Gang Stalking – Grinding my teeth to stay sane.

English: Photo of mild dental fluorosis, or ev...

English: Photo of mild dental fluorosis, or evidence of trauma to deciduous teeth while permanent teeth were still forming. (Subject never had braces, which can be another cause for white dots or rings in the center of the teeth.) The condition appears here as white spots on both central incisors (front teeth) and upper left canine tooth, and less noticeably in the upper left lateral incisor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Piranha_3D_movie_image (Photo credit: Sweetie187)


Anti-ACLU-2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think I’m going to lose my teeth. I grind my teeth a lot.  I grind my teeth to stop myself from lashing out at the perps.  I grind my teeth to keep myself from saying something that will get me in trouble. I grind my teeth to keep myself quiet as I walk along the street surrounded by a group of perps. I grind my teeth to keep myself from turning around and slapping one of them.  Grinding my teeth keeps me from doing something I’ll regret.  Thank God for teeth. What would I do if I didn’t have teeth? There’s a reason why we were given such strong teeth. It’s to keep us sane.

Everywhere we go, we’re piranhas(fish who are very vicious). People to be dumped on.  To be dumped on by a group of  miserable individuals who  take out their anger on us.  People who have low self-worth and feel better dumping on others, especially targets.  They don’t worry about the consequences, because there are none. They can do to us whatever they will.  Police, government, ACLU, human rights organizations will not stand up for us targets. The perps will not be arrested or have anything done to them. They know they’re safe doing whatever they wish to us. These miserable people really enjoy their role of harassers.  It gives them power over others.  They can dump on someone who is on a higher level of hate than them.

How naïve these people are. They’re so full of their own importance. They attend meetings with others like themselves,  socialize and reinforce each other’s importance.  So they carry on full of their own importance and what great work they’re doing for the crooked U.S. government.   They never give  thought to what they’re doing.  No, thinking would get in the way of their importance. And they want to keep feeling importance.  There’s no way they’re going to give that up.  They’d have to go back to being regular people with no importance. It’s a fate worse than death for these miserable people.

So I guess I have to keep grinding my teeth to stay sane. I hope I don’t lose my teeth.

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7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Grinding my teeth to stay sane.

  1. i think it has to do with the electricity as much as the anxiety. am constantly reminding myself to unclench. lately trying to ‘soften’ my environment as one guy was saying on a youtube vid about protection. mylar, reflective stuff…. decorating with old cds… i know, nobody wants to be the guy in the tinfoil hat… but there is some merit to finding creative subtle ways to shield and deflect, i believe. hate to think that anyone would be cruel enough to zap me around my kids, or them directly, whatever kind of criminal they may think i am… but want to do whatever i can to protect them. feel sometimes they’d be safer with someone else, but i can’t even identify who in my family is involved and who is not. layers of pretense. years of lies.

    • Believe me, these people do not care if your kids get hurt. They have no souls, and are evil as can be. You’re lucky you still have your kids. Some people have had their kids taken away them. As to family, just think everyone’s involved, even your mother. I know everyone in my family was.

      Anxiety is right. With all we have to deal with “anxiety” is a mild word. I also remind myself to unclench. I’m so stressed out it’s not funny. They like to cause us a lot of stress. When we’re under stress, we might do something that will get us put in jail, get us put on tranquilizers, or put away for a few days in a mental hospital.


      • i have been locked up in mental hospitals at least 10 times dating back from age 15. have never threatened any harm to anyone… 2010 I broke (manic episode induced by many people making sure i NEVER got to sleep) cops told my parents I attacked them to explain away signs of their physical, possibly sexual (was knocked out & couldn’t shit for 4 days after) assault of me. I have fought through hell to keep my kids. So many levels of attacks for so many years. I can only hope they forgive me someday for not having been stronger, and not always knowing who the bad guys are. any port in a storm…

        • It’s terrible what they do to people. I could see if there’s a reason, but there’s no reason for the abuse. Most targets I know about are hard working people, live life as they see fit and let everyone else live life as they see fit. They’re not criminals, have never hurt anyone, nor been in prison. But, yet, we’re treated like criminals, the worse of the worse.

          As to your children, even if they don’t believe you, you should explain what’s been happening to you, maybe then, they can understand what hell you’ve suffered through the years.

          Stay well, and don’t let them win.

          You’re stronger than you think.

          Good luck to you.

          Thanks for writing.

      • i referenced a video but didn’t post one. to be clear. notsuprised tho. nothing’s shocking, eh? except shocks, of course. hair falling out also symptom of radiation poisoning, right??? noticed mentioned in another of your posts. mine has always been thick and wiry. is all weird and stretchy now, and comes out in clumps.

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