Gang Stalking – Human Rights Day…I don’t think so.

English: A mural describing human rights in Tu...

English: A mural describing human rights in Turkey outside of the public education building in Bayramic Turkey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Human Rights

Human Rights (Photo credit: h de c)

English: WikiProject Human rights logo

English: WikiProject Human rights logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is Human Rights Day.  It is celebrated every year throughout the world.  It is a day established by U.N. to grant(?) everybody basic human rights.

Rights are given to us at birth; it is not a privilege.  A privilege can be taken away from you, but a right it’s yours from the moment of your birth.

Below are your human rights:

1.  We are all born free and equal.

2.  We have a right not to be discriminated against.

3.  The right to life and to live in freedom and safety.

4.  No one has the right to enslave you.

5.  No torture. No one has the right to torture you.

6.  You have human rights no matter where you live. No one has the right to take them away from you.

7.  We’re all equal before the Law. The Law must treat everyone fairly.

8.  Your Human Rights are protected by Law.

9.  You have the right to unfair detainment.  No one can put you in prison without good reason, or to send you away from your country.

10. You have the right to a trial.  The trial should be in a public place.

11.  We’re all innocent until proven guilty.

12.  Nobody should try to harm our good name. Nobody has the right to come into our home, open our letters, or bother us or our family without a good reason.

13.  We have the freedom to move where we want anywhere in our country, and travel as we wish.

14.  We have a right to find a safe place to live.

15.   We have a right to nationality. We have the right  to belong to a country.

16.   We have a right to marriage and family. Every adult has the right to marry and have a family.

17.  We have the right to own things, and share them.

18.   We have freedom of thought.  We all have the right to believe what we want.

19.   We have the right to make up our own minds.

20.   We have the right to public assembly, and to gather with others to protect our human rights.

21.    We have the right to democracy.  We have the right to take part in the government of our country, and allowed to choose our  own leaders.

22.   We have the right to affordable housing, medicine, education, child care, and medical care if we’re old or ill.

23.   We have the right to workers’ rights; right to a  job at a fair wage,  and to join a trade union.

24.   We have the right to play – the right to rest  from work and to relax.

25.   Right to food and shelter.

26.  Right to education.

27.   We have a right to copyright  one’s artistic creations and writing; others can’t copy without permission.

28.    We have a right to a fair and free world.

29.    We all have the right of responsibility.  We have a duty to help those less fortunate.

30.    No one can take away your human rights.

Now, targets, I’m sure as you read your rights, you’ll see that a lot of  our rights are non-existent.  The government has done a good job of doing away with our human rights.

Should we celebrate Human Rights Day?

I say, what for?   We hardly have Human Rights, so why bother?

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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Human Rights Day…I don’t think so.

  1. Hi, what do you think ?

    About terrorism screening process with international impacts, in Belgium. With devices to make corporate terrorist state. Like STASI

    We are worming their magnetic field and bastards watch on screens.

    They emit in the ultra low and very low frequency and probably near the five mhz band (Gathered and international)…. probably so near the higest frequency of the voice capabilities

    Bastards organize tracking and harassment 24h/24 7j/7 with mixed subvocal sound using usurpated voice gathered with the echelon in the domestic surveillance. (with a mecanical devices and also a software like gate).

    Bastards are monitoring the world wide web also, maybe with an echelon (r) like some institutions (belgian army, ..) use to monitor and plan networks (carnivore ?).

    We are lots of belgian victims (and foreign) harassed, tracked, being destroyed and knowing and lots of victims already raped, saboted and liisted to be put under surveillance 24/7.

    Terrorists make chain reaction. (OSEH = Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment ).

    Bastards are closing and falsifying the web, communication and information networks.

    Cops make also the buzz-saw and covers the crime despite that they are victims.

    It’s going to be the DUTROUXITE.

    Prosecutors and cops alienate complainants

    Protocols used are those of the Nazis during the ww2 and devices are well-know by institutions like nasa, nsa, otan, cia.

    Benjamin Simon, 27 ruelle Burton 5340 Gesves

    0032497615904 (maybe unreliable)

    • What do I think? I probably think the same way you do. I think they’re all lowlifes! The same thing is happening in the U.S. The government, police, ACLU, corporations are all in on it. We also cannot get any help from the courts. If someone’s case is accepted, the judges dismiss all the information given them by targets. It is like the Nazi era here, too. People snitching on each, thinking that if they do what the government wants them to do, the same thing won’t happen to them. Just like in Germany, everybody snitching on each so that the government wouldn’t go after them. But eventually, the government went after all the snitches, too. I have a feeling that will also happen over here, too. You can’t get help in Belgium, neither can we here in the U.S. It’s Nazi Germany happening all over again. And as with the Holocaust, no one is listening. That is, until they come after them. And then it will be too late to do anything about it. Another Holocaust will happen. I am prepared to fight for my life. I will not go easily into the night. I will fight back. And I am fighting back now. Thanks for your blog.

  2. The un and all levels of government have stripped human rights away. All in the name of humanity requires socialism and/or communism. Free trade and capitalism is not good.

    Well the new uses it’s resources differently. Free trade and capitalism will no longer be broke into by the socialist and communists against democracy. Weak people that can’t do anything by the rules or even respect for the law. Well the new and more powerful now that supports democracy doesn’t need just one day for human rights. The new world power with more money and people say democracy is going to take all, can’t live within the law, die a terrorist.

    I noticed no due process in the above. Ever hear of the UN jury rigging and judges throwing out evidence on some bogus technicality? It is against 14th amendment rights. It is all called judicial terror. Every time their local rules are made and upheld by a judge, the judge is the terrorist.

    Hang in there. The New World Power, the un and government refuses to acknowledge in media, is taking more and more. Democracy will win. Terrors days are numbered. Celebrate hope. It will happen soon.

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