Gang stalking – Jesse Ventura and the truth.

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I”m back at the library.  I had my computer fixed(?)  It’s still hacked. At the library, someone keeps sending my cursor backwards, so if some things don’t make sense, it’s because of the idiot sitting next to me.  He has nothing better to do with his life. IDIOT!!!!!

So far last year ended on a bad note, and the new year is starting on a  bad note, too.

The hackers totally did a job on my internet access.  So now my computer’s okay, but my router doesn’t work.

I’m beginning to think that are no good people left.  Maybe they’re all hiding. Maybe they know  something we don’t know.

The government people don’t want you to read my blog because they know that I’m telling you the truth about what is really going on. I think they even fooled Jesse Ventura. Did you see his video on finding out what’s happening to some Americans?  He had government people on telling  him what supposedly is going on.  There’s a guy that used to be a government employee and he tells Jesse Ventura the truth. I can almost see him laughing at what he’s telling Jesse.  He’s not telling Jesse the truth.  That’s why he can come out and not be afraid of what the government will  do to him. He’s telling him about DEWs and other government programs.  But as I’ve always told you, they tell you all those things because you’ll think you can do nothing about it.  It’s nothing but third world things they’re doing to you.   And if you believe anything any government employee tells you, you’re being a fool.  Believe me, they’e not going to put their lives on the line.  They’ll only tell you lies. Lies that the government allows them to tell you.

The government does very simple things to you.  As I stated, third world kind of things that don”t cost too much money.  They wouldn’t need all the gang stalkers if DEWs were pointed at you.  They’re things that you can do something about, but the government wants to keep you thinking that they’re doing all these out of space things that you have no control over.  Not true!

Everything done to you is the job of the gang stalkers.  No DEWs! The gang stalkers spend all their time trying to drive you crazy.  That’s their job. And because you can’t figure out exactly what’s being done to you, you buy the government’s story of DEWs.

If I were not telling you the truth, what is the reason for their all “get her” mentality?  There’d be no reason for them to go after me. No reason whatsoever.  I’d be a harmless human being.  But since I am telling you the truth, they have to come after me.  They don’t want the real truth to get out.  That it’s stupid nonsense they’re doing to all the targets. Things that you can overcome. But the only reason they’re stronger, it’s because they  send so many gang stakers after us.  If it were one on one, we targets would win by a landslide. We’re so much smarter than the idiots they send after us.  But, of course, the sheep don’t know any better. I think half their brains are jelly.

So keep hanging in there. This will end some day.  And as I’ve previously told you, nothing lasts for ever. Nothing. Not even gang stalking.This will come out in the open, hopefully this year.  But if it doesn’t, it will come out eventually.

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76 thoughts on “Gang stalking – Jesse Ventura and the truth.

  1. Hi:about ten minutes ago was at my bay guy on bike going in a bay figured was renter so was on my way to store. When i got to gate car with phone light drives by start to market gunfire six shots i zig zag was nit hit so gunfire was not in my direction. Is security at a new buffet opening soon went to ask him if he heard gunshots said yes he said opposite direction from him? I said if there shoting at me shoot me dont fuck around and said im going that way wish i had no weapon is usuall shit

    • I guess you’re lucky you didn’t get shot. There are a lot of real crazy people out there. I know they say we’re all crazy, but what I see around me, we’re the normal ones.

  2. Also if you need any assistance of anykind just type my name and @ and should get a message however the internet has goverment interferences you can contact me anytime day/night for whatever reason Stay strong! Thank you PCJ

    • Thanks.. Lately, they don’t leave me alone for a minute. It’s worse than it’s ever been. I guess they think I’m at the breaking point and want me to do something. They can wait all they want, I’m not going to do anything

      • HI: is a famous qoute the only way to combat evil is to do nothing. Not so in the military but in civilian world after being set up by our die hard patriotic brothers sisters and commrades in arms are you kidding me ? Ive cried before had serious thoughts of suicide/ homecide but have always carried on and got job done when asked havent broke bootcamp almost just a very jaded shaterred chipped rock so dont give them any satisfaction they dont deserve anything from you not even kindness.

  3. To just talk for a couple of minutes, the good thing is almost done fixing my truck stiil piece of junk just a more expensive piece of junk same with my car when both roadworthy get merchant card and out of here and regretably out of good ole USA for awhile. Hope you are well keep us Targets posted your time and posts sure are appreciated.

  4. Glad you got new clothes, when i go to a tailor or cleaners they usually ruin my favorite items i try to dress very well usually go out wearing suit my looks go up a point or two wearing a suit
    ruggedly hansome at best more like a mutant. Should you need a nice pair of sunglasses i have a spare pair of Gucci 1719s Light silver mirror in new condition absolutely no marks or flaws paid alot. Seems i get just enough rest not quite enough to build stamina just maintain i really dont like being stalked would love to meet the director of this i could agree

      • Yes told my boss a/perp told her briefly we have security on saturday/ controller he needed feedback from that incedent said how are the people outside i said do the police pay these people in cocaine or weed to harass everyone and i may have to call the Drug Enforcement Agency again he said it happens remark to if going to shoot me than shoot me.he left asked boss if she heard what he said said no i said that he threatend me said if he or they dont shoot me within a month to just go away is cause for concern one day they might well try to think of something nice to have a laugh of sort to much negative is not good i literally worship my privacy and any free minute uninterupted that im not missguided for a goverment show hundreds of millions of people how lucky to be chosen well at least i enjoy getting up in the morning! Ussually by midday dont care about much Hope you are well going to do laundry and gett cut off at every turn and driveway when theres hardly any traffic have a nice weekend!

  5. I surley enjoy your comments you give some strenght i need i hate to cry about the stalken trash just about had it. So many other important issues still have my arms and legs can walk but strangers interupting my thoughts? Walken by with things i just bought off of E-bay a laughing when i look at it ? I really think they are nearlly useless and immature need to

    • Yeah, they’re constantly watching everything we do. They know what we buy, what we throw away(they go through your garbage when you throw it out) and they’re two steps ahead of us when it comes to finding something to harass us about.

  6. I think most of these people really problably already got whats comming to them fir being strong enough to resist being a perp cause most i know arnt going anywhere in life. You are smarter than me is a shame these things needlessly done to you most of my life programmed and i havnt changed much the targeting is a waste of time my life better get significantly better in the next few years. Do you have an alternate library close? Realize they only follow but you want to keep the peace much as possible i used visit two a day once someone shouted out my password i didnt know anyone? Ill pray for you this evening as for everyone as well. Must stay strong sounds like your doing ok.

    • No, all the libraries are the same. There are perps in every library. They don’t have to shout my password, they all know how to get into the computer I use. You stay strong, too, standing out there.

      • Oh! Thanks my friend,im thankful to have a job six days a week only fourty four hours however six and a half years only requested three days off no vacation no sick days and fcdwth about seven times a day i need to get out.going for a merchant Mariners certificate soon should cut down on the perps some, you just stay on your routin

        • Merchant Marine. Do you think that will be better? You’ll have nowhere to go if they begin to harass you, which I think they will. A bunch of men stuck on ship with a lot time on their hands, it doesn’t sound to me like an ideal condition for getting away from perps. But you have to do what you think is right. I wish you luck.

          • Hi: Today was grey car day almost every where i turn or look. I have eighteen months at sea however was in the infantry would like a job with retirement/travel been to eleven different countries also want to do real estate so if i ever get to it the twenty or so days off ship i can look for and work on property without much interuption

      • Well im off forgot the bananas yesterday thanks been sleeping a bit better hope you have good day cheer up! these people are just really concerned about you and are only trying to assist you! Joke. they need a fourty million dollar lesson in privacy.
        Stay at it. PCJ

  7. I hear you apolegize they steal you personal belongins so the dont get caught is really sad bunch i had some good proof of telephone calls kept a daily journal and back up notes. Police took my back up notes when arrested, for awhile seemed like every year note book would dissaper really personal things cannot replace when i had had nothing seems like they were trying to hurt me psycologically i try to laugh at them and just ask if they are trying to make me feel a certain way! Somtimes i really think about how my life and thoughts would be if i didnt have people actually following me it i just so bizarre. PCJ

    • There isn’t anything they haven’t stolen or ripped, or replaced with something else. I think the worse thing that happened was having my diary ripped apart by my perp sister. She tore all the pages out of a diary I’ve for a very long time. That really hurt, especially when it’s done by a family member. She also ripped paintings apart, threw away my clothes, and she did so many other things to me that I’ve really gorwn to hate her. I hope she gets what’s coming to her.

      • Eventually she will takes quite awhile but most will get it i now hold an advertising sign fir finance company 11.50/hour six days a week so every perp can walk up get in my face and talk mason trash every same people for over six years most on crack have to carry a weapon everyday robbed at gun point by three perps local cop mentioned verbage from robbery i never called police yes

        • I feel for you that you have to stand outside putting up with all that crap. I don’t know how you do it. I barely spend anytime outside. I go in and out of where I have to go and run home. Not that it’s any better at home, but at least I have a little control in my apartment. Stay safe.

  8. Ruined savings depleated. Moved to Houston on a job promise then after arrival disqualified. For accidents that were created for me it is not all coincedences. Some or most delusion or paranoia is created by these persons hypnotising me, think is about four and a half thousand Targeted individuals we should write or individual stories as testimonials to oppose freemasonry tell the real story about our cummunity

    • In my blog, targets leave comments and that’s a sort of testimonial for them. They can use my blog to back up their claims. It’s hard to get evidence to prove what’s happening to us. They’ve stolen all my cameras, evidence I’ve ever had. So the only way I can prove what’s happening to me is this blog. Of course, they might also use to say I’m crazy. But I don’t think they can do. I’m not giving the reason why. But it’s a good one.

  9. My military career just a continuation i did act out when my nieghbor a mason drove at me with his truck i drove straight into him twenty five dollars damage yet police lied i charged with two motor vehicle felonies i got removed cause my lawyer must have said something nine months later heart attack! My commercial licsence suspended career

    • That’s why I don’t believe half the things they say about targets. Everything we do is painted black, nothing positive ever! We targets are not perfect, but we’ve never done harm to anyone. What you just wrote sounds about what they do to all of us targets.

      • Thanks,i appreciate your blog letting vent a bit im very selfish from beytral and Targetting most of all my life just seems to entertainment for fools nonetheless we are monitored/harassed nearlly 24/7 most entertainers get paid about $325 a day this stalken has ties to Federal Bureau of investigations we should be compensated properly my private life as us targets is not a joke

        • Oh, they’re compensated. They get paid for every little thing they find out about us and can harass us with. And vent as much as you want, just be careful what you say, though. Don’t threaten anyone.

  10. Two laptops that have minds of there own crash at inoportune times excetera. Im only online with my andriod and since i have said i wish oceans and oceans of love and light into the hearts of the entities my stalken cut down for a month but then came back with intentions of violence and light physical contact. I get so angry i wash reading you library deal i identify with you. Stay strong my friend! PCJ

    • My computers crashed so often, I gave up on them. That’s why I use the library, and at the library, I’m surrounded by hackers who have booklets full of instructions on how to hack the computer I’m on. They actually take out the booklets and look at them while trying to hack me. These people are so stupid, how they make it to the library amazes me. I’m sure these booklets are printed at taxpayer expense. And the library’s used to hold meetings on how to harass targets. I see them coming out of the conference room and head down to the computer area, sit down at the desks and go over their booklets. The library is full of scumbags!

      • you are right problably alot smarter than myself im try not to use power words these pieces of trash have cost me more than alot of money nine marketable designs two trademarks any several meaniful relationships which have no price. I really hate masons and anyperson assosiated to stalken/Harassment. Your words and posts just make me hate them so much more i try to forgive them give me strenght to put them in thier place.

        • If you have 2 trademarks and 9 marketing designs, it sounds to me as if you’re a very smart man. Don’t put yourself down. By the way, they only pick on smart people, and people who live their lives as they see fit and don’t bother anyone. They don’t pick on criminals. They try to make us criminals. That’s why we have such a hard time fighting back, we don’t have criminal minds. We think of doing something to someone and usually end up saying: I can’t do that to him/her. I bet what’s happening to you has to do with your designs or marketing & trademarks.

          • Hi:Hope you are well, the trademarks were manipulated two years ago and a total of nine marketable designs went to patent stole from me. Parents Masonic made a deal as a child to split my personality to constantly think and was suppose to get eight percent of everthing i thought of. Not a dime from them when my father passed i did not go to his funeral and severed any family ties,

            • Yeah, I have no family ties, either. I don’t understand how people we’ve known all our lives can so easily turn against us. I would never do to them what my family has done to me. It’s a revenge thing then. It seems most of what’s done to us is about getting even for a perceived wrong on our part. As if no one else ever committed a wrong against someone else!

      • I personaly think the whole idea of stalken is just complete foolishness i most likely will never become any assosiation to including freemasonry for any price appreciate your comments kinda on the edge again your calming me a bit Thank you! Stay strong PCJ

        • It is absolute foolishness. That’s why it works so well. No one thinks that people will waste their time doing such things. They think no one is that stupid! But they definitely are.

  11. Members just a few ideas im only sustaining. But trying to locate away to prosecute try to realize most of you targets are far better people than perpetraitors just think Proper goverment/state federal authority cant find the common decency to tell you about them targeting you! Stay strong my friends! PCJ

  12. Howdy! Hope your doing well.
    Was threatened and quite upset I hear voices from my fan and air conditioning said was dead on the street yahoo. My blood pressure is up trying to drink myself to sleep not wording myself to appear anything as selfish however we should unite keep in touch has to be away to get these people maybe start list of main controllers? Stay strong

      • Hi:My friend thank you i will try honey and bananas, as the asssias tea? Im Believed monarch program also my nieboor was cancer research. Father was mason list goes on
        Going to try fir the tea real soon Thank you!

        • If us targets unite could we start a register of main controllers? Locate similarities, film a documetary type movie of specific abuses, to show oulic are cause. locate a law firm that wants to try to prove stalken harassment by secretly filming a target 24/7 to show type of harassment case specific to individual targets and burn these sick bastards ruin masonic trash as they
          ruin us will cost them a few mem

          • Trying to find a good, honest lawyer is impossible. They all talk a good game, take your money and then tell you there’s nothing they can do. And don’t bother going to the ACLU. They’re just as bad. I went to them and while in their office, I was targeted by them. And don’t go to the cops, either, useless waste of time, and don’t go the newspapers, either. There is no one we can get help from.

            • HI:It is really sad how people harass us as you can usually see things around as suppose to be more important but interupting my thoughts are such a priority! is a lady who was doing a movie on targeted individuals, i thought Targeted Individual community could or would contribute to funding my communications gear is not functioning had saved her information now is gone i may purchase new computer in couple weeks se how that works out! How are you holding up? Is nice to chat with you bananas and honey tonight giing to try to locate Essiac tea for cancer i drink green tea B-vitamins try to do Paleo
              diet.My focus is scatered discipline is not good try to reason sometimes think im lucky out of two hundred forty-eight million persons authority targets me.Chosen well have good evening cheer up,start the day for you! PCJ

              • so they took all the info out of your computer , that’s typical of what they do. Getting a new computer will not help. They’ll just do it again. Get one of those cameras you use once and throw away. Maybe get the film developed, or do it yourself if you know how. You can’t trust the stores either.

                • HI: My last two laptops we monitored ocassionally it said others are logged onto your computer, called microsoft they said i have hackers i signed the anti gangstalken petition. And fifteen minutes later my computer crashed. Bought another laptop months later went back to similar site signed again then thirty minutes crased and these
                  people i went to to get fix said needed and operating system would not fix them i have four laptops two crashed and two that work sometimes

                  • Oh, the so-called experts on computers never really fix your computer. If anything, they add viruses to them. I’ve watched them do it to me. They didn’t think I was watching, but I was watching everything they did to my computer.

  13. i have filed 5 charges with the lv police dept only to have my usps employer send me to a psyche or loose my job and of course no investigation of this satallite terorism. also i filed a eeo case and it went nowhere also. I have filed charges with the fcc to find they dont investigate also? so apparently this crime will continue until someone will investigate it.

    • As long as no one takes it seriously no one will investigate it and it will continue. They always send us to psychs to be diagnosed with mental illness so that they can get away with it. I know they use sattelites because I’ve been attacked while driving down a highway in the middle of nowhere with no other cars around or any civilization for miles. Good luck in finding help. I haven’t so far, but I’ve only told anyone about the stalking so far. Don’t ask any government orgs or branches. They’re in on it.

    • Good Idea do think your story a testimonial. each of targets do the same then each name ten main controllers Start a register see if any of names match? For a start ? Just and idea we should unite under a leader form a united group with monthly participation.

      • That’s basically what I do on this blog. Each person has a place to complain and let all the garbage out of their system, so they don’t have so much anger that they can’t control their emotions, which is dangerous.

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  15. They do use DEWs. They use them on me 24/7. They’ve even changed my appearance with them! The exposure to certain types of radiation swells the nerves in the areas exposed. Permanantly. So I know they use them on at least some of us. I wish they didn’t but they do, and there is NOTHING you can do about it.

    Furthermore, everything they do to me is well thought out, planned in detail, and meant to be far from “simple” I’m assuming it’s the same for other targets. Some of the things they do cost lots of money. Example: Four guys following me in a shiny black government car from Montana to Eastern Washinton last year, staying in the same hotels as we did, eating in the same restaraunts, and one stood beside me at the concert we went to. Playing vid games on his stupid phone and eying my purse the whole time. It costs money to travel that far, and stay in hotels and eat in restaraunts. It also costs wages. And why they needed FOUR guys for just me is overstatement, and a waste of money to say the least!

    Those people are disgusting! I tried to send you an email, and couldn’t succeed with my yahoo account or my GMAIL. I hope that guy who sat by you today AND the rest of them all get the most painful kind of cancer, and are stupid enough to accept kemo therapy! (I’ve seen loved ones die from taking that. That’s why I put it that way. If I ever get cancer, I’m going to my friend who owns a health shop and sells something that cures it) Then when they die, may they rot in HELL!

    • Well, what seems like DEWs, is just electricity. I guess you can consider that DEWs. Usually, the people who follow you get a regular salary, so whether they follow you to where you’re going, they get basic expenses. I used to work for the U.S. government at one time and I know they get little in return, but it might have changed. What a waste pf gpvermment money. And people wonder what the government does with all the money it collects on taxes. I used to have to fill out reports for their expenses. If some brave soul in Congress would open the books on how much is going out to spend on harassing Americans, he’d be shocked. But there’s no one in Congress that has any balls. They’re all sheep.

      I hope they rot here on earth and in hell, too.

      • Sorry to argue, but just electricity doesn’t burn, itch, poke like needles, make you look and feel like you have sunburn, and permanently swell nerves in your face, where they focus for hours at a time, and you can do nothing to shield yourself. Also, people, including my son have had their organs fried with those things. If you just get zapped with just electricity, feel lucky, and please don’t disbelieve us who are less fortunate!

    • They have done this to me also with DEWs… theyve hit me in the chest, to the point where I felt like my chest was on fire. They don’t call it “no-touch torture” for nothing!
      BTW, I great tea for curing cancer is called ESSIAC tea. It was disocvered by Renee Case who sold the patent to a pharma company, under the condition that they would research it further, and they just shelved it. You may still be able to find it online somewhere though. When I took that tea (before I had the whole character assassination and smear campaign forcing me out of my job), I did feel cleaner inside.
      May we find relief from this nightmare soon.

      • They’ve done that to me too. If you look, it makes your skin really super red, and feels hot. I’ve had to cool it down with cold wet rags. I just checked and you can still get that tea online. Thanks for the information.

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