Gang Stalking – Hot sauce(?) all over my front door.

Over Celebrating Xmas

Over Celebrating Xmas (Photo credit: Cali4beach)

camera madness

camera madness (Photo credit: deepwarren)

There are thousands of varieties of hot sauce

There are thousands of varieties of hot sauce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do, is head for my front door.  I put Christmas decorations on the door and  check to make sure that they’re still up.  This morning I got up and headed straight for my front door.  My decorations were okay, but someone put something all over my front door that looks like hot sauce.  My immediate reaction was to clean it up.  But then, I thought, why clean it?  Leave it on the door so that others can see what’s done to me.  So I left  the hot sauce looking red spots on my front door.

I think either the perp next door to me did it, or the perp below me.  Yesterday, I had a run-in with both. I gave the perp next door the finger, and the one below, I got my camera and took his picture.  The perp below got really angry and asked me what I was doing.   I didn’t reply.  I just walked away.  The perp below is the one who always comes out and rides his bike around the front of my apartment when  I  stand by the riling.

I really need to get a better camera. Every time I take a picture, I play it back, I can’t see what I’ve taken. The hackers won’t let me. My camera is also hacked.

I’ve thought of ordering a camera by mail, but the perps look through my mail.  I’m sure before the camera got to me, it’d be hacked.

So far, they’ve stolen two camcorders and four phones from me.  Two of my phones were stolen from my handbag when I was walking  around.  I don’t know how they did it.  I had the bag under my arm at all times, but when I got home, no phone.  And my camcorders were also stolen from my bag.  Same thing, I can’t figure how they did it.

But I definitely have to get a camera that they can’t hack.  The only thing I can think of getting is one of those old type cameras that can’t be hacked.  But then I have the problem of processing the film.  The lab technicians can easily ruin the film and say that there was something wrong with it.

I can’t buy a camera in the store, because as soon as I get one, the sales people tell the hackers which camera I bought, thus making it easier for the hackers to get the same type of camera and able to hack me.

And I can’t order anything  through the computer. I’m afraid they’ll get my card number and use it. I’m sure the hackers know my card number, but I don’t want to make it available to other hackers.

What to do?  What to do?  Any suggestions?

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18 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Hot sauce(?) all over my front door.

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    • I really like all the cameras, especially the mini. My problem is I have to order it through the internet and then it’s sent to me via snail mail. And that’s where the problem occurs. The post office helps the government by letting it go through my mail before I get it.

    • Your comments got through. The same thing’s done to me. I respond to comments and it looks as if it hasn’t gotten through and I keep retyping it. And then I see that I’ve typed the same respond about five times.

  2. The notes are a good idea. At least it tells them you know they’re trying to get to you and you’re not taking it.

    I’d get a new camera from a store. Don’t let them go and get one from a back room though. Take one that one on the shelf or no sale. You don’t want one that has been altered to sell to TI’s. You’re right. Any you get in the mail will be messed with for sure. And getting one that uses film is too risky too. Film is too expensive to buy and develope to risk them messing with.

    • Yeah, that’s what I think I’m going to do, get one from the store. This time, though, I’m going to make sure that it’s really new. When I bought my computer, I though it was new, but I don’t think it was.

  3. Leave them a note telling them what kind of hot sauce you like. Maybe they can get it right. It is Christmas. I got gas cans and chains on my front lawn, eggs thrown at my boyfriends car door when he was there. I saved the gas cans, they are useful. Should have the chain and the egging was just to immature to address.

    Hot sauce to the insane is probably a warning, stop trying to find a solution to our fun of human torture. I wouldn’t stop. Just get some attitude. Tell them If you are going to leave things around, make them useful. Leave lists of clean up chores for them to do int he house, shopping lists, etc.

    In other words tell the victimizing weak ass shit what they can do with it all. You might get a good house cleaning. Maybe drawer organization. Just leave out the cleaners and the tools. If they don’t like the ones you provide ask them what they would like to finish your chores for you.

    • I do leave notes for them. I left one after they took my chair apart. Told them they were all going to end up in jail and were animals. But I will take your advise about leaving notes to clean up for me. Good idea.

      • Maybe they wanted you to have another chair! One thing is for sure, nobody can communicate with the insane. They think we are but global Judaical catch up here is happening and has been for more then 2 years. There were billions of them. They either got rehab or were executed and the time frames for rehab is only 60 days with full psychological comprehension, and logic testing. If they didn’t pass, they were executed as terrorists. Due to the amount of them and their refusal to stop victimizing, the decision was made at the top to afford no more rehab. So the judicial catch up will happen faster now. That decision was made only a couple of months ago.

        These people that used to have powerful protection lost it and are retaliating by victimizing more. So the decision was made to cut off rehab opportunity and execute them by numbers they victimize in order down to the last one.

        The terrorist groups use of threatening innocent didn’t work for them. It lost them time, not gained. So now total worldwide relief from all judicial failure will come sooner then expected.

        Can’t accuse the terrorist of thinking much. They are loosing all worldwide. The USA was a huge problem child. The other countries that do know true democracy isn’t in the vote, were easier to clean up. This country is the toughest. We had the highest standard of living for more people and it wasn’t the vote that provided it. We had more tops to execute or rehab here then anywhere in the world. The vote just gave them more offices to hold and/or control. SO our recovery is going to take longer. My government section can explain a lot of why here then any other country. A complete lack of maturity guidance in all country’s.

        The other country’s never stopped invading the USA democracy providing much more. No vote needed. The English systems we adopted in 1776 just made it easier for the English to know where and how to keep invading. So hang in there. Individuals will get it all ended. Just much bigger cases of victimizing to execute until they are all dead and gone. If you wonder why this is important, watch all the accents all over the news and business you call for info, aide etc. The USA was completely invaded.

          • I work with a huge group putting down the United Nations. The United Nations is being put down, the main enabler of it all. Their classified World Court that had all the computer means to do all this human stalking and electronic torture is loosing all their power.

            They were all top government officials, New World Orders, and society’s etc. All are going down with all their technology for this kind of thing being stripped from them.

            There was much more then individual electronic torture and gang stalking involved. Total fear, control the public, war, to bid for government creditably again without complaint.

            A new is coming in after the United Nations and all it’s technology is stripped. All the people that support it being executed as terrorists rather then jailed to rise again. The law on all this is now tougher.

        • Can you back this info somewhere? I’d like to check it out. As far as I’ve ever found none of these creeps have ever or will ever be punished or even treated in any way. The only people I know of who get “treatment” are TI’s who are given anti-psychotic drugs to mess up their minds and health when they complain they are being stalked.

      • Haha, I leave notes for them too, inside the front door. The sign I have up right now says, “OS MOTTO: PUSSY 4 LIFE”, lol. One time the HOA president came over. IT was a warm day and I had the door open. He walked in and closed the door so he could see the back of it. I could tell he was looking for a note but I had already removed it!

        • What business is it of the HOA president what you have inside your front door? It’s just proof that the perps had been in your apartment. Next time, ask him how he knew the note was inside your front door? Those HOAs are like Nazis. I honestly would never live in a place with an HOA. I do like your note, though.

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