Gang Stalking – Reader Appreciation Day – Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

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Spring bouquet of flowers

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English: Todos Santos Chocolates, Santa Fe New Mexico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A man wrote me yesterday about his disappointment with the ACLU.  He’d been harassed by police and went to the ACLU to get some help.  Of course, he discovered what I discovered a long time ago.  That the ACLU is full of s–t.  He got absolutely no help.  And not only did he not get any help, but they screwed around with him, and gave him all kinds of phony phone numbers. When he called the phone numbers, no one answered. And he also found that everyone in the ACLU office dressed all in black. He found that strange.  The ACLU people were probably wearing black to mimic a target.  That’s how honest the people at the ACLU are.

The man couldn’t believe that the ACLU could act the way it did.  And, also, he couldn’t believe that the police had such corrupt officers. And he also remarked that the U.S. is really in a bad way if we can’t even trust ACLU.

He wrote me because he’d seen my blog on what I think of the ACLU and police. Sometimes, I write this blog and think I’m not doing any good.  But having someone get in touch with me because of something I’ve written, always touches my heart. I know that a lot of you who read my blog are reading it because of something I’ve written.  So, I want to thank you all for appreciating what I do.  Without you readers, my blog would mean nothing.

So today, I’m calling this “Reader Appreciation Day.”   Thank you all for pushing me forward. For keeping me going when I don’t  feel like going on.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  I appreciate every single of you.  I love you all, and wish you the best in whatever you do.  And if I could send you all flowers and chocolates, I would.

And, of course, a bouquet of flowers to, too.

I want to thank J. Paxon Reyes for the use of his photo of the cholocate candies in a box.

Hugs and lots of love,


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19 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Reader Appreciation Day – Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

  1. Hello,
    It seems that same things happen all over the world the same way , protecting the wrong doers. Not the victims. Unfortunatly.
    Back homme after two weeks abroad, I discovered that my ckeck- books had been stolen inside my flat. Al my belongings inside luggages closed with plastice seals had been searched. “MY” seals had been replaced by others.
    I then had to lodge a formal complaint in order to get a new check- book from the bank. This is the normal way to proceed in France.
    But at the police station, the police officer refused to take my complaint pretending first that break-in without broken bolts do not exist. After ten minutes of discussion he ended up the case declaring that a police station do not take complaint during the week end – it was a saturday afternoon- which is a lie of course.
    Welcome in France !
    Cheers up

    • It seems the same things happen all over the world. Sorry about your terrible experience with the police. It seems policem are perps all over the world. Don’t expect any help from anyone in govt. EVER! I traveled on Greyhound here in the U.S., and the bus driver took off without me and all my belongings – checks, pictures, etc. I was without clohes, etc. for a while. I’m lucky I had all my I.D. with me, otherwise, I wouldn’t been able to get a room.

      • I had perps on the trip with me when I took Greyhound to Ca both ways. They vandalized and stole stuff on the way down, and on the way back, a girl “befriended” me, and then spent weeks calling me and trying to convince me to let her help me get set up in private home geriatric care without a license, saying, “Who would ever tell anyone?” etc. I knew it was a ploy to get me put into prison so I refused and eventually she gave it up. Someone broke my suitcase that was stored underneath the bus on the way down too, in a way that was impossible to have been an accident, or wear and tear.

        • Oh, I’m sure your luggage was messed with. I met a guy on Greyhound who told me that someone at the terminal tried to recruit him to harass me. So it doesn’t seem to matter where we go, perps get recruited from everywhere. Good thing you didn’t go through with the geriatric care thing, I’m sure she was trying to set you up. If she’d succeeded, she probably would have gotten a big paycheck.

          • Really! Good for him for having integrity! It’s encouraging to know there are people who reject the offers they get.

            Yeah, I as thinking that girl had been hired too. I’m sure she missed out a big sum when I didn’t land in prison. And it should have told THEM something about ME having rejected the prospect of making big bucks myself to stay on the good side of the law, but to them we can’t do anything right.

            Oh, and another thing, the driver let people smoke on the bus. They know it makes me really supper sick. I’ll never take Greyhound again for anything. They don’t deserve my business!

            • Oh, Greyhound, another corporate entity involved with the government, just as most companies were involved during the Holocaust. I said the same thing about Greyhound. I’ll never take it again. What a Nazi company!And I agree we don’t need to give them our money. Let them get the money from the gang stalkers, and the crooked government!

              • Absolutely! In fact, there are so many targets nowadays, that if all of us refused to do business with them it would hit them in the bank account area for sure!

                • I agree. There are so many of us and we’re treated like dirt. I’m thinking that’s where we should start to protest. Stand out in front of their stores and protest their bad treatment of us. I’m sure they’d change their policy of letting the government tell them what to do. We’re worth a lot of money is right. And money is the only thing that speaks today.

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  3. You are more than welcome to use my photograph of the chocolates from Chocolatier Blue on your blog and thank you for providing the link back to my flickr page. However, my photos, under the CC BY-NC license, requires an attribution like those provided with the other photos. Something like “Photo by J. Paxon Reyes”. Cheers!

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