Gang Stalking – What a great day it’s been???!!!

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English: Black-Hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You won’t believe it, but I managed to fix my computer.  I’m back home typing.  I’m so glad I don’t have to put up with the perps at the library.  What a bunch of lowlife people.  I’m still  amazed at how evil people are after all this time. I keep thinking that I’ll meet some decent, caring people, but I never do.  I keep meeting mean, evil ones.

I got on this afternoon and I was able to start my blog, and the hackers did a job on me. My computer went on the frizz, and it’s taken me all day to get back on.  That’s about eight hours I’ve tried to get on.  I almost gave up, but I told myself stick in there.  Don’t let them win.  And I got off and on over fifty times, and each time it got worse.  Finally, at 7:00 p.m., I was able to get onto WordPress.  I couldn’t even get into WordPress.   My password didn’t work.  I made up another password, it didn’t work. My sign-in from WordPress disappeared.   The only thing I could see was a disappearing half line.  And, believe me, I’m going to lose my hair if  I keep trying to type my blog.  I kept putting my hand through my hair nervously. I’m not the type to touch my hair too much, but touch my hair I did.

The lowlifes who spend their time hacking targets are the scum of the earth.  And the more they hack me, the more it makes me want to write.  So far, they have not been able to stop me from writing, and I’m sure they’re not happy when I persevere.  They want me to throw my hands up in the air and give up.  They already know that I’m as stubborn as a mule, and being a stubborn mule has pushed me forward.

I totally think that the hackers are not human.  They all belong in hell.  I think all of them have horns on top of their heads, how else can it be explained how evil they all are?

Not only has my day been a waste of time, but the idiot next door is banging on the wall with a hammer.  I can see his horns every time I run into him.  And what I’d like to do to the idiot I can’t say.  I’m sure you targets all know how I feel about the perps.  You all go through the same things I do.  The idiot is still banging away!

Another exciting day in the life of a target.  Whoopee!

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24 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – What a great day it’s been???!!!

  1. You will meet good people. Let yourself heal when you do. Don’t let them ruin a better life when all their systems are gone.

  2. Probably to let more GS’ers know where I live. At least it doesn’t go straight to my account.

    I think since this happened immediately after I made the coment about A.T., it’s pretty obvious they have something to do with it. Oh, I have a correcrtion: It was, but it’s the same company so it doesn’t make a lot of difference. This incident, and their blatant act of revenge certainly shows what kind of an organization they really are!

    • Yeah, it certainly shows what an organization it is. That’s why the hackers mess with my computer so much. I have no fear of the idiots. They don’t scare me at ALL! They want me to be scare, but scare of chicken shit? No way!

      • Yeah, they are – and they’re stupid, because they do what they do because they are afraid of perfectly harmless people who show them no threat. They’re so stupid, that instead of thinking of good things to do for the American people to keep their employment going, they make up false tales about terrorism risks, etc so that they can torment us instead to keep the employment going. They think that makes them heros. We know the truth.

        • Heroes? Maybe in their own imagination, but they’re definitely not heroes. They are not now heroes, and will never be heroes. But some day, I know that we’re what we’re going through will come out. And that’s the day I’m waiting for. I can’t wait to see them all in handcuffs looking depressed. If I get a chance, I’m going to hit every one of them you know where. We definitely know the truth. And so do a lot of people

        • It shows your name “blackbird63” and underneath it shows your gmail account name. Maybe it’s been there all the time and I didn’t notice. I look for anything that’s different every time I get on. Maybe I missed it. I think it only shows on my blog. I don’t think it shows your account anywhere else.

  3. Well, congratulations, you survived! I’m glad you did, too. And I’m sure I won’t be the only one.I hope you can have a peaceful day tomorrow. I’m not celebrating. This isn’t the free country I used to be thankful for. I decided no more thanksgiving for a free country til I’m in one. What’s the point? I love my country. I love all the people who aren’t perps – and that’s a lot of them…but I hate the ones who are watching what I type, because they’re all bastards, and yes, they must all have horns, even though they are invisible to the rest of the world! The wayb they take away things on your page is they use those developer tools. They can do absolutely ANYTHING. I’ve been shocked so many times!

    I hope you have a nice Thankgiving day. Just because you deserve to have a nice day, holiday or not.

    • I agree with you this is not a free country, but I’m not going to let the bastards ruin my holidays. I’ll be thankful for what I have in my life. I can understand why you don’t want to celebrate. What is there really to celebrate for us targets? Certainly not freedom!

    • I hope Staples is a lot more honest than Best Buy. Best Buy is as corrupt as any Nazi company can get. Thanks for the advise. By the way, what is the cost of having a computer repaired at Staples, if you don’t mind telling me. By the way, happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day. And thanks for reading my blog.

      • I got mine at wal mart and it was prehacked. I had something go wrong with it and had to send it to ACER to get fixed. I had taken the wireless card out and told them in a letter NOT to put one back in. They did anyway, free of charge…probably intending for me not to look and find out, but I did, and took it back out. I have enough problems with the FEDS. I get hacked a lot less without a wireless card and just plugging into a modem. About 80% less, I’d say!

        As far as buying security softwares, I’ve tried ones ranging all the way to $165.00 and gave up. There’s nothing that will keep the FEDS and their trojans out.

        • Yeah, they charge so much for junk security software that can easily be hacked. Still, I think the software companies have to do a better job giving us software that’s not easily hacked.

          • You’re right. They should. But they have the same deals with the government the computer co’s do. They have the capabilities – just not the insentive. Remember, they’ve been told we’re criminals and that the gov needs easy access to us, so they don’t give a flying fig. They just put in the back doors for them like good little zombies, and they’re made so that they don’t show up the spyware the gov and law enforcement agencies put on our computers, so that we don’t know it’s there.

            But we’re not stupid. I’ve found some of those things manually myself in the past. At one time I had a direct connection to whether or not I was online. When I typed in “ping” I got! I started putting really negative comments and complaints that they were on my computer and that I hadn’t given my permission for it on their websites. It went away after that. Probably replaced by something else I’d never find. They destroyed that computer shortly after that. The Government use that software and A.T. brags about it.

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