Gang Stalking – Harassed by illegal aliens.

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Yesterday,  I didn’t come home early. I don’t like to be away from my apartment for too long, because the perps will make themselves at home. They don’t have to worry about being caught.  Someone will always warn them I’m on my way.

I came home last night and immediately headed for the bathroom.  I was about to sit on the seat and noticed that someone had been in my bathroom and left me a gift.  They’d used my toilet and left their feces and lots of toilet paper in the toilet. The bathroom had a terrible smell, so it was there for a long time.

On top of that, some of my food was missing.

I also found some vapor rub and toilet cleanser,  which I’d thrown out when I moved from my old apartment.

Living in this new apartment is not working out for me.  I live in apartment 208, and three doors from me, there lives a family that has so many people coming in and out that I can’t keep track of who really lives there.  And I don’t really care how many people live there, but they all sit in front of their apartment and make lots of noise, play their radio loudly, and have their children run back and forth to my apartment.  There’s one woman whose loud laughter would give anyone a headache.  And this goes on all day.

And there’s a woman who lives in apartment 110 who is always outside when I go out.  There isn’t a time that I can go out that she’s not waiting for me.  She always aims her phone at me and acts like she’s an angel.  Today I went out to empty the garbage, and she was outside as always, and she had four women with her.  As I passed them, I gave them the finger. Of course, they acted, oh, so shock, because they’re all so innocent and I’m the evil one. One of them followed me and wanted to know why I’d given them the finger.  I kept walking and did not respond.  As I walked toward the dumpster, there were four or five men hanging around, and the woman began telling them about what I did. They all began making remarks.  I ignored them all as I walked back to my apartment.  The women were still out when I passed them on my way to my apartment. As I was walking up the stairs, I said to all of them, “Maybe I’ll call the police and tell them you’re all illegal aliens.” I did not stay around to see their expressions.

We’re American citizens and we get picked on by a bunch of people who don’t even belong here, but, yet, they feel safe to harass me because they know nothing will happen to them.  Not only are these people breaking the law by being here illegally, but they’re committing a crime by harassing me.  It seems illegal aliens have more rights than an American citizen does.  I have nothing against illegal aliens, but I do, when illegals like these can do whatever they want to a citizen.

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24 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Harassed by illegal aliens.

    • So it happens in Israel, too. I’ve never had anyone from Israel read my blog. It’s bad everywhere. If there’s one place I didn’t think it’d happen it was Israel. The whole world’s a mess.

      What do they do you in Israel? The same as here in the U.S.?

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  2. I don’t know, but your comment had a pink color to it. I tried to get rid of the color, and your comment was moved elsewhere. Maybe the perps are going to erase your comment. If you don’t see it, that’s why you don’t. That’s the comment about your purse being stolen.

    • I didn’t see it. Maybe it’s a way of them confirming that they did it. Not that I didn’t already know that I wasn’t imagining it was gone…

  3. Hi,
    This feces story happenned to me , too, in Paris-France. It seems to be an international way of wrong behaviour by harrassers who break-in with copied keys provided by another group that manipulate and protect the doers.
    This kind of situation is really revolting and upsetting.
    And you are right….Calling the police on such grounds would just make them laugh at you. They would emphasize on feces not on break-in.
    kind regards

    • It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one this is happening to. They seem to go through trends, I guess now it must be feces in the toilet. Usually, the keys are provided, my experience, through the maintenance man who has keys to where you live, unless you live in a home, then they probably make copies and get in that way.

  4. Hello, I beg to differ. they always leave me things and I have brought many many items to rcmp and police… I have had 60 or more events in the past 30 days and hundreds in the past 5 months. The toilet thing has also happened to me recently and lots of piss they love to piss all over my stuff, clothes, on the floor, out side my house , inside my car,, in my dresser drawers. They spit in my left overs, I never eat anything twice. It is a fact police are involved deeply and paid of… It’s a game they play like chess… I am going to Israel for a sabbatical… It is draining me too much right now… Take care everyone.. I’ll be back..

  5. OK, I believe you, I was mostly just concerned about you calling the police and requesting a DNA test for feces you found in your own toilet. That’s the kind of story non-believers and perps like to tell about targets in order to discredit them. I really don’t know what the police would do if you called them — but I was concerned (for the same reasons you state elsewhere on your blog ) that they would not be helpful and that it would do you more harm than good. But do whatever you want and think is right.

    By the way, I KNOW how to find evidence but that only works if people tell the truth. If someone is corrupt (and stupid) enough to participate in gang stalking then they are corrupt enough to lie about what’s been done, including lying to the police and lying under oath.

    All this talk of raw sewage reminds me even more of gangstalkers and the dumb bitches who help them. No offense to raw sewage.

  6. No offense, but keep in mind that feces, and toilet paper, and a bad smell, can back up out of your septic system on its own when the water pressure changes. I’ve seen it happen in apartment complexes. Something for you to check on if it happens again, before you call the police to request a DNA test. (An additional suspicious question would be why did the water pressure change that much — which would be much more typical of gang stalker behavior, if you ask me. As victims of this crime know, they don’t leave obvious evidence).

    • Believe me, this was not a backup. I’ve had backups and I know what they look like. This was someone sitting on my toilet and going to the bathroom. As to not leaving obvious evidence, there’s always evidence if you know how to find.

  7. That is disgusting! And all those creeps probably knew about it. Good for you not talking to them. They are not good enough to deserve your friendship. I’d say report those illegals, but the cops probably are giving them a deal. Oh well. You said just the right thing. It was wise not to watch their reaction, and it probably made them mad that you didn’t. 10 points for you!

      • I have too. And that’s the perfect word for them. I had my purse stolen one time they came in when i was asleep and my Mom said to call them and I said it would be a waste of time. Who knows that one of them didn’t take it even?

  8. Yes, this is how they operate, and what a horrible thing to have to deal with. If they left you a gift, I hope you called the police and had DNA taken. That is breaking and entering you home. If the DNA does not match yours, you can prove that someone is doing this stuff to you, and that you are not crazy or just playing games.

    • I didn’t even think of calling the police. I’m so used to them entering my apartment that I flushed the toilet. Next time I’ll do what you suggested. Thanks. I noticed you signed up for WordPress. I’m looking forward to reading what you write.

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