Gang Stalking – Sweet dreams.

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Sweet Dreams!

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This is going to be short. It’s late at night, and I’m tired just from trying to get on the computer.

I think I know who my hacker is.  There’s a man who lives two doors from the left side of my apartment.  The man never, never, ever goes anywhere.  He sits in his apartment all day long, rarely goes out and is totally weird.   If I pass by his apartment, and he has the door open, and he sees me, he  immediately runs to close his door.  He’s afraid  to have me see what he’s doing.  His computer faces the wall that faces in my direction.  So I definitely think it’s him that hacking my computer. I have no way of proving it, but if I had to bet my life on it, I would say it’s him.  He’s a real creep.  I’m definitely sure he’s the hacker.  He tried to delete what I wrote, but WordPress, as always, came through and saved it (thanks, WordPress).

That’s it for tonight.  Relax.  It’s the weekend, and I’m sure you’re all tired from what you have to face every day.

Try to get some sleep. I know that’s difficult for us targets.  Nighty-nighty, all.  Sweet dreams.

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10 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Sweet dreams.

  1. I think you could only be one or the other too. I can’t see a target wanting to hurt another target. I never would!

    As for hackers, We have several that bother us. It’s not just one person or they couldn’t do it 24/7 as it is in our case. I get bothered even in the early hours of the morning and my hubby gets bothered whenever he’s on. Most of them are Gov officials in data centers and law enforcement agencies from the IPs I’ve traced. People parking in front of our house used our access, and got into our computer via it, until we got rid of wireless access. I believe your neighbbours could be doing it, but I’d bet they’re not doing it alone. Just as a hobbie to entertain themselves.

      • Yeah, they have to make the perps think they are good guys so they’ll be happy to perp for them. I thought they were good guys til I found out otherwise. I even asked the FBI for help with the stalking before I knew what GS’ing was, and I asked them for help with the hacking before I knew they were participating. For example, I was one of those people who thought the FBI were there to help citizens who were victims of major crimes. The FBI themselves made it very clear to me that I had been wrong about them.

        • I never went to the FBI. I thought about going to them, but something stopped me. Of course, later on, I found out they’re in on it, so I’m glad I didn’t go. I have no respect for the FBI, federal government, police, ACLU, or any government.

            • So very true. I trusted the government till it came after me. Now, I know they’re lowlifes. All of them. I have absolutely no trust in the government whatsoever. I don’t even know why I voted this year.

              • You voted because you are patriotic, and care about your country even though there is no real point to it. You did it because you are a good person. I did it for the same reason.

      • Some are both- they’re called hybrids. They are TI’s and perps at the same time. I’m not sure how it works but there are a bunch of them. Anyway I have a neighbor like that too. He has a huge satellite antenna on his balcony and every single time I go by I can see him through his glass slider and he is sitting behind a moniter facing the balcony. When he caught on I could see him he blacked out the window.

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