Gang Stalking – Whatever happened to doctors doing no harm?

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One of my readers gave me some information which I find very helpful.  I’m not going to write her name because she might not want others to know her name.

She told me that she and her husband both have problems with their computers.  So her husband got on the computer and checked the location of the computers.  One computer’s located at DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security) and the other one is located in Germany.  Now I can understand one computer being connected to Dept. of Homeland Security, but Germany?  And this is where I pick up the connection.

My doctor, who must be in his 50s, left his practice recently to go work in Germany for the Army.  Germany!  Now I know he’s not going to be a soldier, because he’s too old to be one.  And I don’t think he’s going to be a doctor who treats patients.  So that leaves only one thing the doctor can do.  He’s gone over to Germany to work  on government projects.  In other words, government experiments.  He’ll be in Germany for two years and then return to the states.  He’s probably going to help the government improve experiments on its citizens.  And Germany has always been known for carrying on evil experiments, so it makes sense that’s where he would go.

My doctor used to harass me when I visited him in his office.  He’d sit in his office and zap me with his computer while I was waiting to see him.  Of course, I never confronted him about it, because I knew he’d deny it.  And he would probably write something about me being crazy.  So I sat in the office and took the zapping.

And now I find out that he’s in Germany.  He probably took advantage of his gang stalking experience to get in on the program.  Doctors are supposed to heal people.  It doesn’t sound to me as if he’s doing a good job of healing patients.  It’s more like he’s doing harm to us.

Whatever happened to the Hippocratic Oath that doctors take when they get their M.D. following their name? The Hippocratic Oath states: never do harm.  He  harmed me by what he did.   A lot of doctors  are not following  their Hippocratic Oath.  I’ve heard of targets who were badly damaged by their doctors. Targets  implanted with chips, organ removed when nothing was wrong with it, implanted with  security chips, etc.  As far as I know, none of these things happened to me, but who knows?   I’ve had two operations in my life, and maybe, just maybe, something was put into my body.

So not only can we not trust regular people, but we can’t trust our doctors, either.  Sad.

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20 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Whatever happened to doctors doing no harm?

  1. This whole thing takes money. The doctor that put my implant in without permission I really liked until I found out. The government pays for this. There is only one pot of money that can accomplish this worldwide. Tax money.

      • I like to. I hope you find a way to leave it all behind when the targeting stops, being bigger and not letting the losers vindictiveness ruin your life when it does. All of us that were targeted have too. Don’t let them win in any way. Even when they are gone.

          • No still a target of more then 8 years but privy to information that still fails to make full public media. It won’t for much longer. Hang in there.

            All the human targeting criminals at the top levels are now being prosecuted without failure. The insane that make the choice to use all these tools are being executed with public traders. They self promote fast without authority. Once that is completed, all the tools will be removed.

            This has been going on worldwide for little more then 2 years. The billions worldwide that made choices of human targeting are being executed. Most had already reached execution as a terrorist level by law.

            They are not being jailed to chance return and the systems being removed everywhere. That includes denial of due process, the whole human targeting works. Once completed, all victims of targeting will have plenty of government recovery options.

            As your targeting ends, I encourage all to take a break and relax with the government choices that are made available. The groups responsible for putting this down worldwide are great. Trust in human decision making needs to be rebuilt everywhere.

            If you search the internet you can find big groups against human targeting for help. They are becoming more empowered with resources that mean more the a trillion dollar resource list that rarely worked. They are all gaining more protection from the new government way.

            Some can remove human implants, GPS chips, protection from stalking, even recovery from denial of due process. Services of all kinds are available and protected now.

            Hang in there. It will happen soon. After 2 plus years of executing human Targeters as terrorists along with public traders, there are only so many idiots alive that take the choice of terrorist death.

  2. Yes, doctors, and psychiatrists – and the government should all be concerned with the welfare of the people who see them for help, and so many of them are evil. We’ve been screwed by them all. I know I have implants. The worst thing is we can’t do anything about it. We just have to know we can never get away.

    It is all very sad! I’m going to do some checking into this stuff. I’ll let you know what else I learn. Thanks very much for writing this article. People need to be aware of the danger we face from the Nazis – that they never really faded away. We just thought we won WW2.

  3. Happened to me. It can happen to you… In this eerily strange times we’re in filled with ramped greed and the likes, I actually seen 2 male nurses from a psych war gang stalk me… they went back and forth past my dead-end street (past my home) 24/7 3-4 times a day for a year or more. One went so far as to dye his hair and beard… I mean, these are some really sick treasonous destructive forces we’re dealing with. Of course, their boss is from Iraqi, and it was right by a CIA Airport in North Carolina infamous for KKK, NAZI-GROUPS & Bush’s Rendition Torture in Iraqi. I wrote to the Senator, female Democrat, and the FBI in Wash. DC — got me no where, rather I became a victim of this heinous crimes-of-the-21st-century right here in America.

    • Yes, they’re all sick bastards. And these are the people who are supposed to be taking care of us? That’s why I’m very careful where I go and what I do. What happened to you can happen to anybody. We live in very sick times.

        • They tell everyone that if you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about so they get conditioned to think if someone’s being bothering they MUST be bad.

            • Hi, there, How are you? I’ve been gone for a few days. I went to a funeral. Of course I got followed, but I kept all my stuff with me when I went out because I expected it. I’m glad I did. At the burial, we locked the car, but I kept an eye on it the whole time anyway, and some guy came out of the building, walked toward our car, watching me watch him. He went past ours, because it would be too obvious to stand beside it and wait for me to be distracted, I suppose, past my cousin’s, and stood there in the road, still watching me. When everyone started walking toward the cars, he went back in. Obvious perp. I’ve often thought, down the years, that they only people who deserved this stuff they do us was the people who did it. Theye’d crack quickly though. We should keep being proud of ourselves. I felt great satisfaction preventing that perp from doing what he had aimed for. He didn’t have anything to do with our group, so there was no other explanation for him being there.

              • I’m so glad that you can pick out the perps. They’re so obvious. He probably would have stolen something or done damage to your car. It’s really bad that even at a funeral the creeps won’t leave us alone. Sorry about your cousin’s death. And I wondered where you were. Welcome back. Being targets, we never know if someone has done something to herself, or someone did something to her.

                • Thanks for the welcome back. Sorry you worried. Actually it was my cousin’s stepmother who died. My aunt. I wasn’t close to her, as my relatives live sparsely across the country, and I don’t know if I might have seen her as a baby or ever in my life, but I had met my uncle a couple of times, and the cousin we had come to stay with and get along with him well…

                  I’ve come to expect that they wouldn’t leave us alone even at a funeral. They vandalized my car at my son’s. I figured God would understand if I watched the car instead of paying attention this time. After all, he knows what’s going on, and I’m sure he’s going to give them all what they deserve someday. It may have even been God who gave me the notion to do so.

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