Gang Stalking – “Do you know who I Am??!!!,” she asked.

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I’ve thought and thought, who could have done this to me?  Who could have reported me as a dangerous person?  Who?  Could it have been my sister?  My property manager?  The zealot that lived next to me?

It could be anyone I ran into in my life and did not have good interaction with.

But who?

I think I’m getting closer to figuring out who it was, or I’ve figured out who it is.

When I first moved to Las Vegas, I got a room in a quad.  How do explain what a quad is to those you who never heard of a quad?

The easiest way I can explain it is this way.

I had  a room, and there were three others who shared a room.  We all had our own corner rooms, and shared the kitchen and refrigerator.  Two of us used the same bathroom.

The woman who lived next to me was always complaining about me. I don’t know what about. I never did anything to her. I left every day to go to work and barely saw her.  I remember, though, that she always complained about me taking a shower. Why? I have no idea.  I took a shower every day, maybe that annoyed her.  As soon as I got out of the shower, she’d go into the shower and turn it on. She never took a shower, just turned it on.  To annoy me, I guess.

After a while,  I got sick of her complaining and told her off.  I remember vividly one day, she said to me, “Do you know who I am??!!”  I replied, “I don’t know who you are and I don’t care.”  Well, she was really pissed off.  After that she began playing her radio loudly. At nighttime, she’d turn her t.v. on and it was also very loud.

And I remember from that day on, there was loud radios playing wherever I went. And it didn’t matter where I went, loud radios playing everywhere.

And every apartment I moved to,  someone always played their radio loudly.

This happened in 2004.  And I think that’s really where my gang stalking began. With the alcoholic woman who lived next to me.

So, I think it’s really been eight years that I’ve been a victim of gang stalking, not four, as I thought.

The targeting starts slowly, so they can work their way up to full harassment, and a person won’t be able to remember where the targeting began.

I think the woman I met in the quad is the one who reported me as a dangerous person.  She’s the one who’s caused my life to become a living hell, like her life.

She went after me because I didn’t acknowledge her importance to the world, and she was going to make sure I got punished for it.

I’m almost 99% certain that this woman began my horrible journey into hell.

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9 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – “Do you know who I Am??!!!,” she asked.

  1. I didn’t open this, but it just shows you how sneaky they are. They’re enticing me to open it, but I didn’t. DON’T OPEN this Google thing. It’s sake. It’s blacklisted. It’s located in France. You look at it and think it’s GOOGLE, but it’s not. So be careful when you get things from GOOGLE. It’s not always GOOGLE. Check it out first.

  2. Do you remember the creep’s name? Maybe she’s done it to other people. One thing’s for sure, whoever she was she was definitely NOT a person who was important to society. Nice people who do good things are the ones who are important.

    • I never knew her name, but as things happen, I happen to be living right across the street from the quad I used to live in. She’s probably still living there. I’m going to make a point of finding out if she still lives there. I asked her at the time what was she doing living in a quad if she was so important? They sent this message to trash. I wonder why, because I know where the bitch lives!!!

      • Ooh, they just gave you a great big clue! You must be on to something or they wouldn’t have responded that way. I hope she still lives there. Then you can tell people she is the one who started the lies they’ve been told about you! Maybe you can start digging out of hell now? I wish you the best!

        She was probably living in a Quad because it was her job to do this to people and she thinks she’s important because of whatever her title is. BTW, They’ve turned off my firewall 3 times while I was typing this.

        • They tried to take me off when I began responding to you. I don’t think they like us writing to each. Too much support. They tried to to send me somewhere so I’d forget about your remarks. Once they start on your Firewall, be very careful. That’s when they really begin to mess with your computer. If you feel your computer getting very slow, they’re probably changing something in your computer. Turn it off right away. Take out the battery and remove your internet access.

          • I know how you feel. After a while, it gets sickening to be on guard and you want to let loose. If you want, I can erase your comment. I’ve gotten your number. Thanks, never know when I’ll need it. I’ve deleted your comment so no one else gets your number.

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