Gang Stalking – New York targets get break from gang stalkers.


From his vantage point high above the earth in...
From his vantage point high above the earth in the International Space Station, Astronaut Ed Lu captured this broad view of Hurricane Isabel. The image, ISS007-E-14750, was taken with a 50 mm lens on a digital camera. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was thinking about the targets who live in New York.  I bet that they weren’t suffering during the hurricane.  Just  think.  No electricity. No phones. No lights. No phones to get hit from.  No computers to watch them.  And the weather so disgusting that none of the gang stalkers could go out.  I’m sure the targets didn’t  think about  the gang stalkers.  It must have been nice not to have gang stalkers following them everywhere.

I bet the targets didn’t realize what a good thing the hurricane was for them. I’m sure as soon as life gets back to normal, they’ll realize no one was around to harass them.

I almost wished I’d been in New York, because I know it would have been free of gang stalking.

If there are any targets  from New York City reading my blog, let me know if  the gang stalking stopped during the hurricane.  I’m really curious.  I’ve never believed satellites hit us, so  if  any of you answer my blog and tell me nothing happened, I know I’m right about the satellites.

I think most targets want to believe that we’re being hit from satellites.  It makes it more interesting getting hit from  satellites than regular old electricity.  Plus, the  perps want us to believe the satellite story, because if we believe it’s satellites, it’s harder to do anything about what’s happening to us.  Electricity on the other, is something we can do something about.

If I have any target readers from New York,  please let me know what happened to you during the hurricane. I really would like to hear from you. Let me know if you were gang stalked or not.

And, New York and New Jersey targets, I hope your lives are getting back to as normal as possible. As a former New Yorker, I know how it is when the weather gets bad in New York.

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15 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – New York targets get break from gang stalkers.

  1. I didn’t have any gang stalkers make them selves known to me during the hurricane but it has been on full force since about March 28, 2012. I have made several videos using wearable cams from gopro and chest harness and pivothead video sunglasses.

  2. Totally logical! Very liberating to know the support offered. I was gangstalked from 2006-2009 in NYC by dirty cops in midtown involved in proctection of organized drugs. The harrassment was relentless and aggressive. Family lives were threatened, had a few attempts on my life andvthe scale had no ceiling. Phones were tapped and even my former employer was compromised thru their IT and Telecom dept. I had tails 24/7 and even my families wasidences in south Jersey was not safe. Everyone thought I was crazy. It started when I refused to be shook down by lowlifes who had connections to dirty cops in midtown NYC. I threatened to go public and hell began. I have names, dates and other info in case of an accident. I got to a point where I didnt care and challenged them at their games. Years has seemed to be forgotten on their end but I still remain ever vilgent. I did this alone unfortunately because I didnt expect this to be shared by so many and know about good support resources on web. Good luck to everyone.

    • You’re lucky your targeting ended. I’ve been a victim for four years. I’ve not had any problems with police, but it’s been hell. What’s being done to me is done under the Patriot Act. Thanks.

    • Yes, you’re lucky yours ended. I’m glad to hear it does for some people. It give us hope. Most targets get it for life, and most of us get it under the patriot act. You were good not to give into them, so you never deserved it. Its probably a good thing to stay vigilant. You never know if it might start again. I hope it doesn’t.

  3. Yes, he did, and our Government hated him. They were the ones who hired Mark David Chapman. I said it was done by the gov and my family hated me for 5 years. Then Time magazine backed up my theory.

    As for being hit with sattelites, some targets do get hit with major radiation. I’m one of them so I can’t deny it happens. I think it’s sattelites because there’s no other explanation when you are driving down a highway in the middle of nowhere on your way to another state and your face is burning just like at home. Then when you are at your destination, you get the same brain zaps you got at home and it hurts just as much always. Also, other people are around the same electricity you are in your house and they aren’t getting hit like you are. I’m getting it now, in fact – the same as when there are no lights on.

    As far as getting GS’d in NY, I’m curious to know if it stopped for anyone too. I know GS’s don’t need electricity to hurt someone. there are always the other tactics, but maybe all the stuff that happened to the GS’ers did distract them from making others miserable for a while?

    BTW, I just found this post in my old mail.

    • I’m not surprised you just found my blog. The hackers like to send my blogs everywhere. I found one of my blogs in a kids’ section. There’s no reason for my blog to be in such a place. Do you have any marks on your arms from the hits? Look at them carefully. Those are electrical marks, ask any electrician. I do have to say I changed my mind on satellites. I always think of the satellites out in space, but there are satellites here on earth, and they do use those on us. I think the satellites on earth are powered by electricity, though. I’m no expert, so I’m not sure. By the way, have a great Thanksgiving. You’re lucky you have someone you can spend Thanksgiving with. Enjoy your day, take a deep breath and relax if you can. Thanks for reading my blog. Say hi to your family for me.

      • I’m thinking maybe it’s a good thing they stuck your blog in the midst of a bunch of kids’ stuff. They accidentally might have influenced at least one kid not to believe the crap they say about some other target if they approach him/her to join the clan in the future…

        As for the hits, I have seen pure red marks before when they blatently burn me, but it fades without scars when they stop. They also do injuries to me underneath my skin so it swells, but doesn’t look red or anything. I can feel that though. It is tingly and depending on what intensity they use, sometimes hurts. They do that method constantly on my face! They’ve done bad damage. I actually found pictures of another lady they did the same thing to so I know it’s not my imagination. She’s a target too. They’ve swollen up under my eyes really bad, and also my lower face so that it looks like I’m frowning all the time when I’m not. They did this over the period of about a week, then they keep maintaining it since then.

        They also do something that feels like pin pricks, and sometimes they even make my limbs move suddenly. They do other things too, like it feels like there’s a force-field moving through my head, and it makes a loud sound. That’s what I call brain zapping. They do that till it makes me dizzy every time I want to do something. That way I can’t do anything. They also wake me up in the middle of the night, keep me from sleeping, or actually force me to sleep, depending on their whim.

        Yes, I’m sure sattelites work on electricity, but the perps hit people with dangerous types of radation and microwaves, and you’re right. Some of the equipment is on the ground in the form of towers. Some of it is in the form of handheld weaponry and neighbors can have them

  4. My prayers go out to all who are suffering. I grew up in New Jersey, and I just observed the only fond place I remember from my youth destroyed via YouTube clips. There is an old saying about never being able to go home again. I don’t have T.V. service. I gave it up a number of years ago. It’s helped me unplug from the hive mind a great deal.

    Not being a victim of life is impossible. My friend showed me a very funny movie the other night that I wanted to recommend to you. It’s called “HOT FUZZ” with Simon Pegg. A TI of Gang Stalking would see so many commonalities with their own harassment, and how the towns folk act in this film. You need to have fun with everything, including the state of paranoia our culture has become.

    My perps are trying to freak me out with threats of a break-in now, but I truly don’t own anything I give a crap about accept a Bible. If they want that, they are very welcome to it. Becoming detached from worldly things has been a very positive thing.

    Remember what I told you I was going to hand out to anyone trick-or-treating. Well it just happens that two woman just happened to come to our door yesterday handing out Bible tracts . Another person came to the door claiming to be selling meat. No paperwork, no pamphlets of products, no clipboard, no nothing. And that happened just one day after talking to a relative on the phone about having a second freezer that I don’t like being mostly empty, and that I felt needed to be stocked to justify it’s power use. These are the “Plausible Deniability” type tactics (or are they just coincidence). An over sensitive TI would latch on to the coincidence factor and would develop a fixation over a loss of privacy, a conspiracy of people organizing. Etc.

    As for me, well I am just taking it like John Lennon…

    “I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round
    I really love to watch them roll
    No longer riding on the merry-go-round
    I just had to let it go”

    • I’m sorry to hear one of your fave places got destroyed. I know how that feels, though mine was destroyed by saws, buldosers, and fire when they mowed down the woods we played in and it’s a car lot now.

      I see what you mean about Hot Fuzz. I thought the same thing.

      I think those incidents ARE “Plausible Deniability” type tactics, but at least if we recognize that we can laugh at the people who try them. I’m curious, what did you say to the person pretending to be selling meat?

      Hate to say it, but they’re more likely to rip your Bible to shreads than take it. That’s what they did to mine. They’d have no interest in reading it. They’re satinists. Some Gang Stalkers go to church so they don’t know it (maybe) but if they’re GS’ers, they’re satinists. Something like GS’ing doesn’t come from God, right?

      I wish they’d threaten me with break ins. They just do it – several times a day if they can. I don’t even carry house keys anymore. My husband and I take turns going out so that we can lock the door with a slide lock from the inside. No other method keeps them out.

      • My apartment complex won’t let me put in a lock that locks from the inside. It said something about in case of fire they won’t be able to get in. Why wouldn’t they be able to get in? They get in every day and don’t seem to have any trouble getting into my apartment. I’m thinking of putting in the lock anyway. I just have to learn how to do it. I don’t trust anyone to do anything for me anymore. I’m gaining a lot of skills I’d thought I’d never have. Pretty soon, I’ll be picking locks!!!

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