Gang Stalking – I dream of having a normal life some day.


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No Loud Music?

I’m driving the perps next door nuts.  And they sure don’t like it.  I’m doing unto them as they do unto.  And happy campers they’re not.

When I take a shower, what they like to  do is turn off my hot or cold water.  My water is either very cold or very hot, no in-between.  So when they take a shower, I do the same thing to them.   I  immediately turn my hot and cold water  on.  It makes their shower too hot, or too cold. I hate wasting water, and it probably sounds childish to those of you who aren’t in my situation, but you’d have to be in my shoes to understand.

The  perps turn the shower right off.  And usually stomp their feet.  Too bad.

They also like to send a very high pitch sound into my apartment.  It’s a high shrill piercing sound.

When they send the high pitch sound into my apartment, I  put my radio and ear buds  on and “zone out.”

Lately, I’ve noticed I have a problem finding ear buds.  All the places where I used to buy them no longer sell them.  Of course, the businesses are told not to carry them.  And  the zombies do  the government’s bidding.   But I’m not worried about not being able to find ear buds. I have almost a year’s supply, because I knew they’d do what they did.

And the woman next door complained to the office manager about the loud music she hears coming from my apartment.  The manager comes up to my apartment almost every day, trying to catch me playing loud music.  I heard the manager say she couldn’t hear any noise coming from it. And the manager will never hear any noise coming from my apartment. I can have the door open and no one can hear a thing. I’ve learned a thing or two from the government  flunkies.

It’s too bad that the people next door are having a bad time with noise.  Poor souls.

The people next door feel they have a God-given right to harass me.  The government told them so. And it is my job to take their bullshit.

Yeah, in a pig’s eye.

If they don’t want to be harassed, they shouldn’t  harass me, because I do not take anyone’s bullshit!

Oh, God, I dream of having a normal life some day.

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13 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I dream of having a normal life some day.

  1. Wow… that’s interesting… where I used to live, I had a neighbor who would do it at 2am… I told him it didnt bother me. 🙂 Ha ha on them. Them blasting music wont bother me. They do enough other stuff that is nightmarish… loud music is nothing to me now.

      • Well… I feel I was sold into this program, at birth, via a catholic adoption. Things only got really ugly in 2008, the same year I discovered implants in my head, & also the same year I began to hear voices. Since schizophrenia doesn’t manifest in the 40s as a rule, & since I even tried schizophrenic medications, thinking they might help, but wound up making the voices worse, I have to conclude that it is either the implants or some other sicko technology. I am being gaslighted via “directed conversation” & under-the-breath comments, & I am tormented by even those who should be like family (my daughter’s family). I get zapped with all sorts of crap, like the pinpricks, all-over itching, burning in whole chest, including lungs. If I go for a walk outside, some lawn maintenance guy will say cuckoo or some neighbor will spit at me. Sick & evil stuff they do.
        These people are truly evil, & I hope someday their tactics get used against them.

        • Those voices you hear are definitely not in your head. In my apartment, I hear voices, but it comes from within the walls. If you want proof, when you hear the voices, turn everything off, put your ear to the wall and you’ll hear in the next apartment, or within your walls, everything that’s happening in your apartment. If you can noises coming from your apartment, they’re listening to everything you say and do. It’s proof that there’s some sort of mike in your wall. For even more proof, put a radio on and listen to the walls, if the radio sounds as if it’s in the walls, there’s definitely a mike picking up whatever you say. And family, sorry to say this, you can’t trust. I no longer speak with anyone in my family. They took part in my gang stalking. All families get recruited to harass us. And those pin pricks, that’s electricity they use on you, through their phones, refrigerator, light bulbs, floors,etc. Yes, they like to use the word crazy a lot. It’s to make you think you’re crazy. You’re NOT! I’ve been spit on, too. I spit right back!

          Yes, they’re all truly evil. Every f—–g one of them. They’re all scumbags! There’s nothing wrong with you. And get off those meds. There’s nothing wrong with your. If there’s anyone who is crazy, it is the pieces of human waste who harass you.

          Take it easy and try to ignore them as much as you can. I know it’s hard. I’m not very good at it, but I do get even with the bastards!

          Remember, there are no voices, just voices coming from within the wall. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. Nothing. And don’t let your family tell you that you’re nuts. My family tried the same thing with me. I told them all to go fuck themselves, and left home. I haven’t seen them in years.

          Good luck. Just feel free to write me any time you need someone to listen. I’ll be here and some of the other victims of gang stalking will be, too. We all help each other.

          Good luck.

    • If they’d stay out of my house, car, hotel rooms, workplace, and computer I don’t think I’d mind loud music either. At least that doesn’t actually damage anything, but then it’s still bloody annoying!

    • I don’t blame you. Living in an apartment complex with a bunch of perps is hell. I thought my old place was bad, but the new place I’ve moved into is even worse. It took me almost two years to hate the other place, but it hasn’t been six months in this place, and I absolutely can’t stand anyone who lives here.

  2. Keep it up, You’re doing well! Agravating perps is fun! I don’t get much opportunity to do it myself, but I grab it when I can.

    I use earbuds when the stupids run their really loud trucks for hours to bother me. I know they have cameras in my house because if I don’t, they run them for hours. If I do, they immediately come out and turn their trucks off as soon as I put them in. It never fails. It’s happened too many times to be coincidence.

    The girl across the street even sometimes turns the radio in her car full blast – not the engine, just the radio – with music she knows i don’t like, and then goes back in the house. No normal person goes out and turns their car radio on and just leaves it for no reason.

    • Who knows, maybe some burglar will break into her car and steal it. Wouldn’t that be karma? She sounds like a perp. She knows exactly what she’s doing. Don’t you just want to…….! Well, just use your imagination.

      • Yes, I do…and yes, she is a perp. This same girl stole my china cabinet key years ago. I know she did it because it was here before she came to visit and gone when she left. It turned up back in my house months later after I had had to get a new one made. It turned up in a place where I had seen many times between when it went missing and when it appeared again miraculously out of nowhere one day after I had been out. I don’t know who returned it – her or another perp. I hope someone does steal her radio!

        • I was hoping they steal the whole car. She probably returned it herself, and probably has a copy of your key. Or how did they lock your door without a key if they left your key behind?

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