Gang Stalking – my post from today deleted.

If you saw my post from today, there’s nothing written on it.  The perps kept erasing it, and I hit published, so I guess no post for today. They’re too busy messing with my blog.


5 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – my post from today deleted.

  1. Aaaaargh! I’m so glad you don’t give it up…Thank you!

    about phones…we have a land line and it does get blocked sometimes, but not as much. The thing is, the phone company is more inclined to admit there’s something wrong with a land line messing up than a wireless, because they have to. The public would be more aware of them being neglegent because it’s more obvious. Therefore, they’re less inclined to let them mess up consistantly than they are a wireless. They won’t even let us have a cell. They turn it off when we try to use one in our house. Even my Mom can’t use hers here. I don’t know if you could find a good land line co where you are or not, but I hope so! Having a phone is something everyone should have a right to!

  2. Do you have blocked calls also? I have call intercepted all the time.when you dial it says out of service or number has been changed.when for a fact it hasnt been. Sent from my MetroPCS Android Device

    • My phone doesn’t work at all. I can’t make calls going in or out. They like to mess with our phones, too. My says that I can only make emergency calls. Try using pay phones, if you can find one that works. Every time I find a pay phone to make my calls, they mess them it up.

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