Gang Stalking – I want freedom!!!!


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If  you don’t like to see me write four, five letters words, I’m warning you not to read this. I just have to let out some anger.

I am so, so sick of what I have to go through every day.  Every little thing becomes an all day  task.  Something which should take me a few minutes to do becomes  a four,  five-hour thing.

I can’t go outside my apartment and enjoy the fresh air.  Some idiot will come out of his apartment and ride around in circles and circles in front of me.

And someone who doesn’t live near me, but lives a few blocks away, just always has to walk by when I’m standing outside.

Or if I decide to go the store, I have five bastards, who live three doors from me, suddenly have to  go the same way.

If I cross the street, the creeps have to cross the street.

If I go into a restaurant, I’ll have ten people or more people follow me in.

If I go to the library, suddenly the library gets very busy and there’s a long time to use a computer.

Or if I  take out a book  I want to read, suddenly everyone wants to read the book.

If I want to take a walk, suddenly the sidewalk  becomes very busy.  People everywhere.

I can’t have nice furniture, because the bastards will destroy it.  Can’t pretty up my apartment, because they’ll un-pretty it. Can’t have curtains, because they’ll rip them; or flowers, because they’ll empty out the water and kill the flowers.

I’m just so sick of the bastards.  I don’t have a day, or minute to myself.  The lowlife scumbags surround me everywhere I go.  They seem to have absolutely nothing to do with their lives, but annoy targets.

I’m just sick of being held hostage by these miserable pieces of shit!

I need a break from this life.  I’m sick of what I have to put up with every single day of my life.

I want to take a walk without being followed.  I want to enjoy a meal without an entourage.  I want to go out with friends and enjoy their company.  I want to breathe fresh air without the gang stalkers surrounding me and suffocating me.

I just want to live free.  I want to live my life without the bastards being in it every second, minute, day, hour, week, month, year.

I want to live my life without feeling I’m in prison surrounded by prison guards.

I want to be let out of this hell.

I want freedom, freedom, freedom.

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19 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I want freedom!!!!

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  2. The above was for the two above. I hope both of you can rescue yourself well when the time comes without letting the vindictiveness keep you down. I have been a victim for more then 8 years of the same and worse. Being implanted among other things. If you like please visit my site and comment away.

  3. You had me outside but inside ? Ignore the CIA losers outside. They are just getting used. There is not possibly enough positions worth the amount of people doing it. But inside your house? Stop letting strangers in your house.

  4. Did you really mean what you said:
    “I want to take a walk without being followed. I want to enjoy a meal without an entourage. I want to go out with friends and enjoy their company. I want to breathe fresh air without the gang stalkers surrounding me and suffocating me.

    I just want to live free. I want to live my life without the bastards being in it every second, minute, day, hour, week, month, year.

    I want to live my life without feeling I’m in prison surrounded by prison guards.

    I want to be let out of this hell.”

    I share with you what worked for me, yet you call me a perp? I don’t care if you are a man or woman, you have to fight for yourself to be free. I learned there is no one to turn to, but yourself. I filed FOIA requests and sought help from the Justice Department, without success. With 68 avowed Socialists in Congress and a Marxist president, what do you expect? After 20 years of this crap in my life, I decided to go public by distributing information to strangers and talking in a church. It culminated in a death threat, January 2010 but I was never bothered again.

    So, how many years are you going to accept the crap in your life. By using my advice you become an example for others.

    • And what great advise do you have for me? Why don’t you read my blog and find out what I’ve done before offering advise? I know a lot of people who are going through the same thing, and have had the same problem I have of getting help.

      By the way, I checked your IP address. Got nothing, just American Telephone and Telegraph in Texas. Do you work for ATandT and use their computers?

      • You should find something on me if you type my name Joseph Keeney and gangstalking. I was stalked since 1988, and I almost lost my marriage because of. It was difficult for me to work. So I know what makes this thing work and who is behind it, and that is why I got a death threat January of 2010.
        Joseph Keeney

  5. Apparently, you are OK with the treatment you mentioned or you would of done something about it. For example, did you take pictures of the creeps. Post those pictures on trees with a note that explaining they are government harassers? Regarding the car that circled you, did you write down the license plate number, and get the address of the driver through one of the many sites on the Internet? With ithe the acquired address, did you send anonymous letters to the driver’s neighbors notifying them that this person was a government creep harassing you.

    If the ansewer is no, apparently you are OK with the harassment.

    • No, I’m not alright with the harassment. I’ve had 4 phones and 2 camcorders stolen from me. That’s why there are no pictures. The pictures were in my phones and camcorders, that’s why they were stolen. I wouldn’t send anyone an anonymous note. I would put my name on it. An anonymous note is the coward’s way. I don’t write notes to neighbors, I tell them to their faces what’s happening. And it’s not only one car that circle me, it’s many.
      And, apparently, if your were a target you know what we targets have to put up every day. If you don’t know that, you’re a perp.

      • jk9267 have you done any of these things? Being a TI is like being stuck in a spider’s web. The more paranoid you act, the more you entangle yourself in the web. I have taken pics but these other things you mention…

    • Anyone who has read my postings, and who is a genuine victim themselves know that I am for real. It is true that perps do post on these sites to either weaken the credibility of a poster or throw the discussion off. I am not one of them. I find it interesting that you accept being played with by many, which is grossly unfair, but that you would never be unfair in return. It sounds to me like your self-esteem means nothing to you, or your waiting for prince Valiant to ride in with a golden sword or you are the perp.

      • Yeah, typical perp response. You think I want to waste my life writing about stupid people following me around? Prince Valiant I don’t need. I can very well take care of myself. I write what I write to let others now what things they can expect to happen to them, not because I am a victim.

      • I don’t like the term perp and a victim.Abuser, victimizer is much more suitable. If you are trying to help people fine. If they don’t like it fine too.

        I do understand the need to make a change. If the victim can’t back up and recognize a sincere change then they need to let somebody else with the strength do it. I would say don’t let a vendetta drive you down to the victimizers, abusers level. I hope victims rise above and become better then the abuser leaders for the people that did have the courage to admit they made a mistake and make a change.
        I don’t believe forgiveness is the answer but people just want to be treated like other people and not classes of animals to be toyed with. I think it takes a great deal of courage and the right thing to do to introduce who you are. The bigger person accepts it and moves on.

        Keep writing and don’t get discouraged. f nothing else you gain good writing skills.

      • mkessling63: I disagree. Furthermore, I consider myself a soldier against the worst horrifying Nazi type group, and that group is called Socialists and Communists, without them this crap would not exist. I don’t have time for apoligists. If you are a perp tryingto change the minds of victims who have suffered, I pray for the death of your children, now or in the future.

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