Gang Stalking – Spooky place to live.


Bed (Photo credit: anjakb)

The other day, I took a picture of a gang stalker. The gang stalker ran after me and kept asking me why I was taking a picture of him. I did not answer and kept walking. He walked away and told his friend I was taking pictures of him. Both of them ran toward me and kept asking me why I was taking their pictures. Then the second man, ran over to a woman and told her I was taking their pictures. She joined them and also kept asking me why I was taking their picture. I paid no attention, and they watched me as I went up the steps.

Why is it that these people are so afraid of having their pictures taken? Is it because they’re illegal aliens? Is it because they don’t want anyone to know what they’re doing to people?

Well, anyway, I had really creepy people walking by my apartment all day. I was so spooked, I slept with my light on when I went to bed. When I went to bed, I put chairs, scotch taped my door, and put all kinds of things near it.

Believe me, these people are not people you want to meet at night when you’re walking around. If you saw them, you’d hoped that they wouldn’t take your money, or kill you.

Anyway, I woke up the next day, and my lock was open.

And today, when I went out to feed the pigeons, the woman two doors from me, kept locking and unlocking her door. So I know the creeps in apartment 206 had something to do with unlocking my door.

They were letting me know in a runabout way that they’d unlocked my door.

I thought my earlier apartment was bad, but this new place is really, really spine-chilling.

If I could find someone to move in with me, I’d let him move him. But I haven’t run into anyone in the last four years, I can trust.

So I have to live by myself with weird people who haunt me day and night.

Believe me, it is not a good feeling.

I used to carry a knife with me to bed, but after a while, stopped doing it.

But now, I’m back to carrying a knife with me to bed. I stopped because I was afraid I’d accidentally cut myself, or have something worse happen.

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13 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Spooky place to live.

  1. I to am alone looking for a companion to help guard my home but I also worry about dragging more people into the gangstalking nightmare. The only way I see is to create awareness of a solution and hope it spreads.

  2. May I suggest you post that picture you took of the stalker? That person should be shamed! And next time, get a pic of the other stooges so they can accuse you rightly of taking THEIR pictures. I think you did the right thing by not answering them though. Might be interesting to send the pic to the immigration people and ask them if the person is an illegal alien and see how they respond, but then it might be chancy too.

    I’m sure you’re right in concluding which neighbor it was who unlocked your door. It’s true they give hints to tell you that they are the one who did certain things. That’s been done to me with various things they did. But if you tell the cops the person did and how you know it they act like they don’t believe you. You know they do, but they act like they don’t because they’re supposed to. They can’t arrest a perp. Perps work for the same people they do.

    I don’t blame you for taking a knife to bed. I wish I had a better suggestion. I’d say it might be a good idea to get a gun, though I don’t like them myself, because you’re in such a scary situation, but they could steal it, and kill someone, and you’d be framed because it would be registered to you so I don’t think that would help you. I just hope they don’t use your knife to hurt you. When I go to bed, I put my most prized necklace in my pillowcase at the closed end. You might want to do that with the knife, as if it’s just underneath, they could pull it out before waking you up.

  3. Hello,
    Taking pictures is a great initiative, since those people keep on hiding and hate to be spotted as stalkers . Furthermore there is no interdiction in taking pictures in public areas , or even replying with humour or irony to their questionning.
    The right they give themself on your door and lock is revolting and scaring at the same time. You knew they had a copy of your entrance door since the break-in constantly. But the way they show up with the help of other neighbors is upsetting.
    Gang stalking is really a worldwide problem, and travelling or moving does not help or protect. This is the most amazing part of it. A lot of men and women have been brought up with those strange habits of bullying others to compensate their short comings and are willing to go on and on . All those unknown people ready to participate without the least consideration for the human being they harm and who did nothing wrong at all, or to them is truely alarming .
    But , to my experience, it seems that the idiots that want to be noticed as gang stalkers are just … useful idiots for somebody else. The problem seems to me “who is hidding behind and asked for this ?”
    Take good care

    • Yes, it is a worldwide problem. I know it has to do with government involvement. Government has the power to go beyond borders, that’s how powerful it is. And they do hate being photographed. Thanks, take care, too.

  4. If they’re “not doing anything wrong” then why do they get all upset or hide when the camera comes out? Dumb clucks. And yes slayther we will have a database soon.

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