5 thoughts on “Police and NSA gang stalking, mind torture in America

  1. Very interesting. And they all had things in common without knowing each other, which is why I think people who don’t believe this stuff are either stupid or perps. Same complaints from many different people of different backgrounds without contact between them proves authenticy. I thought the lady who talked about the Manhatten Project was very brave. I’ve read about that. You must have too, because you call the creeps Nazis. That’s what they are. And that poor woman who reported horrible crimes that were ignored and then got targeted for it! Mom says I should have respect for Police. I know there are some who are genuine and want to help people – and even some of the local cops here were nice to me. I respect those individuals, but in general, the majority I’ve met of them have proved to me through their own actions that they weren’t respectable.

    BTW, sorry for the absence. I went recluisive for a while and stayed offline. I do that now and then. I know it’s a symptom of the harassment. Sometimes I just can’t deal with anything for a while and shut down until I regain my ability to think straight again. I had to force myself to get on tonight. I have to force myself to go out shopping and to work. I’ll get better for a while and then it catches up again.

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