Gang Stalking – Where are you God?

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Lately, I must admit I’m not feeling my best, but believe me, I’m not  going to do anything to myself. I wouldn’t give the perps the pleasure of my death.

I guess I’ve been depressed because nothing in my life is going to change no matter how many times I move. The realization finally hit me hard!  No matter where I go, gang stalking will go on and get even worse.  I knew all this before I moved, but I hoped, just hoped, that it would change.  And, of course, nothing changed. It only gets worse, if that’s possible, but it did.

My new apartment looks a lot better, and I have more room, but looking better doesn’t always equate to a place being better. It’s like when you meet someone very attractive and you attribute good things to that person, and then find out that the good-looking person is really a creep.  So I hoped, that since my new apartment looked so much better than my old one,  that there would be less gang stalking.  But that’s turned out not be the case.

Since day 1, this apartment has been a miserable place.  I get hit from  more directions than I used to.  I get hit from my right, my left, downstairs, the roof, across the street, diagonally across from me.  You name the direction, someone is aiming something at me. And believe me, these people here are rotten to the core.  And having to deal with a bunch of kids who are also rotten to the core, just makes me sad.  I think about what our future is going to be like when these kids get older.  They’ll probably be worse than their parents.  Most of the kids don’t have any empathy for anyone or anything.  They’ve grown up in a world where everything is about them, and no one else counts. All I can say, I pity all us targets.  Our gang stalking is only going to get worse with the kids coming up.

The best we  can hope for, is that someone comes along and makes what’s happening to us a priority. But I’m realistic enough to know that’s not going to happen.  It hasn’t happened all these years, and I doubt if it’s going to happen in the future.  So all of us have to suffer in silence until something happens to us, or we die.

Some of you believe in a God, and that’s good, and I’m not knocking your belief. But  I can’t say I do, no matter how hard I try. If there’s a God, how can he let what’s happening to us continue?

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15 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Where are you God?

  1. Trust comes in time. Believe in people again. A world power coming does. It didn’t take God. It took judicial catch up worldwide.

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        • fansfiltration, I think that’s what happening. She has to remove herself, I think. I don’t remove her.

          blackbird63, I certainly hope that all the perps get what they deserve. So I’m not the only asking why God does this to us. It’s good to know someone else is asking the same question.

          By the way if you’re wondering why I answer all the questions on the same page, it’s because I want all the reader comments to show up, not only mine.

          Blackbird63, I think that’s what she meant, but I don’t remove anybody, she has to do it herself.

          • I don’t think God does this to us. Remember this is backed by Satanic cults, and a government of a country who have cast aside all respect for God and the Constituion our forefathers believed in.

            It is easy to wonder where God is looking right now, I hope you can find comfort in knowing that I know how you feel. I have hope that this will end someday for us somehow. I wish it would have been long ago, but I’m trying to be patient. It is very hard and I wish you did have someone to live with.

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