Gang Stalking – Rock of Ages (the movie).

English: Tom Cruise on MTV Live in December 2008

English: Tom Cruise on MTV Live in December 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heidi Coker Professional Pole Dancer

Heidi Coker Professional Pole Dancer (Photo credit: Pole Waxers- Metro Atlanta’s Sexiest Pole & Exotic)

I couldn’t type a blog yesterday. And today, I’m having a hard time typing my blog. The hackers keep moving  the cursor around. I factory reset my computer yesterday,  and  once I did that, the hackers got angry and reset the computer  to where it was before, with all the viruses.  And then, we played games back and forth.  They turned my computer off, I turned it back on.  Back and forth we went.   Off. On. Off. On. Off. On.  This went on for about twenty minutes.  But I was finally able to log-in.  And now I’m on WordPress and they’ve deleted my blog two times, plus the cursor is all over the place.  I type a  word and the cursor jumps some place else.  Oh, what fun!

I’m not going to write about gang stalking today.  I’m sick of the idiots.  I need a day off  from writing about their stupidity.

I’m going to write about a movie I saw at the library.  The movie’s name is  “Rock of Ages.”   I’m sure you’ve heard about how bad a movie it is.  All the critics panned it.  But I usually don’t pay attention to movie reviewers.  If I want to see a movie, I see it.

Well, this is one time I think I should have taken their advise.

This is without a doubt, one of the worse movies I’ve ever seen.  If I had paid to see this movie, I’d want my money back.

Tom Cruise plays  rock star, Stacee Jaxx (supposedly  based on Axyl Rose). Stacee Jaxx spends  almost all the time he’s off stage trying to get some groupie into bed.  And usually he sleeps with her, even though he has a girlfriend?  I couldn’t figure out what she was to him. Girlfriend or wife?  In the movie, everyone sings.  Every time something happens, someone sings some terrible rock song.  And I mean terrible.

Besides Tom Cruise as the rock star, there’s Julianne Hough, who plays the part of  the small town girl Sherrie Christian, who wants name recognition in the rock world. And Diego Boneta plays her boyfriend, Drew Boley.  He’s also seeking fame.  He wants to become as big a star as Tom Cruise’s character.

One day, Drew Boley sees his girlfriend talking with Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise).  She’s apologizing to Stacee Jaxx”s  character and gives Stacee a kiss.  Drew Boley assumes that Stacee and Sherrie slept together and gets angry at her.  And he breaks up with her.

Sherrie no longer wants to work with Drew and finds a job as  a pole dancer .  She’s hired by Justice, played by Mary J. Bilge. Mary J. Bilge should not quit her day job.   Her singing’s  way better than her acting talent.

And so is every one else’s.  There are so many well-known actors in this movie, it’s hard to pay attention to the movie.  Every time there’s a new scene, there’s some famous actor’s face up on the screen.

The most interesting scene in this movie is where Dennis Dupree’s (owner of  the Bourbon Club, where everyone works) monkey goes wacko and tries to attack Hollywood  agent, Gill; played by Paul Giamatti.  He throws  things at the  agent , screams,  acts like a spoiled brat. The best acting in the movie is by the monkey.

The worse part of this movie is that there are so many famous actors in it that it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on screen.

What’s good about the movie?  All the famous actors and actresses who appear in the movie.   And the monkey.

Even though I wrote this is a terrible movie, I’d still see it.  There are a few scenes that will surprise you, especially one scene with Alex Baldwin and Russell Brand.

And you just have to see Tom Cruise in his tight jeans and boots.

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2 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Rock of Ages (the movie).

  1. Well from the loser stalkers/harassers to a bad film. Life should get better then this. I left Facebook, being negative, because I have to get to place where there are more positives then negatives. If you are negative on your blog they leave it alone thriving on negatives. The electronic stalkers are getting their justice now. No one can just expect them to say OK now that their day is almost at an end by upper government executions.

    Hang in there and keep that good mental adrenalin going. It has turned against them all worldwide for the last 2 plus years and they are being totally annihilated. Shouldn’t be much longer now. Then things on your computer and elsewhere will always be “It is what it is” and you will have more control over your life.

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