Gang Stalking – Don’t end up in the hospital!

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English: Kitchen cabinets are sold as integrated sets with bottoms and tops featuring matching styles for aesthetic appeal. Picture for use in Wikipedia article on kitchen cabinets. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night, I had to get a dish from my one of my kitchen cabinets.   The cabinet is very high and the dish is on the top shelf.  So I got a chair and climbed onto the counter to get it.  I got the dish and then put my foot on the seat of the chair.  My foot went through the seat.  Right away I knew  the perps did something to my chair.

I got off the chair and turned it around to see what was  wrong.  The perps  had removed all the screws from the chair.  So the seat was not attached to the frame.  If I hadn’t  been holding on to the cabinet door, I would have fallen down  and hurt myself.  I probably would have broken my foot,  or something worse might have happened.  I consider myself lucky to be walking around in one piece.

These people are beyond evil.  They are evil incarnate.  How can someone do something so mean?

That’s why I continually tell you to always check things out when you return home.  The chair was not broken when I went out earlier in the day.  And I didn’t check the chair because it looked all right.  I didn’t listen to my advice.  It’s gets tiring to always check things out, but what almost happened to me, could happen to you.  And you might not be so lucky.

After you return home, be sure that the perps haven’t done something to your furniture. I have very few pieces of furniture, because I don’t  want to be worrying  about what they’re going to do to it.

So learn from my experience and always take a good look around your house/apartment when you return home.  You don’t want to end up in the hospital.

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14 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Don’t end up in the hospital!

  1. You would have to get cameras and then check out a stalking unit at the federal level and/or the county da to get charges pressed via the police assuming they are not in on it. Random pictures don’t work. If it’s CIA then go to federal level.

  2. Hello,
    I had a similar experience in Paris-France , too. “perps” seem to attend the same lectures here and there ;
    I would like to ask for help, if our friend writer of neverending1’s blog does not mind.
    I would like to translate into french the words of a short video in english, presently displaid on Serge Labreze’s blog ( just type his name) . In order not miss or misunderstand any word , I would appreciate if anybody could write the words and send the whole lot to
    Our community of victims in France , which is not recognized or helped , really needs advices and back up from you , abroad .
    Thanks in advance

    • In my old apartment, they used to break my furniture all the time. After a while, I had none and never got more. I lived in my apartment with a chair, air matress and a lamp, nothing else. Because the perps are nothing but destroyers. They destroy everything in our lives. Sorry about your furniture.

  3. This BS about the chair is a subtle threat to me because I am right on the truth when I post. You’ll notice that this post doesn’t show who wrote it so you can’t tie it back to anyone. Yet this post was emailed to me in particular. The same group that wrote about the chair, the New World Commie Order, is the same group that killed Kennedy back in 1963, the day after he made a puiblic speech about them. (check out NWO and the Kennedy assasination).

  4. That happened to me before. They unscrewed all of the screws in a stepladder I had so that only the ends were sticking out. When I stepped back down onto it, it collapsed. I then had a look at it and discovered what had been done to it. I wish someone would do that kind of stuff to them, because they deserve it. We don’t.

    • You’re lucky nothing happened to you. They’re such creeps! And to your reply about my flyers. I wrote out the flyer and made copies at the library. What they stole was my original writing.

      • Well, I was bruised very badly for a couple of months, but yeah, it could have been worse and I’m sure that was the intention for both of us and everyone else they do that too…What a bummer they stole your original work! You have my sympathy! About it all.

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