Gang Stalking – Another good day at the library.

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Cute Dog in the Gehry Building Hallway - NYC

Cute Dog in the Gehry Building Hallway – NYC (Photo credit: ChrisGoldNY)

I’m back at the disgusting library again.   The place is full of perps.  I’m being hit in my back, my legs, my side. I feel electricity coming from every direction.  I can truly say I hate every one of these people here in the library.

I do try to convince myself that people are good, but it’s sure not working when I’m in the library. These people have no conscience, and they’re mean as hell. I’d love to be doing to them what they’re doing to me, but there’s too many of them, and I’m only one person.

Lately, I’ve thought of getting a dog.  It would make my life a lot less lonely. But every time I think I will, I just can’t do it.  I think of all the pets killed by the  perps and that stops me.  The thought that I could come home one day and find that my pet is dead, would just devastate me.  I can picture the dog lying on the floor, blood dripping from his body and a hole in his stomach,  it’s just too horrible to imagine.  So even though I would love a pet, I can’t do that to an animal . Better not to get a pet.

Before my computer was put out of service, I got a message that said someone else logged into my computer. I saw that the logger was from Las Vegas, so I assumed it had been me who logged in.  And then I noticed that the IP address was not mine.  I checked out the IP address and it stated that it was someone from the Clark County Library.  That’s the library that I use.  This log-in happened on December 8.  My computer was working okay, so I typed my blog from home. Maybe one of the librarians was doing it,  or one of the other perps.  But it’s very strange that it came from the  Clark County Library. You would think that librarians are trust-worthy people, but librarians are no longer people that we can trust.  They’re just as vicious as the regular perps.

I hate coming to this library, or  any library in Las Vegas, because they’re all the same.  The librarians doing the government’s dirty work. They should all be disgusted with themselves.

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3 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Another good day at the library.

  1. Sorry to hear you’re being hurt!

    It’s true the NSA tell librarians to watch people. I’m not surprised you say that hacker was from the library. When I first started tracing IPs they often ended up in public places where there were lots of people using the computers – places the government sponsors, of course – schools, libraries, science institutions…then there were the stupid law enforcement and government agencies of various types.

    It’s really obvious the people who hack us are not just bored kids with nothing to do. Before I knew what was going on, I tried to tell my ISPs that. Of course they denied I was being hacked, because they were told to. It’s a myth that hacking is illegal. It’s only illegal if WE do it to the Government. I wish I knew how! I don’t understand that stuff. If anyone does it to us no one cares.

    I’ve gotten free programs that scan IP blocks and found government computers with FTP connections going on to mine, but that’s the most that I can do. I can catch them in the act of illegal interceptions, but I can’t prevent them from getting into my files. I don’t want to get into theirs, but I think they really deserve to be messed with! I’ll leave that to someone else though. I’ve told the police about the hacking and of course they do nothing whatsoever because they’re told not to.

    • I learned when my gang stalking began that calling the police is a waste of time. When the police wouldn’t help me, I turned to other sources, like ACLU, government, etc. Of course, it didn’t take me long to learn that it didn’t matter where I turned for help. I realized that no one would help me. We are truly alone.

      • I didn’t find out I was being gang stalked for 14 years. I wondred why the ISPs were always so nasty about my my complaints of being hacked. I thought if someone was being hacked they would be concerned about getting the hacker caught and prosecuted. WRONG! Because to get them to let the government hastle you, they tell the ISP that you are being investigated for something really terrible. That’s why they didn’t care about me. they thought I’d done something really bad. I don’t even know what they were told, but none of us do, I guess. I tried all those avenues too. Dead ends.

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