and it leaves you feeling weak and dizzy, so you know you aren’t imagining it. It’s a miserable existance! We just want ONE day when they will leave us alone and give us a break, but it will never come.

    It would be so nice to be able to use locks to keep our house safe while we go out, not be followed eveywhere, have our stuff stolen and vandalized no matter where we go, they won’t let me sleep, either. I’m ALWAYS tired….

    It all makes me angry too!

    • It’s their aim never to leave us alone. They want to make you into some crazy, gun-toting, sub-human, so they can say they’ve been a success in bringing you down. You’re just another notch on their belt. Get a small transistor radio with ear phones to detract from the sound. That’s what I do. It makes you pay attention to the radio, and detracts from the noise.

  7. This seems to happen to most targeted individuals a ruined and miserable life full of gosip and slander whereever they go via track on to cell and dar radio. As i said in my satallite terorism video i thought this is america not a country that attacks its own citizens with no crime committed ?????

    • This is not the America I grew up in, or maybe it is. I just didn’t know what America really is. Disappointing, isn’t it? That the America we thought existed really doesn’t.

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