Gang Stalking – An example of loving parents(?)


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I have nothing on my calendar for today, so I decided to stay home.  I went outside and stood in front of my door and leaned on the riling.   Within a minute, a couple from downstairs sat down on the steps facing my apartment.  The man held the baby in his lap, while his wife played with her phone.

Oh, yeah, I thought to myself.  You think I’m going to become your target. Think again.

I went back into my apartment and got the little thing I use to protect myself.

I went outside and the woman was laughing, and so was her husband.

Both of them just thought it was hysterical that they were up to no good and thought I didn’t know what they were up to.

I took my thingajig and hit right back.  I aimed for the man’s p—s.  He began laughing even more, so I knew I was getting him.  The woman also had her legs spread and I aimed for her. Both of them laughed even more.  The man put the baby down  between his legs.  I definitely knew I was getting to him.  I’ve seen men jump when I aim for their p—s.  They both kept laughing.  I could tell that they were not enjoying getting hit back.

Finally, the man let the baby go and put his hand between his legs. The woman paid no attention to the baby whatsoever. She was too busy trying to hit me with her phone.  Neither one of them paid any attention to what was going on with the baby on the ground.  Both of them were too busy laughing and trying to target me.  The baby is between 6 – 8 months old and this is how they protect him.

The man had enough, so he picked up his son and went inside.  The woman stayed outside and kept trying to hit me. Her husband came out and told her to come inside.

I thought that was the end.

The man stayed inside, but the woman came out again.

She came out with the baby in a carriage.  She sat down on the steps, and put the carriage, with the baby in it, in front of her.

Don’t you just love how caring these parents are?  They put the baby in harm’s way to protect themselves.

First, he put the baby between his legs to protect himself, and then she puts the baby in the carriage and hides behind him.

And then we wonder why kids grow up to commit crimes.

It is parents like these who create criminals.  Criminals who grow up to ruin neighborhoods no one wants to live in.

P.S. This is about the 11th time, I’m trying to repost this, I hope it works this time. Thank God WordPress saved it for me. Thanks, WordPress. Hugs.

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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – An example of loving parents(?)

  1. What is the thing? If you tell us the perps will be able to block it? Well I don’t blame you cause I know they will those damn Devils will go to Hell. I’ve been using a carbon material fabric when I sleep & it helps I even heard the perp/stalkers say something like “its interfering” so I really think its helping and I seem to be more refreshed in the morning like I got a better nights sleep & I learned that they use “infrasound” waves mostly in the morning times on us cause that’s when our body produces the lest amount of “Cortisol” God bless us all

    Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 22:57:23 +0000 To:

    • The “thing” is something I use to protect myself when I go out and the perps try to hit me. I’d like to know more about the carbon material fabric. Where do you buy it? I think I’d like to buy it, and maybe someone else would like to, too.

      • @13jermane:Neverending1’s right. I would be interested in buying it, too.

        @neverending: I never actually see the people who zap me when they do it, so I wouldn’t have use for a gadget like that but I’m glad you have one.

        • Keep your eyes open and you’ll see them. I always know when the perps are around and I think nothing of zapping them right back. I’m sure you’ve probably seen the perps zap you. They’re always looking at their phones and not talking into it, and 99% of the time, they have head phones on. Start watching people and you’ll get real good at knowing who the perps are. Almost anything can be used as a zapper. Look for small things that you can hold in your hand and hide, and target someone with.

          • I’ll do that. And I’ll go and visit a toy store, too. And looking back, I can remember a time when I was standing at a concert beside a guy who I happened to know at the time was a perp, who I thought was playing vid games on his phone the whole time, but maybe that wasn’t what he was doing. I happened to not be feeling very good at the time. It makes sense.

            • Yeah, they always look so innocent, so you wouldn’t think they’re doing something to you, but I know better. I learned all about the phone from my sister, she used to do it to me, and then I noticed everyone else was doing the same thing. So staying with my sister, paid off, otherwise, I wouldn’t know about it, either. And other members of my family also used the phone thing on me, so I learned right away how I was getting zapped.

    • Well, that I keep to myself, not that I don’t want to tell you, but once they find out what I use, it’ll be no good. But I suggest you go into a store and try to find something that you can point at someone and it’ll hurt them, toy store, etc. Make sure it’s small and you can hide it.

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