Gang Stalking – A creep(s) makes himself at home in my apartment.


creepy (Photo credit: la tia rules)

English: The kitchen in a Stafford apartment

English: The kitchen in a Stafford apartment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every time I leave my apartment, I think about how long it will take the gang stalker(s) to  enter my apartment.

And then I begin to think how disgusting it is to have some creep go through my apartment.  The creep looking at my underwear, my food, touching the food.  Looking at my life through his creepy self.   I think of the creep entering my bedroom and looking through my clothes, deciding if he’s going to rip it that day, or doing something  just as nasty. Perhaps taking my clothes with him to show and tell meetings.  Or going into my kitchen and putting a roach on my food, or throwing out my water and filling it with disgusting tap water.  Or perhaps going into my bathroom and taking my deodorant, toothpaste, or soap.  It creeps me out that some sub-human is making himself at home in my apartment while I’m out doing something. Or perhaps he’ll decide to look through my magazines or old mail.  And fold a page of the magazine over, so I’ll know he’s been in my apartment again.

This is what I think about when I go out.  I imagine the creep sitting on my toilet and not flushing it, as he’s done before.

These are the kind of things I have to think about.  About some creep wandering around in my apartment and making himself at home.  And I think, there’s nothing  I can do it.  And he  knows there’s nothing I can do about it.  So he doesn’t worry about getting caught.  Because he knows he’ll be notified  when I’m coming home, so he can leave.  The creep knows exactly where I am every minute.

He has plenty of time to destroy whatever he wants.  He can remove the screws from my chair, so I’ll hurt myself.  Or he can put fingerprint all over my kitchen table,  or on my bedroom mirror.  Or he can drill  more holes in my floor.  Or take some eggs, because he needs some, or just to make me think I’m losing it.

This is what I think of when I leave my apartment.

It makes me angry that he can just enter my home and do whatever the hell he wants in it.

It makes me sick.

I’d like to catch him some time, but I know I never will.  He has too many others who work with him and will help him do whatever needs doing to destroy whatever I own. Or tear my self-esteem and feel good doing it.

It makes me sick that people like this exist in this world.  And there’s nothing I can do about it.

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17 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – A creep(s) makes himself at home in my apartment.

  1. People keep asking me ,who would do things like this? Thye can’t fathom that there are organized groups of people who would have clout to manipulate The Police, Locksmiths, Health Care facilities and doctors. They are so blind to the cartels that truly run our communities. Take a look at this photo to understand my point.

    • I don’t understand why people have trouble believing this is happening. The same thing happened in Nazi Germany. A lot of companies helped the Nazis to send Jewish people to the ovens.

  2. Film maker M.Night Shyamalan is secretly attempting to telling us T.I.s (Real Humans) something in his new movie trailer for the film “After Earth”.

    “Son, this is not training. This is a class one quarantined planet. The threats we will be facing are real. Everything on this planet has evolved to kill humans. Every single decision we make will be life or death. But if we are going to survive this, you must realize that fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Now do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice. Do you know where we are? This is Earth!”

    • Interesting concepts, and very poetic, but after 15 years of harassment, and 4 moves, including one to another country, every time believing it would be over and having no fear, I don’t believe fear is a choice, because if you get rid of it, THEY force you to have it back again. It’s just like they took your garbage back into your home and dumped it in the middle of your living room. There’s no choice about it. I’d like to move on and I’m doing my best, but I’ve found that danger and fear are related, unfortunately, and the Gang Stalking we recieve has nothing to do with our thoughts. The last things I ever would have thought up before mine started was that I would be hounded 24/7 for the rest of my life just because I left an abusive X.

      On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 3:00 PM, Neverending1’s Blog wrote:

      > ** > fansfiltration commented: “Film maker M.Night Shyamalan is secretly > attempting to telling us T.I.s (Real Humans) something in his new movie > trailer for the film “After Earth”. “Son, this is not training. This is a > class one quarantined planet. The threats we will be facing are r” >

  3. Think back to any surgery you have had. It sounds like you have been implanted. Research implants that can be attached to nerve endings so another can read your mind, see everything through your eyes by the implant and computer program using your nervous system. If you add surgery just before all this started happening or a family/friend breakup, there is your problem.

    This fact is going to be very scary and tough to handle. What the can do with this implants. Images can also be put in your head that is very accurate with what they are trying to do. The ugly human thing here has become very popular with them since it describes them perfectly. The insane think we are like that, that do these things.

    When you think about it, are you getting woke up more with dreams that really don’t make sense to you? Start seeing flashes in your head that just don’t seem to be you? Paranoia one of them? If so you were implanted. Usually sold by a family member, long term romance, etc into being implanted during a surgery you had. You may be implanted and GPS’ed. If so the only x-ray is a cat scan unless the implant is being rejected-overly used and has formed a lot of puss around it due to the electronic over use.

    You need to go over your medical history and the breakups in your life around them. When you, if you have an implant and ask a doctor to find it, he wont being threaten by the government that licenses them to begin with. Try to relax and find some load of BS after calming down to get xray or get a electronic harassment group to help you get them removed. This may involve going into one of their shelters to accomplish.

    These shelters are growing to relieve victims but you must take the first hard step that it is not somebody always physically going into your house knowing where everything is. Finding out you were implanted is very hard to deal with but to solve your own situation you have to make that hurdle yourself before you can be helped before they are all executed and all their technology removed.

    Even after that, you will still have these facts hanging over you if you run into it anywhere. I plan on having mine removed very soon. I have an implant in my foot and a GPS chip in my shoulder. What can be done with them is ugly. Especially from some psychopath that claims they care by getting you to breakdown to their way of insane thinking.

    Do some research and keep positive trying to solve your situation.

    • I had a cat scan, and nothing was found in my brain, unless the doctor was lying to me. I think if there is an implant. it’s in my ear. I remember the doctor I had, before he left for Germany to do experiments, spent a lot of time looking inside my ears.But I don’t think I’m implanted.

      • You would have to have the ear done. I am close to one that had an ear implanted during a tube surgery with a skin graph. We all have to keep searching for the facts of who is doing it and how before we can solve the answer of who is victimizing me.

        Obviously locks on your doors are not your answer if they still get through them. Perhaps change your locksmith or get more then one?

        • Having 6 locks on my door didn’t help. And I think the locksmith that put in one that was supposedly extremely unique was either in on the stalking or had been approached with a false reason to give the perps a copy of the key to it. It was one that would have been absolutely impossible to pick. Even for an expert – but it still didn’t keep them out. There was no way anyone could have got through that one without a copy of the key. It just gave people an excuse to say it was my imagination someone was still getting in. I bet they loved that!

          • I’ve discovered that no matter what kind of lock you up in, they’ll get in. I think they have a bunch of people who pick locks. I’m sure they love making people think you’re crazy.

            • Yeah, I think they train people to pick locks and give them the equipment needed. They also steal spare keys out of our house, make copies (I’m sure) and distribute them. Then they bring them back and put it in a place we never would have left them to make it look like we misplaced them. We know we didn’t. Also, I think the authorities in every city have master keys for each brand of locks made or imported to the country they are in. Kind of like a Hotel has a master key to fit all the locks in the building. Either that or the full cooperation of the locksmiths.

    • I know everything else you said here is true, but trust me, they do always go into some people’s homes. The evidence is physical. Not psychological. The damage they do is permanent. You go back and look several times hoping and wishing it was just your imagination, but it isn’t. I have implants and I know where at least some of them are, but I also know that EVERY TIME I leave my house with no one inside, someone will come in and do several nasty things for me to discover to mess with my mind.

      I could easily believe they know when to leave because they see where you are using broadcasts from the implants. Then to mess with you further, or maybe to provoke you into hitting them, the police will ask you if you’ve ever SEEN anyone go into or leave your home. Yeah, right. They know you haven’t, and they know why.

  4. I’m sharing this on my other FB page. It’s exactly how we feel. When we go out we should be able to enjoy ourselves or at least not worry about what we’ll find or nort find when we get home!

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