Gang Stalking – Not so anonymous anymore.


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NYC – UES: New York University Institute of Fine Arts (Photo credit: wallyg)

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English: Brooklyn Museum shortly before sunset on a partly cloudy day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peace Belt and Long Hair

Peace Belt and Long Hair (Photo credit: StarMama)

I’m having a hard time writing my blog today.  The hackers are all over my blog like bees to honey.  They’ve deleted what I wrote and keep taking me out of WordPress.  But, you know what, the more they mess with my blog, the more I want to write it.  I will finish writing this blog.

My name is Gladys.  I’m known as Neverending1.  I want you to know my name because, even though some of you read my blog, I’m anonymous to you.  If you read my blog, you know the  harassment I suffer, but you really don’t know the real me.

For one, I’m not the mean person  who uses a lot of four-letter words.  I use these words to help me get rid of the anger which builds up inside of me.  It helps me get rid of the anger I feel because of all the harassment I  put up with every day of my life.  I think I’m worse than most targets when it comes to using four-letter fours, but the words help me cope. Thanks for four-letter words.

I have dark brown hair.  My  hair is long, down to my waist.  I wear it in a long braid.  I will continue to let my hair grow long until this gang stalking stops.  I will cut it short the day it does.  When I cut it short, it will let go all the hate I feel for the people who tortured me. I will not carry gang stalking into the next period of my life, because if I do, the haters win. And I will never let them win. Never, never, never!

I went to college in New York – New York University, Marymount College and studied art at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. I really love to paint, but I haven’t painted in years.  Not because I don’t want to, but because my art’s destroyed when I paint.  And nothing upsets me more than having something I’ve painted destroyed.  It’s like they’ve killed a child of mine.

I don’t have any children.  I’m not married, though I’ve been asked several times.  I regret saying “no” to only one man. But we all make mistakes, I guess.  And that’s one big mistake I made.

Now, what else can I tell  you about myself?

Oh, my height.  I’m small, 5′ 1″.  But believe me, I’m taller in a lot of other ways.  And I’m sure you probably want to know my weight.  I’m 110 lbs. soaking wet.  I don’t like to brag, but brag I will, I have a very nice figure.

So what else can I tell you about myself?

Oh, yes, I love to read. I’ll read anything, cereal boxes, ads, anything, just a long as I read something.

I have a weird sense of humor.  I love men who make me laugh, since I’m kind of serious, unless I feel really comfortable with someone.

Well, I guess that’s it.  I don’t know what else to say about myself.  Maybe some day I’ll put a picture of myself in my blog, but for now, I don’t think so.

So I hope you’ve learned a little about me. I’m not so anonymous anymore.

Oh, yes, one last thing, I love my readers, and

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42 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Not so anonymous anymore.

    Jan 24 ·
    the gang stalkers may have Kid forcing or
    hacking suicide messages to fool the public if
    something happens to her Nichelle it wil be
    because of this group. She is only guilty of
    nothing.— at The United States Department
    of Justice.
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    Sabrina Taylor
    Jan 23 ·
    And He shall wipe away every tear from
    their eyes; and there shall no longer be any
    death; there… Continue Reading
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    Sabrina Taylor
    Jan 23 ·
    3 · Unlike · Comment · Share
    Sabrina Taylor
    Jan 23 ·
    Electronic harasser who said he wanted to kill
    me at Harbor Lights Shelter in Minneapolis
    Sgt. Strawberry said they want the mama and
    the daughter dead. Derrick C Kimmons
    assisted this group.
    this is one of the crimes posted on

    • Today in Brooklyn Center I had an officer who had driven 15 miles from mpls in order to ask if I was ok. I replied yes then he proceeded to ask was I geting on the bus because he claimed from an anonymous tip he was informed that I may have needed assistance I replied no so he the officer proceded to ask which bus I was going to board because I was at a bus stop. I replied I would rather not respond. He The Officer Metro Transit Police D. Cockrell then proceeded to take my state ID insisting on it after I offer a picture ID with my name . Metro Transit Police offercer D. Cockrell then proceeded to write down my State ID information the Liscense number , my birthdate etc…… I asked why did he do that when he had my card in hand whereby he could have easily orally tramited the ID in order to run it. I suspect this officer in helping the gang stalkers to tear down my ID by either getting a cellphone to impersonater myself or to use the info for fake ID or just plain Fackbook hijacking someway. These people in Minneapolis and the surrounding cities are so addicted to gang stalking that it seems like a matrix of demonically crazy gang stalking addicts that seek out new victims similar to the movie.

      • damn. Police report? Documentation, records, recordings.. all useful, but I get it ~ it’s not ultimate solution. I wouldn’t give up on recording.. upload them as soon as you can?
        I was driving around with camcorder in my passenger seat at all times.. If I can to find it stolen I would have really flipped.

        • I did report it, but I had no proof, and the police acted as if I was lying. I don’t have anything to upload. It’s hard to prove what’s happening to us. And I don’t have a car, so I either have to carry everything around with me, or leave it home. Damn, is right.

              • The Police in England destroyed my respect for them. The police here in Sidney, Mt did the same. If they want respect, they should act respectable. 2 of the cops here are really nice, but the rest I’ve met are typical. Should be the other way around but it’s not.

      • true.. i knew the police would use it against me and would not be any help.. but then i never had anything big like that disappear…actually thats not true, my car keys disappeared and it cost $500 bucks to reprogram new key.. insurance said it couldnt be reimbursed since i didnt have ‘proof’ it was stolen – jerks – i forgot about that… i’m not driving for a while either…i do understand what it is like and wish i was closer so I could help you like the A-Team..toward the end of my fiasco I also had bought an RC helicopter w a camera that recorded to a thumbdrive.. I had really lost my mind… i was paranoid but they def were out there shadowing me everywhere

        • God, I’ve dreamt of the A-team rescuing me. That’s what we all need. A new A-team. Blast them all to hell. As to your key, I’m 100% sure it was stolen by the f—–g perps. It’s the sort of things they do. If you think back to things that have happened to you, you’ll probably discover they’ve done more things than you think they have. You’re not a target anymore? Do you still have a helicopter?

          • Yeah, we need a hero! And I agree. The perps stole the key. They steal mine out of my house, and I know they copy and distribute them because no matter where I go, even out of town, my car gets unlocked when I leave it. Anything in it gets vandalized. They always turn up back in my house in ridiculous places. Just to be funny I suppose, but it’s not.

        • Of course they said you couldn’t prove they were stolen. Car dealerships are told to give us a hard time. Mine does too. They even damaged the decoration on my keychain when I last took my car in to have something fixed. They are creeps! Sorry to hear it cost you so much. The perps love to make us spend money – especially on things we really need like cars. They want us to not be able to have them.

      • If you get another video camera…I find that it’s good to take things with you rather than leaving them home whether you look foolish doing it or not is best. I mean, when it comes down to it, I figure people who think I’m stupid for carrying my computer around or taking the previously bought things into the next store with me instead of leving them in my car are the ones who are stupid because they are judging someone with no background about why the person might be doing what they are doing. I have a right to keep my things safe and chances are they already think I’m an idiot, among other things so who cares what impression I give them myself?

        They steal all the evidence I collect too. Including hacking evidence off my computer and any I try to store on disk.

        • I don’t have a car, so it’s hard for me to carry all the stuff I have around with me. That’s why I haven’t bought another camera. The thought of carrying it around makes me tired.

          • If I move to a place with public transport, I won’t keep one. It’s another thing for them to vandalize. Tom Goff attacked my CD player Sunday. Now the door falls off! He also throws dirt and gravel into my car.

            • That Tom Goff is such a jerk! What does he look like? I bet I can guess. Big stomach, sloppy looking, doesn’t take care of himself. Am I right? If I’m not, I’ll be very surprised. Can’t you hide a camera some place in your car so you can catch him? What does your husband say about the door falling off?

              • He is very scruffy looking. Don’t know about the big stomach. Never noticed, as I pretty much avoid looking at him any more than I have to but he looks “Crazy” according to some people and one of the nice policeman told me he thought he had “psychological issues” and of course I agreed! He doesn’t have a real job but he can support himself. He really is a freak! Yells threats at me sometimes and told my son he was going to kill him once!

                • Oh, you better be careful. Don’t get too close to him. I was right about him. Scruffy looking says it all. Who knows, he might be a target? You know how they’re always saying we’re crazy.

                  • This guy’s too much of a heartless bastard to be a target. Also a target wouldn’t have the money to run their pickup for SEVEN AND A HALF hours straight going out about every 15 minutes to rev it just to piss a real target off with the noise. The next day he went out at 6AM and fuled up, came home and then left it running til noon.

                    • I love when they leave their cars running. What a waste of money. I hope gas gets real expensive. We’ll see how long they run their cars. If they want to waste their money running their car for no reason at all, let them at it. Just think of how much money is coming out of their pockets. Idiots!

                    • I used to think that, then I realized it’s not their money they’re wasting. They get reimbersed by the people who recruited them, who get lots of money from us and corporations…and who runs the gas and oil industry – the government. They don’t need to worry about how much it costs. There’s plenty where that came from. Still I have hope that he wears something in his engine out and gets himself stranded somewhere without help someday, or goes off the road and dies. I’d have a party!

              • Oh, and I might be able to put a camera in my car, but he’d steal it. Good idea, though. I thought about it for a while miself. I’m not going to replace the CD player. he’d just wreck it again.

  2. Hi Gladys,
    Pleased to know you.
    Hope you will find soon who is behind your situation so that you can get rid of it and go back to painting and sharing happiness with some one.
    Cheers up

  3. Thank you for sharing that, Gladys. You are a great person, and you have every right to be proud of yourself! Maybe I’ll send my description in one day. I’m sorry I can’t send you personal emails, as they have blocked me from yours. I’ve tried several times.

    BTW, My mom has a thing about the four letter words, but I use them for the same reason you do – to get the frustration out. It helps me cope too.

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