Gang Stalking – Shoes, blouses torn?

How many shoes does one girl need?

How many shoes does one girl need? (Photo credit: Terriko)

The Salvation Army logo (Anglophone Version)
Men Shopping for Clothing Accessories

Men Shopping for Clothing Accessories (Photo credit:

Every time I step out of my apartment, the man in the apartment to my left comes out.  He sits in his chair and looks me up and down.  He’s looking at me to see what I’m wearing, then he can report back to the monitor what I’m wearing and the monitor can pass it on to the gang stalkers.  The gang stalkers can then find me by what I’m wearing.

The man next door doesn’t have to look too hard to figure out what I’m wearing. I’m down to one pair of  jeans. The perps ripped all my clothes, or stole it.  My blouses have big holes and I can’t use them anymore.  I need  to buy new pants and blouses, but why buy new pants and blouses when I know they’re just going to be torn?  I don’t know how much money I’ve spent trying to stay looking half presentable.  But it hasn’t paid off.  I go out and they get to work tearing my pants and blouses as soon as I walk out my door.  Maybe the government is trying to get the economy going by having the perps rip our clothes. It figures we’ll have to go out and buy new clothes and push the economy forward. But I know that’s not the reason perps rip our clothes. It does it to make us poor and upset us.  The government spends its time trying to figure what will make us crack.  And, women, especially, like to look good, and if our clothes get  torn, it figures we’ll get so upset we’ll need medication.

By the way, the perps also like going into your house/apartment and destroying your shoes. They’ve done it to me countless times. I try to get into my shoes and discover someone’s removed the heel, or taken it apart. I’ve had to glue a lot of shoes together.

So if you’ve  gone out, come home and find your clothes ripped, don’t despair. It’s not your imagination that your clothes have holes, the perps have been in your home busying destroying your clothes. If you can sew it, sew it. Don’t throw it out, though, keep it as proof that you’re being gang stalked. Take pictures of the ripped clothing, because the perps might come back and steal the torn clothes to get rid of the evidence.

If you need new clothes, go to one of those thrift places to buy your clothes. Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.  Don’t waste a lot of money buying clothing that will just be torn by the gang stalkers. I know you’re probably thinking “I don’t want to wear someone else’s clothes.” I don’t either, but what choice do we have? Spend a lot of money on clothes that the perps will destroy?

I certainly would like to get even by going into their homes and ripping their clothes to shreds. I can just hear them crying.  Boy, would I have a good time ripping pieces of clothing they own!!!  It would make me feel so good.

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11 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Shoes, blouses torn?

  1. Yea every single peice of clothing has been altered tops have no shape and develope darts after i purchase them. . My sweaters r shorter in the back. This is really funny.. all my sweaters have the inside knit print on the outside.m. dont ask how they do it. They jus do it! The pretty knit brade pattern outside is now the inside. Pants are the same cut from crotch to top of waist weather I bought them yesterday or thirtly years ago. I guess designers havent changed a thing over the years I could go onkl

    • I don’t even have what I consider clothes anymore. They’ve rip every one of my pants. The few blouses I’ve bought, I didn’t even get to wear. They tore them before I could even wear them. They’ll get their day in hell! Every miserable one of them will!

  2. If the idiots want to go through the expense of which they don’t get paid back for, start putting your orders in for them. Tell them to try to do better then the thrift store.

  3. “I certainly would like to get even by going into their homes and ripping their clothes to shreds. I can just hear them crying. Boy, would I have a good time ripping pieces of clothing they own!!! It would make me feel so good.”

    No kidding…I’d have an even better time ripping the putrescent, blank sociopathic faces right off of their empty heads!!! In fact, I bought tickets for the Powerball lottery today. The jackpot is really getting up there. If I win, I’m going to spend several million dollars building the biggest eyesore of a shrine I can design, strategically located somewhere in the D.C. Capitol area. In giant letters above the door, it will read: “Gangstalker Martyr Shrine.” I’ll go on to hire an entire regiment of mercenaries to hunt down as many gangstalkers as they can find. They’ll be paid $25,000 per gangstalker scalp, and a bonus of $100,000 for every 10 gangstalkers they accrue!

    In all seriousness, that may sound harsh. One must remember, however, that we are dealing with literal non-humans. Gangstalkers are sociopaths, who don’t feel or think in the same way as we normal folk. No amount of therapy or “lovey-dovey” will “fix” them. They will only cease when they are made to do so, with overwhelming aggression and merciless force. Annihilating these grotesque beings is the only hope for humanity.

    This modern pandemic of gangstalking is no different than the Holocaust. It’s the same old despotic program, with a little new technology thrown in and a new name. Many will go willingly to ‘the camps,’ as it were. A few will realize that they have nothing to lose, and will fight back as long as they can draw breath. I have a feeling that’s why many of us were targeted to begin with – we see the writing on the wall, and don’t like the message. Make no mistake, this is the endgame for our country. I give it a decade at most. We’ll either implode, or we’ll emerge as a truly free people who value liberty above all else. I truly hope, and often pray, it’s the latter…

    As far as them rifling through your clothes, I read a book not long ago that kind of dealt with the same situation. A man (a spy in this particular tome) had a problem with another nation’s agents breaking into his “safe house.” He bought some DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide.) Apparently, it’s used to facilitate the delivery of substances through the skin. He mixed a few gallons of DMSO with some random, extremely toxic and “available-at-your-local-hardware-store” chemical. and put it in a spray bottle. He doused all the areas these burglars were likely to touch, like the door of his safe, and waalaa! No more burglars…

    Thanks for letting me rant, and keep up this blog! It is by far one of the most well-written concerning OS. I like how you keep it pretty much documentary in nature. The snark helps, too:) I also had no problem finding it, as it readily came up on Google and the ACLU’s site. Who knows? Maybe one day your work will be entered as evidence in the trials gangstalkers will surely face for their crimes against humanity. I look forward to your next entry!

    P.S. If you haven’t already, you might check out FFCHS, Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance. I’ve been somewhat involved with them for over a year, but honestly haven’t yet decided what to think about them, as the main organizer used to work for NSA. Nonetheless, they’re the only show in town, at the moment.

    • Thanks for the compliment. And I like your idea about setting up a monument and paying $100,000 for every 10 gangstalkers. I would like to volunteer to turn in more than I can count. I’m surprised you found my blog on the ACLU web site. I say nothing nice about the ACLU. And to have my writing used as evidence in the trials against gang stalkers is a real compliment. I know about FFCHS. I can’t say I’m impressed with them, either. Thanks. Oh, I really hope you win the Powerball lottery so we can begin going after the gang stalkers. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  4. My clothes have been riped too 3 shirts in the arm pitt and 2 pairs of pants in the butt crack (I did video one pair of pants) & two pairs of sandles at 1st I thought it was the summer heat but then I remembered that this is one of their tac-tics to “gas-light”/Provoke you and Now none of their tac-tics work on me I’m NOT fooled for God our Father in Heaven has blessed us with the knowledge of their tac-tics & devices, let us share even more the experiences of what they’re doing to us all & they will be exposed more and more…
    God bless us all

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