Gang Stalking – Not able get into your computer, check you internet access service.

Internet Access Here Sign

Internet Access Here Sign (Photo credit: Steve Rhode)

English: View on tier 1 and 2 ISP interconnections

English: View on tier 1 and 2 ISP interconnections (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wasn’t able to write my blog yesterday.  The perps got into my computer and took over my internet access.  I went to my internet company to get help to be able to  sign into my computer.   The salesperson told me that there was nothing wrong  with my computer.   I had to argue with the salesperson on whether my internet access worked.  I know when my computer is working and not working. Finally, the salesperson realized that I was right, and got to work fixing it .  So now I’m back.

If you can’t  get on the computer, usually it’s your internet access service that the perps mess with.  They get into your service and when you connect, you’re not connected to your server.  You connect into the internet through the perp server.  Once they get into your server, they can do anything they want to your computer. They can turn your computer on and off at will.  They can get into all your documents, change your passwords.  There’s nothing they can’t do to your computer.  So don’t assume that because you’re getting internet service that it is through your server.  When you put on your internet access service make sure that it is through your computer, not the perps.   You can always tell when it’s not your server, because it will show that you have no internet service, but, yet, you’re connected to the internet.  That’s definitely a sign that you’re being hacked.  You can try “Restore”, but that probably won’t work.  The best thing to do is get your computer to a technician before it gets infected with all kinds of viruses, which has happened to me a lot of  times.  I stubbornly tried to fix it myself, and ended up with an unusable computer.

I honestly don’t understand why the perps monitor my computer.  If it’s to find out what I’m write on my blog, all they have to do is go to my blog and read what I wrote.  Why do they have to waste so much time getting into my computer? Does it make them feel important?  I just don’t understand this “perping” thing.  What a waste of time and money, and ruining  of lives.

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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Not able get into your computer, check you internet access service.

  1. Lads ? Psyop ? Sopa ? Carnivore ? Commanders ?

    On maser belgian international ? broadcasts

    Who want to see a bridgin the gap ? Asymetric ?

    My OS is clean. My copy is over three times !

    Time lost, awaiting, silences and obstacles from authorities are largely criminal and run to death innocent victims !

    Who want to exp(l)os(d)e a cointelpro without much splash, WITH me ?

    Gathered ?

    Benjamin, Le RAT,

  2. Neverending, everything you said is true, and I’ve had experience with it all. I have caught a lot of them by looking up what IPs were on the netstat when weird stuff was being done to us. The perps don’t let me use any kind of sec software that keeps logs of connections (for obvious reasons. That’s why I found out is was the government, military, law firms, psychologists, and independant contractors for all the above who were doing it. Now they use obscure IPs that are harder to track down the owners of, but I know now from the past lookups.

  3. Hello,
    “They” very likely read your blog regularly. Sometimes “they” are not happy with what you wrote, because describing or explaining their methods make them angry. Then “they” want to punish you because you are “their” target and not supposed to be “their” equal.
    As you mentionned it , it seems a big waste of time and money, but in fact it may not be since “they” probably use the job they are paid for to bother you. Since “they” are a large number , it takes them only a few minutes each, each day to make your whole day like hell.
    One of them once told me “ten minutes per day each is enough”.
    Thank you again for your detailed description.
    Kind regard

    • I wouldn’t even refer to them as “they”, but I have to use a word so you know whom I’m talking. I don’t think they’re human and don’t deserve to have a name at all. I would call them a really nasty name, but I control myself because of my readers. Some of you might not like certain language, so I try not to use it. I can’t say I’m successful all time in not using nasty words, but I try to control myself. …ten minutes per day each is enough” – I know they spend more than ten minutes on me. When I write my blog is takes me longer than ten minutes, and they’re on me all the time I’m on the computer. Kind regard to you.

  4. I understood that computer activity was monitored from the very start of the Internet, back when it was just dial up in the early 90’s. It is so easy for people to set you up with all kinds of crap on the internet or phone.

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