Gang Stalking – Corporate, mom and pop businesses, all involved with government.

Adolf Hitler in Yugoslavia.

Adolf Hitler in Yugoslavia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Image representing IBM as depicted in CrunchBase

I typed this on the 13th of November and wondered where it went. I finally found the blog, the hackers changed the date on my blog. They re-dated it November 1. They sure don’t want you to see this blog. I wonder why?

Some of the things the perps have done to me lately: tore my handbag handle; put fingerprints in a pot I had in my refrigerator; broke the handle on my pot; broke my faucet in the bathtub; put fingerprints all over my dining room table; put fingerprints all over my closet mirror; made holes in my dining room floor; stole my soap. I guess these are things they need for their own lives. I know none of them works, so they have to steal from us targets.

It is amazing to me that they get away with what they do to us. Day after day, someone gets into my apartment and does something in it. I blame the apartment complex for allowing them to be able to get into my apartment. They’re involved in what these good for nothings do every day.

But it’s always been that way. During the regime of the Nazis, a lot of companies helped in what happened to the Jewish people. IBM, Ford,Chrysler all helped the Germans to gather information on Jewish people. IBM especially helped the Germans on where Jewish people lived, how many of the there were, etc. These companies made it possible for the Holocaust to happen. All greedy bastards! They did it for the money. Some of them, though, did believe in doing away with the Jewish people, and were more than happy to help Hitler.

During the war, the Ford Company, even got a plaque from Hitler thanking Ford for its help in exterminating the Jews. And, today, none of these companies, seem to have learned anything. They’re still helping the government carry out an agenda of evil.

I would not shop at any of these corporate places, but I have no choice. It doesn’t matter if I go to a well-known company, or some little Mom and Pop store, they’re all involved in our harassment and know what the government is up to.

If I could grow my own vegetables, sew my own clothes, and be totally self-sufficient, none of these companies would get any of my money.

These companies are helping government with its agendas of harassing citizens all over the world. Because, believe me, this is happening everywhere.

And it’s happening to more and more people every day. And these people seem to be decent, honest, caring, hard-working. I don’t think the government is out there harassing criminals. They hire the criminals to go after the decent people.

So exactly what is the government’s agenda? How long will it be before all of us targets are set free of this hell we’re living.

Every company that is helping the government belongs in hell.

I read everywhere that we targets are part of a government experiment. An experiment for what? They didn’t experiment on the Jewish people. They just put them on trains and when they arrived at their destination put them in gas chambers. Except for blonde twins. They experimented on blonde twins to prove the lighter the color, the superior the people.

So why are they experimenting on us targets? And why were we chosen? Will any one of us ever be free? Or do we have to put up with harassment for the rest of our lives? Will anyone ever come to our defense?

The companies that follow the government’s agenda all deserve to be out of business; whether they’re corporate or Mom & Pop, we targets should do business with them as little as possible. It’s too bad we targets can’t get together and picket these companies.

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2 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Corporate, mom and pop businesses, all involved with government.

  1. more privacy in a mobile home or travel trailer. Apartments are constantly watched by neighbors managers etc and easy to break in to. Most realestate people will tell you they are a high crime area.

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