Gang Stalking – The thug squad – go straight to hell!


SEX (Photo credit: je@n)

Idiots v. Spastics E.P.

Idiots v. Spastics E.P. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Idiots in the Machine

The idiots!  How  I absolutely, absolutely hate the idiots who haunt us every day.  I hate, hate, hate them all.  If hate could kill someone they’d be dead, that’s how much I hate the idiots.

It’s just sickening that we have to put up with all this nonsense.  None of us have done anything!  But, yet, we have to put up with our lives being disrupted every minute of the day.  How I would like to disrupt their lives and drive them crazy.  I’d like to put poison in their food, as they do to us, steal their food, hit them with electricity, just totally do everything back to them that they do to us. I’d like to watch they go to the bathroom and see them wipe their fat asses!  I’d like to see them early in the morning taking a shower and seeing how awful they look early in the morning. I’d like to follow them everywhere they go and turn people against them.  I’d like to watch them having the awful sex that I’m sure they have, because I’m sure the sex they have is awful.   Who the hell would want to have sex with any of them?  I’m sure no one!  They probably have to beg to have sex with their wives, girlfriends, partners.

They’re the lowest forms of humanity.  I’m surprised they can still walk on two legs.  They’re so inhuman that monkeys, gorillas have more humanity.  They all belong in a cage with bars.  Every day, people would come by to watch them in their cages.  And we targets would come by and zap, zap, zap them into hell.

If I sound angry, I am. I’m sick of the bastards and every thing they do to me.  Some day, the bastards will get everything they’ve done to us targets.  Their judgment day will come, and I’m sure I know where they going to end up.

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14 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – The thug squad – go straight to hell!

  1. Hi, I have been reading some of these post on here on gang stalking. No one really knows what’s going on here because most of the victims are good hard working people! Just know there is no freedom in America any more. Cell phones, computers,etc. Are all monitored. My story is slightly different than other victims. I was a victim of satellite surveillance for God only knows how long. Its a rape. My inlaws had that set up on me. When I saw just how many people were involved, and figured out what government agency was behind all of this, I knew there was nothing I could do. I remember my mother in law playing sick sadistic mental games to wear me out and to cause confusion. I remember when all this came down on me I asked her what was all this about? She responded by saying, “its about blackmail and set ups, people know things on people!” that statement always stuck out in my mind. Because of her statement, I am wondering now if my ex husband or mother in law commited some crime and was granted immunity by our government. I think they had me and our children placed in this sick game all for immunity. I hate my kids even going around these people bc they lie to my kids and tell them IM mentally ill. I have researched trauma based mind control. Look up and read about mk ultra. All of this is, gang stalking, black listed on jobs, receiving No help from any one, people being rude to you…. Its all about trauma based mind control and behavior modification. All heading to the New word order folks! Do not trust your emotions or thoughts either. The gov. Can manipulate your emotions and force thoughts that are not your own by the way of supercomputers. Its all done remotely as well. No chip needed. Mind reading, voice to skull technology….its all real. God help us all. As a christian, I believe Jesus is coming back soon. Be like the wise virgins with your oil lamps ready. Take care.

    • Yes, it’s totally a psychology game they play with us. A game to drive us all crazy, make us do something violent, so one one will believe us when we complain about what is happening to us. I’ve learned to stop and control my emotions, because I know their game plan. Thanks.

  2. Jesus Christ has promised that there is eternal reward for those who have repented and accept God’s will, and condemnation to those who have done evil. If God is asking me to deal with a life of Gang Stalking for such a reward, then Gang Stalkers do your worst. My role as a TI, and my suffering has some purpose that is outside of my ability to comprehend.

    It’s all a test.

    • Do that, and pray. I’m finding it hard to believe that God is listening sometimes, but I try to sometimes. It can’t do any harm!

        • I feel the same way. I try, but it’s hard. People who this isn’t happening to don’t understand why it’s hard. They don’t know what it’s like to pray and not have any results for years on end, or what it’s like to really believe God will do something about it and find no change. Or what it’s like to have hope that the next place you live will be better, and it’s not, or it’s worse…and then be told that you don’t have enough faith. It’s got nothing to do with us not having enough faith. It’s got everything to with the satanist GS’ers who just won’t leave us alone, and I don’t know why God continues to let us suffer. I keep trying to believe though. And I can see why it’s hard to do. I can see why someone would not be able to at all.

  3. Know you are not alone! All of us want them to get what they give us…and someday they will go to hell – because they are satan’s servants. Even the ones who go to church. God knows who they are and what they do when they aren’t in church! They will get it in the end. I try t take comfort in that. If peoople who work in those horrible Government organizations keep coming forward and manage to get enough attention, we have hope of someday being free.

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