Gang Stalking – Get even with perps.

Three different VHS-family video cassettes. Fr...

Three different VHS-family video cassettes. From left to right, MII, VHS, and S-VHS. The S-VHS has an additional sense hole near the top left. The MII cassette also features an integrated write protect switch, which cannot be seen in this photo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


VHS-DVD (Photo credit: HawkinsThiel)


Skittles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Halloween everybody.  Every year I buy candy and no kids show up, so I’m left with a  lot of candy that I eat. This  year, I decided I wasn’t buying candy because I didn’t want to end up eating it. So what happened?  Kids have knocked on my door all night,  and I feel bad because I have nothing to give them.  You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t.

I have to tell you today about what my sister used to do.  You might be able to use it to protect yourself. When I  last saw my sister, it was three years ago.  While I lived with her, she had a VHSDVR recorder.  She used to connect the recorder to a camera and the t.v.  After connecting all three items, she would put the DVR on record and put t.v. on.  The first time I saw her do this, I told her that what she was doing wouldn’t work.   My sister would put t.v. on, and watch her neighbors with whom she didn’t get along. She taught me something that I think all of you can use. She’d watch the t.v. and she would zap her neighbors through the t.v. She had a small gadget and she’d aim the gadget at the person who was outside and just zap that person and anyone else in the way.   And sure enough, they’d  look around to try to figure where the zapping was coming  from.  And the person getting zapped wouldn’t last too long outside. They’d go inside their home, or leave the area where they were standing.  No one would last too long.

So, if you want to get even with the perps, get yourself a camera, t.v and vcr.  Connect them all together and get even zapping them safely in your home.  The perps won’t know what’s happening, and they’ll never know you’re the one  doing it.  This really works. I used to do it to the perps when my sister wasn’t home.  Just make  sure you put it on record so you can watch the perps get  theirs.  You’ll need an item you can zap them with.  Maybe hit the  screen with a  fork or anything that you think works.  Have fun.  I know that sounds mean, but with what they put us through, they deserve it.

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30 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Get even with perps.

  1. Well, I had an assorted stack of inspirational bible tracks all at the ready for the little monsters. Thankfully, no one came by. But still, I would have enjoyed the reactions.

    Some of the titles of the bible tracks are…

    “They Gambled… They LOST”

    “Are You Ready for the Judgement Day?”

    “Are You Free?”

    “Hooked On Drugs, Healed By Jesus”

    • As they plan, we should plan. They probably didn’t show up because it was their day to go to their weekly meeting. The perps have a day where they go for instructions as what to do to us. Make a point of noticing when the perps are not around; that’s the day the meeting is.

      I had a problem on YouTube. I couldn’t get your video. I kept getting things about fans.

  2. Stop sending me Emails. I do not read them , I do not want them you are becoming a troll.


  3. Nothing you could do to a perp would be mean. They aren’t human. They aren’t animals. They’re satanists. Even the ones who think they are Christians. A real Christian wouldn’t consent to help harass someone no matter what that person was said to have done. The Bible says not to judge others and to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. However, getting back at a perp can’t count as cruel, because as I said, they are not in the same category as real people. Real people have a concience that stops them from committing the attrocities those people do to us.

    • Well, it seems there are lot of people out there without conscience. I have so many perps following me around, you’d be amazed!

      About Binney, I wish I could find more people like him to write about. It would be nice if the media wrote about him more.

      • It would be nice if the media would get more involved. I hope they will in the future but I’m not holding my breath.

    • I like your style because it gives me the intuitive feeling that you are a real victim of the Nazi-Commie harassment. The bull crap against me stopped in 2011 after I got a death threat for disseminating iterature to strangers in two states, and I spoke at a Church. What did I say in the liteature and the church. I simply tied together the things that happened to me to explain the true purpose of these perpetrators: that is, to build a Stasi police state (like in Russia) and to use people like you and me as an experimental prelude.

      The New World Commie Order demonstrated that I pissed them off with the death threat I received, and that made me happy. You see, like you, I am in favor of hurting them anyway I can. And, I agree with you, in my opnion, they are less than human.

      • You’re no longer a target? Lucky you. I wish this hell would stop. It’s been four, long years already. And it’s gotten worse every year. I’ve lost friends, family, etc. They’ve isolated me from everyone. Thanks for your response. And I am for real.

        • Go public and put written information about what is happening to you in the hands of strangers. This might be easy if you join a group of some kind as they sometimes have big meetings. Go to different churches. Volunteer when they ask everyone to share. In other words, go public. Put the credit for your suffering where it is due, the commie government. And, put your name and address at the bottom of the written material you hand-out.

          FYI: my death threat in January 2010 came from an alledged friend who is a Mason, a Liberal and also voted for a piece of garbage named Obama.

          • Oh, I did write my name on the material I handed out. I did this almost 2 years ago. I honestly have not found a group that I can trust. Every time I think I can trust someone, they turn out to be stalkers.

            Death threat? I’ve never had anyone threaten to kill me yet, but I know others who’ve been threatened with death. And as to that person who you used to call a person, they’re not even worth thinking about. She’ll get hers.

      • I’m curious what states you gave out literature in. Do you still have copies of it? If so, I’d really love to see some so that I can do what you did. I’ve been thinking about speaking about it at my own church. They just don’t seem to have a clue (like almost everyone else) and it’s rather irritating when they act like I’m being vain when I get upset about the GS’ers destroying things I love. It never ocurs to them that they would feel the same way if it happened to them.

        I think the pastor’s wife was even hit with one of those mind control devices (Voice to skull) once because she told me that she got a message from God that if I get rid of this necklace I always wear (it’s got charms from everywhere I go and is my most prized possession because they’ve destroyed most of my books and photos and this is sort of like a photo album to me) Anyway, she said if I got rid of the necklace my stalking and harassment would stop. That doesn’t even make sense. My name would not be taken off the TI lists just because I got rid of my necklace… I wondered if she had joined the “clan” but I now think it was a DEW attack.

        God has spoken to ME about my story necklace twice. The first time He told me it will be taken away from me physically by a GS’er someday, and that He will still be with me when it it happens to comfort me. The second time was to tell me that the pastor’s wife didn’t get that message from HIM, and not to give it up because he knew how miserable that would make me. God knows that it doesn’t hinder my relationship with him, and that I would give it up if He aske me to, but there would be no reason for that. The pastor’s wife said I “couldn’t have charms and God” and I tried to explain to her that I don’t wear them for the same reasons gypsies wear them, or because of vanity or anything, They’re really “postcards” but she’s determined to hate it anyway now, and believe that’s why I get harrassed. This started way before I even had the necklace.

        One lady gave up hers to prompt me to do it, but I stayed fast, and I felt creeped out for the next three days.

        • Nevada is the state in which I gave out literature. I no longer have it. I think it was stolen, since I haven’t found it anywhere.

          I think the pastor’s wife knows what’s going on. And did you tell her you love the necklace? That’s why they want you to give up what you love. You have very little else that hasn’t been stolen from you, so they want to make sure you lose enough more of what you love. I bet the pastor’s wife has charms. Why doesn’t she get rid of hers? I’m sure the one lady didn’t give up her charms. I hate to say it, but she’s probably lying to you.

          I can bet you that everyone in the church knows what you’re going through. The church’s also involved in our stalking, just as the church was involved in the Holocaust. The church people are no better than the regular perps. That’s why I don’t even go to church anymore. A lot of phony baloney people.

          I’m almost certain the pastor’s wife didn’t get any messages from God.

          Don’t get rid of your necklace. You love it and it makes you feel connected to your family.

          If I were you, I wouldn’t pay attention to any of the church people. They sound like a small minded bunch. And I don’t think your gang stalking will stop if you stop wearing your necklace.

          I can understand why you feel “creeped out”. If I had to deal with the people you’re dealing with, I’d be creeped out, too.

          Maybe you should put your bracelet in a good hiding place, otherwise, someone might steal it.

          • I know everything you say is true here. Unfortunately, I have to go to church with my mom or face unending lectures about it. A couple of weeks after the incident, the pastor’s wife told me that her brother worked for the NSA in Colorado Springs. That confirmed it for me. I said the same thimg you did – that the GS’sing isn’t going to stop just because I give up the one thing Ithey haven’t completely destroyed (they have stolen some of the charms off it, which is why I wear it all the time) There is no place I can put it where it would be safe. A charm was taken off it when it was in a safe deposite box! The FEDS will bother our stuff no matter where it is. Heck, he might have personally told her to do that – no equipment necesarry.At least the pastor is genuine. I’ve talked to him separately about my situation in general.

              • I didn’t lose it. It was stolen. I wrote about what was happening to me and that it was being done by the government. And I walked around handing out flyers. I made about 200 copies and only handed them out to people who said they’d take. It’s against the law in Nevada to force a flyer on someone. So I had to ask, otherwise, I could have been arrested for harassment. I did put name on it and email address.

                • Well, I guess no one here wonders why they were stolen. The perps were scared. Did you make them on your computer? If so, you could maybe make some more, but not as many, and try again. That way they’ed have less to steal and you’d lose less money if they did.

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