Gang Stalking – Celebrate the holidays.

English: Halloween pumpkin with a witch hat.

English: Traditional Kitchen Witch Doll or Hea...
English: Traditional Kitchen Witch Doll or Hearth Doll for home protection. From Mal Corvus Witchcraft & Folklore artefact private collection owned by Malcolm Lidbury (aka Pink Pasty) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For the past  four years, I haven’t celebrated any holiday.  Before gang stalking, I loved the decorations and getting together with my family to celebrate the holidays.

But as I wrote, it’s been four years since I’ve celebrated  anything, even my birthday.

I’m now completely alone.  I have no family, no friends, no one I can trust.  And the few times I tried to befriend someone, it  didn’t turn out too well.  Most of the times, the person turned into a perp, if he hadn’t been one.  So trusting someone is not something I do anymore.  I rarely talk  with someone, or  say much  of anything  to anyone.

So, really, it’s been a very lonely four years.  Celebrating holidays by myself  just makes me feel loner,  makes me think of my family and the friends I used to have.

I  really miss getting together with my family, and so I stopped celebrating anything.

But lately, I feel the need to celebrate something. Celebrate that I’ve survived four lonely years, and I’m still as sane as I was.

I decided from now, even though I’m alone, that I’m going to celebrate holidays.

Today I went shopping for some Halloween decorations.  I bought a crashed witch.  I’m sure you’ve seen it in the store. It shows a witch that has crashed into a wall.

I put the witch decoration on my front door for all to see.

Now, knowing how  the perps destroy everything I buy,  I’m wondering if tomorrow morning, the witch will still be on the door, and how long it will be before they destroy it.

I’m not going to keep opening my door  to see if the witch is still there.  I have a feeling by the time I wake up tomorrow, it will not be on the door, or if it is, it will probably  be in tatters.

What do you think?  Do you think they will destroy it?  Will be it in tatters?  Still be on the door?  Let me know what  you think will happen to it?

Go out and buy a decoration and celebrate the holiday.  Enjoy yourself. Don’t let them take away your joy, as they did to me.

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18 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Celebrate the holidays.

  1. And I found out that the whole wedding ring thing is also from the Pagans… So if God blesses me to find a wife and start a family in this Life do I still get down on 1 knee and present her a Ring like we’ve been so conditioned to do and how many other things like this uh oh we have to change our whole way of being a Christian is real We are all works in progress don’t lose Faith for the more knowledge we gain dismissing the false teachings/traditions that’ve been drilled into our minds we grow closer to God

    God bless us all

      • I made a whole ‘nother comment before this one where is it? I can’t remember all of the points I made, but the main one was that We as Christians don’t celebrate Pagan holidays like Halloween & we shouldn’t celebrate Easter either its a Pagan ritual/holiday the bunnies & eggs aren’t about our Lord and Savior Yeshua (Jesus real name) If you look up/research these “Holidays & Traditions” I think you’ll find they are (especially the Big/Main Steam ones) Pagan which is NOT Christian, But don’t be discouraged by Truth, but be encouraged and full of Hope Faith, and Joy… The Stalker/perps won’t win Good Will conquer evil
        God bless us all

  2. earlier I made comments but they arent there what happened?(I suspect the perp/stalkers cyber-hacked me & blocked my comments as theyre stalking us 24/7 and my screen froze I had to call over the attendant here at the Library in Copperas Cove TX 76522) But here is what I replied… Goto also listen/watch the testimony of TI’s (targeted individuals) at the Bioethics Commission meetings one TI said MEDUSA was created by Navy Intelligence another said its so precise it made him pick up a coffee table with his legs and throw it against the wall. Its not just electricity its all the devices & tac-tics being used on us the devices are real you can look up the patent #s and articles & pictures of some please listen to the testimony of victims, TIs we are all victims not survivors cause we are currently being stalked/attacked by these perp/stalkers, with the gaining/blessing of knowledge dont be discouraged, but encouraged to seek more Truth of how/what evil has done& is still doing all along keeping the Faith knowing that God is in charge and He allows things to happen for reasons beyond our understanding God bless us all

    Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 04:01:59 +0000 To:

    • I like that website. I discovered it when I first started to research this stuff. I believe they make people do specific things, though I won’t go into details. The people who invent that equipment are truely evil! God does allow things to happen, but none of it is “his will” and someday, they will have to answer to what they’ve done.

  3. They use the holidays against me – stealing and destroying decorations, destroying any gifts I get immediately the night I get them… I gave it up, pretty much. I thought, “Why bother?”

    I like the crashed witch idea. Sounds cute. You’re brave to put something on your door. I would expect anything to be destroyed or vanish from mine. I had wind chimes once. They ruined those. I can’t have plants inside or out. They kill them. Yard decs get destroyed. Nice fencing around a flower bed gets bent up, gave up on the fencing and flowers long since.

    I hope they leave your dec up til Halloween, and don’t destroy it! They should let you have some fun.

  4. Great post 😉 You have a TI friend right here that will NEVER go perp on you and there are many more out there. Don’t stop writing, you inspired me to start!

    • Thank you for saying you’ll never go perp on me. It’s good to know. I don’t intent to stop writing any time soon. Thank you for your response. I’m glad I inspired you to write.

  5. Im celebrating whatever alone, the perps use this to generate compassion for the gangstalkers. not destructions take place, because I’m monitoring the apartment door with a microphone, so when I know was broken. I can live with nothing to celebrating excessively since the perps use anything against me.

    • It’s your choice to decide what to do on holidays. I’m used to celebrating, so I’m celebrating whatever I can. And yes, the perps will use anything we do against us. They can use celebrating holidays against me. I will continue to enjoy holidays from here on in. Thank you.

      • If you are Christian you would not celebrate “Pagan” Holidays… yes it does matter Pagans are NOT Christians and vice versa. You can’t be Good & Bad for the scriptures say God says you’re either for me or against me… I’m not perfect no one is there was and is only one that is our Lord and Savior Yeshua (Jesus real name) cause I still watch some movies that are rated R, but my defense is I pray before watching just like we pray before a meal cause what we watch is going into the window of our Spirit and what we feed our Spirit needs to be blessed also This is the statement & Info I’m sharing now: I am a TI (targeted individual) we are being attacked 24/7 with V2K, MEDUSA, HAARP and more EMF devices please help expose this evil it messes with everyone’s life Watch/Listen to &

        God bless us all

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