Gang Stalking – If I were ever going to lose it, it would’ve been today!

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English: The faucet or tap in a bathroom sink lets users mix both hot and cold water. It is attached to the underside of a sink by plastic screws. Source: here entitled “Swapping out a bathroom sink” (handyman project) (note: “public domain” note at top of article). Further questions, ask me (tom sulcer) at: Wikipedia. here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Boiled Egg – Crossection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I were ever going to lose it, it would have been today.  I’m having a real bad day.  I got up extremely late, due to lack of sleep all night.

I went into the bathroom as soon as I got up, turned on the hot and cold water.  Only dribs and drabs of cold water come out. The hot water is not working.  I kept turning the hot faucet on, got nothing.  So I can’t take a shower, can’t even wash my face, that’s how little water .  All week-long, I’ve had trouble with my hot water. I have to run the water 25-30 minutes to get it warm. I hate doing this, but I need to use the shower.  Now, I have no hot water at all.

I got dressed and decided I’ve had enough b.s.  I made my way to the office.  Tried opening the door, couldn’t open it. There was a sign on the door that said:  Will reopen at 1 p.m.  I figure  all the office people are out to lunch, so I didn’t think anything  was wrong.  I went back to my apartment to try the hot water again.  No hot water.

At 1 p.m., I return to the office, the office is still not opened.  So I wait about 15 minutes, still no one shows up.I return to my apartment to eat something.  Can’t cook a hot boiled egg, not enough cold water.  I decide to just have a bagel and tea. I use my bottle water to boil the tea. I have dishes from last night I didn’t wash, and dishes keep piling up.  I can’t wash my hands, the pots, nothing.

I return to the office, still no one around. The 1 p.m. sign is still up.  A woman who works in the office is standing near the office.  So I ask her what’s going on with the water.  She tells me that there’s a  pipe broken.  I ask “where is everybody?” She tells me that they’re all walking around checking the complex out. I’ve seen no evidence of anyone from the office walking around.  I ask “where are they walking?”  She tells me “oh, just around.”   I also ask her “where did the pipe break?”  She tells me “oh, down the street.”  I can tell she’s lying, but I keep it to myself.  I walk away.  As  I walk by one of the apartments, I see a worker.  I ask him “do you know where the office people are?”  He tells me “they’re in the office,” probably hiding in the back.  I tell him that I have no hot water.  He says “why don’t you have hot water?  Everybody else has water, how come you don’t?”   I repeat to him what he said “everybody has hot and cold water?!!!!”  He replies “yes, everybody has hot and cold water, nobody’s complained.”  So, it’s only me that they’re screwing with. I thought so.

I go back to my apartment.  I happen to pass two men who are banging a pipe around.  I go over and look.  There seems to be absolutely nothing  wrong with the pipe. I ask the two men “what’s wrong with the pipe.”  One man answers “it’s broken.”  I look closer and still see nothing wrong with the pipe.  I say to the man “there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the pipe.”   He looks up and gives me a really angry look and continues banging on the pipe.

I go back to my apartment. I try the faucet again. I now have neither hot or cold water.  Both waters are not working.  I can’t clean anything. I have no water to drink.  The dishes are piling up, and there’s nowhere I can turn for help. The whole day’s been one big mess.

I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with the pipes. The workmen told me it would take all day to fix them.  I’m the only one with no hot and cold water.

The bastards!

I’m returning to the office to see what I can do.  I’ll let you know what happens.

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7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – If I were ever going to lose it, it would’ve been today!

    • I was going to call their mgmt co., but decided not to. My previous experience with mgmt companies has not gone too well. I remember sending message after message to one, called, and even faxed them, got absolutely no reply.

  1. I live in Canada and have been Gang Stalked most of my life. I’ll be 50 in the spring. It has been a hard road as you all know.. I have NOTHING plugged in except fridge , freezer and stove, I place metal sheets in my sleeping window. The power , cel phones anything you plug in. I use a lot of candle light and day light . I live in a brick house now so for the first time in years I’m doing way better.
    I carry a camera 24 hours a day now and take non stop photos of all of them over and over. a 16 t holds a lot of photos.I take picture of all the air traffic so as to have a record to compare with the local air port files. Always getting the photos if possible under the wings where their identification number is.Including the helicopters and small planes. From my studying I am a pretty high case.. Out of a 1000 things they have already done 1001. I have been building my own case and defense for years. I take pictures of everything two chips at a time minimum so even if they mess with my life it is all documented..
    It is hard to always be so diligent but you have to be and look at it like it is entertainment .. I have to go to a phone booth inside if I want privacy. Or if I want to literally make a private plan and I never go back to the same one. You can not have any routine or it makes it easy for them. When I have the chips placed it is a bit crazy too it is like being a 24 hour detective of your own life. I confront them all the time in public and call them on what they are doing.
    I have 4 kids so they have brought a lot of perps home and wow that has been challenging over the years. Recently I confronted the lock smith who again I took photos of the keys I gave him 2 gold 2 silver and one of each gold and silver. He gave me back the wrong arrangement to all three sets.. He has only recently joined or is just no good at it but when I confronted him he was shocked. I may report him to the school he went to but he is just a small part of my picture. I have been incarcerated into my life for so long since my car accident in 1995 anyway. I also willingly invite them into my home but never take my eyes off them for a second..They always slip up and give good information to me. . Or I’ll speak freely with them in public , stare them down or a great big smile then a snare is nice too.
    It is encouraging for me reading the posts it is a feeling of support and I have deep empathy for all the victims. … long distance call I have to go……… Thank you…………………………….

    • I do the same thing. The only thing I keep on at night is my refrigerator. Less electricity coming through. You seem to be on the same wave as I am. I’ve had every camera I’ve bought stolen from me. I don’t have a car, so it’s easy for them to do. I place it down and before I know, it’s gone. What kind of camera do you have? I try not to use the same pay phone, but it’s hard to do when there are so few around. Was it a car accident, or did someone try to make you have an accident?

      I can just see you with your children’s friends watching the perps. It’s kind of funny.

  2. That’s disgusting! Wish I had a suggestion. Can you complain to the state or county that your appartment building refuses to furnish you with any water? Maybe you can take pictures of the guys and the unbroken pipe and show them?

    • Report them to whom? There’s no place here to report housing problems. I have to go to court. I learned this from an old man I met one time. I told him about my problem, and he told me there’s a court that handles housing problems. Would you believe I have to go to court to get hot water?

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