Gang Stalking – Trust No One.

The New Worst Witch

The New Worst Witch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Antidepressants - Day 154

Antidepressants – Day 154 (Photo credit: JF Sebastian)


Anti-ACLU-2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wrote the other day of a decoration I bought of a crashed witch and I wondered how long it would last. Well, the first day, the perps folded the left corner diagonally over the witch’s face. And today, when I opened my door, they twisted the plastic witch and made it into a roll.  And I kept hearing boo-hoo, boo-hoo, boo-hoo, boo-hoo over and over. Someone was saying it very loud and laughing. The perps have such originality, don’t they?

I noticed that I have a few new readers. People who have strange things happening to them, but don’t  know what in the world is going on. I just want to give you newbies a few hints.

1. You’re not crazy. Don’t let anyone tell you need to see a psychiatrist. You don’t need one. You’re very sane. You’re saner than a lot of the people who harass you. They’re the ones who should be seeing psychiatrists.

2. Don’t let anyone convince you to take medication for your problem. You don’t need it. And especially if they try to tell you to take antidepressants. If you begin to take antidepressants, they will use it against you. If you complain about what’s happening to you, they’ll tell people you’re on antidepressants and that’s why you imagine people are following you around. So stay away from the pills. If you don’t, they’ll tell everyone you’re crazy. They’ll tell everyone you’re crazy, anyway, but they’ll have nothing to back it up. If you take antidepressants, then they will.

3. I hate to have to tell you this, but it’s the truth. Usually, our families are in on what’s happening to us, and are part of the gang stalkers. Family will usually tell you that you’re imaging things and to seek help from a doctor.  Keep an open mind on this. I know you probably think I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I do.

4. Probably someone you know reported you to the government as being a dangerous person. It could be someone who has a grudge against you, a lawyer, family, it could be someone you had a run-in with, your boss, etc. It could be anyone. They’ve reported you under the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act encourages people to report anyone they think is dangerous to their community leaders. This gets you placed on a list of people who are dangerous. And your life becomes a living hell. You become a target and people in the community are told to watch everything you say and do. It’s like what happened in Nazi Germany.

5. And the lies begin about you. The people will be told you’re crazy, on antidepressants, a drunk, pedophile, anti-American, very violent, etc.

6. The perps will break into your home, or apartment, almost every day. They’ll steal your food, put poison in your food, rip your clothes, mess with your car, kill your pets, steal your money, hack your computer, put dirt in front of your apartment or home, etc. There is nothing the perps will not do to you.

7. You will be watched 24/7. There is nowhere you can go to get away from the perps. They’ll be everywhere you go. And I mean everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you go.

8. Don’t move. If you have a home and can afford upkeep, don’t give it up. If you’re thinking of moving to get away from the perps, it won’t make any difference. Wherever you go, there will be new perps to follow you around. Save your money and stay where you are. You can’t get away from the bastards! And don’t think that if you move out of the U.S. it will stop. It won’t. Gang stalking is happening in almost every country.

9. You really can’t trust anyone; not your doctor, cashier, friend, family, church members, librarians, your next door neighbor, priests, police, FBI, ACLU, US government, etc. No one! Don’t bother complaining to police, FBI, government,etc. about what’s happening to you. They all know what’s happening and will not help you. And you might even be arrested and accused of making up stories. So forget about getting help from any government.

10. Try to live your life as normally as you can. I know you’ll probably want to hide from the world with all the garbage thrown your way, but don’t. It’s not good for your mental state.

11. Be careful when you eat out. You will get undercooked food, given the wrong food, poison put in it, you’ll be given old food (sometimes they’ll even give you something they take out of the garbage), and raw food. Expect bad food wherever you go. If you do eat out, check out the food very carefully before you eat it. Or you might end up with food poisoning.

The things above are just some of the things that might happen to you. Expect anything and everything to happen to you.

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19 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Trust No One.

  1. The mexican gangsters, gangstalkers used to get a motel room next to mine and cry waaa waaa, one guys started crying. Funny that they would never work 40 to 80 hours a week in a dangerous job, heroin, cocaine, and meth is more profitable for them.

  2. Hello:

    I am concerned about the potential for use of technology to conduct unethical research and/or influence the behavior of others through the use of brain scanning technology. I have personally experienced this phenomenon and am willing to publicly share my experiences with others. I can be contacted directly at 907.598.5433.

    I also believe there may be other victims of this phenomenon in my local community. Through internet research I have become aware of various forms and methods of employing such techniques. Two different subjects I researched include Voice to Skull (Gang stalking) and an experiment conducted by the United States Navy into non-verbal communication through implanting a device into a person (possibly without their consent) to study the possibility of different forms of communication.

    There may also be some type of cult influence involved. I was previously a member of a cult in Soldotna, Alaska known as the Apostolic Assembly of Jesus Christ (

    Again, I am more than willing to share my personal experiences with anyone willing to listen.

    William Bahl

    • Are you sure you want your number published? There are a lot of crazies who’ll respond to your number and tell you that you’re crazy and what you wrote about is not happening. I’ll let others see your number. If you want to delete let me know.

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  4. And it’s digusting that they can’t leave anything alone. I’m sorry they ruined your witch. At least you get the satisfaction of knowing how stupid they are to have been making those “sound affects” I grab things like that as opportunities to laugh at them, and say what idiots they don’t realize they are.

  5. Straight on! Excellent article…I’d like to add, antipsychotics are even worse. That’s what they give you to justify an official diagnosis of scizophrenia. They also seriously mess up your health. Glad I ditched that crap!

    • I’m glad you did. I’m sure you had everybody telling you to take them. I know from personal experience everybody telling me I should take them, but I knew nothing was wrong with me and I was not about to take some crap. When I think about it, I think my mother went through the same thing, and they put her on meds. My poor mother! Every time I think about her, I feel like crying.

  6. Thank you for posting this. Yep, that is how it is, and them there are the rules.


    No matter what you have done in this life, you are in no way as sinful as the perps. They are far more criminal then you could ever be.

    I am glad I see the world for how it truly works. I will NEVER be a perp by choice on ANYONE, not even the worst of my own perps. This is all trauma based mind control by a cult satanic mentality. This is all for one reason. To keep us in a panic, stress, uptight, on edge, paranoid, angry state of mind. The collective that is at the core of the gang stalking seem to need to get us to be in a constant panic state over a prolonged span of time. David Icke says that the demonic world is feeding off of human stress, Anger, Pain. We have been changed into livestock to be fed upon. Our world system and the false reality we are conditioned to participate in serves one purpose. That is to create a state of misery within the Human psyche that will produce a low vibrational frequency energy field that becomes a type of satanic food. Strange I know… I only have questions.

    • I would never be a perp, either. These people are really all sick. How can someone kill someone’s pet, hurt a child, run someone off the road? There’s definitely something wrong with these people.

      By the way, thanks for YouTube. It’s very nice of you. I was really surprised.

      • I am happy to help get good information out there. I am trying to make a video blog of my own, but my disabilities get in the way. I have seen a reaction to my posting on my YouTube channel and also commenting on peoples blogs and videos. I will never be silent about this evil, NEVER!

        If I am a TI for life, I am going to make it my life’s work.

    • You know…that makes sense. I’ve read a bit about the satanic theories too. Truely, these people are evil enough!

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