Gang Stalking – Gang Stalking is gang stalking no matter what name you use.

Fox News Channel

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Stainless Steel Undermount Sink

Stainless Steel Undermount Sink (Photo credit: granite-charlotte)

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“Go Easy on the Hot Water” – NARA – 514407 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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When I first moved into my current apartment, I had no problem getting hot water.  It worked fine.  Now, every day when I take a shower, I have to run the water for about 20 minutes.  This also happens when I’m washing dishes, run the water for 20 minutes to get hot water.  If I need hot water for anything, I have to put the water on and  let it run.  I live in Las Vegas and we’ve had very little rain in the last few years.  I don’t like wasting all this water.  I care about the environment, and it bothers me to waste  water.

I know that the perps have something to do with my problem.  So I decided to check under the sink.  I first checked  the sink  in the bathroom, and of course, I saw the answer right away.  Probably the maintenance man had something to do with the water. He  placed a tag around both the hot and cold water pipes.   I got a pair of scissors, and cut the tags.  Immediately the hot water began flowing.  The tags were stopping the hot water from getting through.  I went to my sink in the kitchen.  Again, tags on the hot and  cold water.  I cut both tags.  Again, the hot water went on immediately.  No problem at all getting hot water.

I checked the tags, the tag’s  called a stainless steel braid. It is supposed to be used in places where there’s very little water, or water doesn’t run at.  It prevents water pipes from bursting when there’s too much water running through. So why would such tags be on my pipes?  I get water all the time.  I did notice, though, that I cannot turn my water on and off. They’ve made is impossible for me to have any control over my water.  I cannot turn the water off or on if I need to.  So they put the tags on so they have all the  control over how my water runs.  Believe me, if there’s one thing I don’t need in Las Vegas is a braid to stop the water from running. There’s not enough water in Las Vegas to make this happen. The perps will do anything to make a target’s life miserable.

So if  any of you targets are having trouble with your water, look under your sink and see what’s on your pipes. You might discover you have tags, too.  Remove the tags, you don’t need them.  I’ve lived in Las Vegas for 8 years now, and I’ve never seen these tags anywhere else.

One of my readers doesn’t like the term “gang stalking.”  She wrote that that’s the name the government gave us. The government did not give us the name.  A target made up the term.  We’re stalked and it’s done by a group of people.  Therefore, gang stalking is the right term.  There’s no other name that explains perfectly what’s happening to us?  I’m  sure the government would prefer a name that’s not so obvious.  As a matter of fact, the government doesn’t want the term gang stalking used. Fox News refused to use the name gang stalking when it first did a story on gang stalking.  And also Wikipedia  did not want to use the term when someone first used it.  I’ll continue to use the name “gang stalking.”   That’s exactly what’s happening to us.

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9 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Gang Stalking is gang stalking no matter what name you use.

  1. Very interesting! I will keep that in mind. I wish there was someone you could tell about this (besides us) who would care enough to get someone investigated for that. It’s got to be the appartment people. And that’s breaking and entering not to mention, endangerment to the environmet. Both illegal.

    • There’s really no one we can complain to. Any level of government you try to get help from will not help you. They’re all in the know and are aware of what is going on. I don’t think anyone who has written to me hasn’t break-ins into their house or apartment. The gang stalker are encouraged to break-in and do damage to the target’s property.

      • Yeah, true. I’ve even tried the State Attorney. No reply. I’ve seen a video where a bunch of victims of non-consentual experimentation went and talked to Obabma’s cabinet (or whatever that group of officials was called) and have we heard of the investigation they requested? No.

        Yeah, break ins were my introduction into GS’ing, and I guess until the rest of the world starts seeing what’s going on, we’re all going to just have to care about each other since no one else does. But I have hope that someday we will be free. It keeps me going. .

    • What I meant, was, what I found has nothing to do with what someone told me, this is something I discovered myself. Oh, I don’t blame myself, I haven’t done anything to take blame for. The perps already claim that territory. Thanks.

  2. Please don’t be offended by my asking you this, but who told you (or where did you read) about stainless steel braids? There’s a big difference between stainless steel braid pipes or hoses and mere tags. Mechanically speaking, the tags shouldn’t be able to do anything but identify which pipe runs hot and which runs cold. I’m only asking about your source because I’m concerned that you might get info from someone who is not only messing with your water, but misleading you as to the reason why your water is messed up. If you read it in an article, then do you have a link to it? You are welcome to DM me on twitter if you don’t want to post this message or your response here. Thanks — and I’m glad your water is working okay now!

    • I got the information from the label. When I removed the label,the water began to get hot right away.No one told me. I know nothing about pipes, but when I remove something and it begans working right away, then it’s the cause. Since I took the tags off, I’ve had no problem with my water.

      No one has given me any information on this, so no one else is to blame, but me.

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