Gang Stalking – Gang stalkers are all filthy dogs.

English: Pacific Time Zone and Northwest Zone

English: Pacific Time Zone and Northwest Zone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A large chess game inside Enoch Pratt...

English: A large chess game inside Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, MD, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The idiots lately have made a game of changing  all my clocks.  They change a clock I have just for waking myself up. My clock  is set to wake me up by 6:30 a.m. Every night, they change the clock to 1 a.m.  They set my computer to GMT. I’m on Pacific time, but I cannot reset it to Pacific time. My phone time is constantly changed, and it’s also set to GMT. I cannot reset to Pacific time.    But that’s the least of my harassment.

I told you about the garbage the perps leave in front of their doors.  I went to the office and complained to them about the garbage left out in  front of  the doors,  and how we were going to get  vermin and pigeons.  The office people told me they’d check into it. I really didn’t think they’d do anything about it.  To my surprise, I came home one day and all the garbage in front of the apartments was nowhere in sight.  So I’d thought I’d go into the office and thank them for taking care of the problem.

I walked into the office and the girl I’d spoken with was not in the front.  The person sitting at her desk was the maintenance man.  He was using the computer, and another woman was standing next to him.  Both of them were laughing.  I asked the girl where the other girl was.  She told me she was in the manager’s office. So I walked toward the manager’s office and thanked the girl for taking care of the problem. As I was walking away from the girl, I could hear the manager and the girl laughing hysterically.  The manager was using the computer and  looking at something.  I overheard the girl said, “Oh, good, she’s in the kitchen.  Yea, we got her.  Look at her!  She’s looking around.”  And I came out to the front again, and the two in the front were also looking at someone  through their computer. Both also laughing hysterically.   The computers in the office are set up so the people in the office can hit the targets through the wiring.   And they were having a lot of fun playing games with the targets’ lives.

These people are beyond evil.  They know exactly what they’re doing.  I don’t ever want to hear  that these perps don’t  know what’s going on. They know what they do and enjoy it.  They’re playing target practice with us.  All of them.  That’s not the first time I’ve seen this done.  We’re like a chess game to them. Get the target instead of the pawn.

In one apartment I went to, when I was apartment hunting, I saw the same thing happen.  There was a man sitting in a dark office setting up the targets’ apartments to connect to the computer. I also recognized the man.  I’ve seen him at several places I’ve been, and he was setting up computers there, too.  This was at a T-Mobile store.  The man is of  Jewish descent, has very close crop hair, very nerdy looking and has the look of a rat.

They’re not only getting targets though the phone, but also through the computer. But I’ve known this for a while. This was done to me on a Greyhound bus I was on.  A man got on the bus, he had his computer with him and I thought nothing of it.  But I did notice that he kept turning around to look at me.  And I began to wonder why.  So I watched him. After watching him a while,  I figured out what he was doing.

He had a pre-printed text and each line on the text equaled distance.  He was turning around to get  distance of where I was.  And when he got it, he began zapping me with his computer.  That was the first time I experienced hits by a computer.  After that, I noticed computers used to zap me in restaurants, trains, buses, etc.

There’s a code they use that draws electricity from the wires.  I wish I knew it.  I’d zap them all to hell!

So if you’re getting zapped in your apartment or house, it might be by computer, or phone.  When you’re away, they get into your place and mess with the wiring.  They’re all  filthy dogs!

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21 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Gang stalkers are all filthy dogs.

  1. Thank you for completely confirming for me that this type of apartment employ and management eavesdropping is taking place in that way. The same thing went on at a place I just moved from. I was sure that other complexes in other cities were in on the same type of operations. Looks like these people ARE being trained by civic leadership for future population control. At first, I was kind of amazed that none of the employees of these types of corporate apartment complexes did not whistle blow, but they truly do not seem to be normal everyday people. Seems like they all are part of some cult, or have been given huge favors in return. They are owned for sure. I first found out I was being monitored back in early 90’s. As soon I I realized this, I knew I had to live a completely different type of home life. The name of the game became total disinformation on phone calls, computer searches, conversations in the car. As soon as I began using Red Herring tactics, I was able to spot the perps, and their games easily. The psychological impact of the street theater, mobbing, break-is, directed conversation, random false accusations etc. diminished, and I had the advantage to research what was going on. Their textbook tactics had quite a different affect on me than what they had expected. I began to learn who was in on it (part of the core group), and how they got the information that had been using in the Directed Conversation and such. I became able to spot who the lower level perps and the who their controllers were. The trick was to talk about things you dislike as if you love them, and things you love as if you did not care. Keep booking trips and canceling the plans at the last minute. Make dinner reservations, and have extensive conversation about how you are going to have a huge meal. When you go to the restaurant, just have a drink and leave as soon as they sit the perps at the next table. Keep posting stuff on the internet that makes them scratch their heads.

    • I love it! Screw them as they screw you. I do the same thing, I’ll go into a restaurant, let them go ahead of me in line, and when they’ve all paid and sat down, I leave. I sit at a bus stop,they all come, get on the bus, and I don’t get on the bus. I love seeing them spend their money. Doing some of the things I do, makes me feel I have some power. They never know what I’m going to do. Love it. Keep doing it. We all need to fight back, and this is a good way.

      • I was web surfing on gang stalking sites and came upon this. I have been a TI for a very long time. It is not new. I am 60 and only found out how many others were having problems 2 yrs ago! When I started reading others comments, I thought, wow! I could write a book!! I just moved to Ogden, Utah from California. Looking for TI’s in my area or vicinity. I have only lived in my place for two months and already attitudes are changing towards me. I havent many friends as I have been let down so many times. When I think someone is okay, I find out their not. There is absolutely no mercy on their part. They are evil as the day is long. And it makes me sick to think how many people get involved! That sets me apart from them and makes me feel better. Also, I contacted a so called gang stalking site and was given numbers of perps! The area I left in Calif. was so demonic. Someone tried running me off the road when I had my two grandkids in the car!It Nothing was done about that either. When my car was broken into a cop told me, no one stoled anything from you, you lost it! Basically, I have been going through hell for many years. I could go on and on but concerned about my situation now. I want to take action and I really need to start a support group and find other victims in my area. I appreciate your blogging and God Bless You

        • Yes, most of us have been through the same hell, and are still going through it. I’m glad if my blog has helped you in any way. It definitely encourages me to keep blogging and telling about what is happening in my life. That’s why I write the blog, to make people aware that what they’re going through is not only happening to them, but to others. You have a lot of company. What you and I are going through is not only happening in the U.S. It is a world wide thing. It’s happening in a lot of countries, so that tells you that governments are doing this to us. I also don’t trust others, I’ve had enough experience with perps making believe that they’re good people. They only befriend us to get info. One reason we can’t get victims to form a support group is because it’s hard for us to trust others. So getting a support group is going to be hard. Thank you for your response. And sorry for what your grandchildren had to face in your car. By the way, don’t trust police officers. They all know about gang stalkers and will never help you. They might even arrest you for complaining. They’ll say that you’re making up stories. Stay safe.

  2. I believe they can see everyone on their computers. I’m sure you’re right. I know they watch me 24/7. They know too much to be pretending. I got followed and harassed on Greyhound before, both ways. I figured out who both the goons were, too. CREEPS! That was before I knew fully what was going on, and still thought my ex (who is pretty rich) was hiring them himself.

    They also went into my sister’s house, and made it look like I had gotten into her jewelry, by planting some of it my jewelry case (to make her think I was trying to steal from her I guess) Disgusting! Could have been a much better trip without the assholes tagging along! Still, I had some good times in spite of them. Though I still don’t know if my sister really believes I wasn’t trying to steal from her, and we don’t get along well now. I’m tired of living with assholes! But I know we all are.

    • Your sister probably knows about your gang stalking, and, who knows, maybe she planned it herself? I wouldn’t put it beyond her. Our families turn against us as everyone does. You would think your family has known all your life and they would stick up for you, but they don’t. They’re worse than the perps.

    • You may want to search the names of Dr. John Hall, Dr. Robert Duncan on YouTube. They talk about the electronic weapons aspect, as well as the home invasion tactics. I am not saying they have all the answers, but I found a lot of what they talked about matched my personal gang stalking history. I am also convinced that perps watch 24/7 until they are confident they know your pattern of behavior.

      • They do watch you 24/7, and report every behavior to their monitor. And then the monitor sends out text msgs. to other perps to let them know what you’re doing. I try never to do the same thing. I take a different route every day, leave at different times, and, basically try to try them crazy.

  3. Sorry if what I meant was not clear from my first post: I DO think there are people who have invaded your privacy and watched you do things in the privacy of your own home (as you’ve described), but I think that they then tell or demonstrate to the people who come into contact with you (like the slobs at your apt) what to do and how to mimic you rather than show them footage of you. That way they minimize the risk to themselves and control the evidence of their original crime while still upsetting you as much as possible. That’s just the way I think gangstalkers work. Regardless of how much of it is invasion of privacy and how much of it is mind games — they are all gross people. Stay strong!

  4. I really like your blog and I thank you for writing it. One thing (and you don’t have to agree, but this is what I think): I believe what you have written about how gangstalker perps invade people’s privacy (cameras in their homes, etc), but I personally don’t think every loser in your apartment building management can view people in their homes via computers. I think they were told to ACT like they can see inside people’s apartments in front of you because they know it will upset you. The fact that they are doing it together with the intent and purpose of upsetting you still makes them accomplices to harassment — they know that their acting like that will evoke the same anxious response in you, without their having to actually run the risk of someone blowing the whistle on their invasion of privacy (which is a crime that would be less ambiguous than just their cowardly “play-acting” harassment). But it’s just more gaslighting. Again, I do believe that there are perps who have invaded your privacy, but they are telling the other people what to do to bother you (e.g. how to mimic you clenching your hands or putting on your makeup, etc.), not necessarily showing other people footage of you. (Though, like I said, those other people are still accomplices in harassing you). Keep your head up and know that you have nothing to be ashamed of — THEY do. By the way, I especially like the posts you write where you tell readers to “go out and live life.” Keep up the good work and stay strong. You deserve to be happy.

    • Thank you for what you wrote. I like to see people write with a different viewpoint. The thing is, how do they know what to tell people what I do? I don’t do any of the things I mentioned outside, never. There are things we do in the privacy of our home we don’t do anywhere else. So how would they know this unless they see me? I don’t allow anyone into my home, so, again, how would they know exactly how I put my make-up on, or that I make my hand into a fist at night? Yes, we all deserve a pursuit to happiness, which has been taken from us. Thank you for taking the time to respond. And the perps should definitely be ashamed of what they do to us.

    • I love your take on the this Anonymous.

      ” I personally don’t think every loser in your apartment building management can view people in their homes via computers. I think they were told to ACT like they can see inside people’s apartments in front of you because they know it will upset you. ”

      That is such a great answer, and might be very plausible in my situation. These low level perps that most of us see and are forced to interact with are most defiantly seem to be trained in tactics involving Gasslighting, directed conversation, and the use of psychological anchors and triggers. But they are not so smart as to know what they are truly involved in. They are not that swift. They have levels of controllers above them that give them misinformation mixed with emotional anchors that will make the perp want to hurt you. This is why even the perps are monitored 24/7. They all have cell phones, and WANT you to know that they are in contact with a higher level person or group. They will not hide there connection to the hive. That is their shield. As we know here, a person must be a coward to be a perp by nature. They are told to report any actions that you do back to the hive. It’s all about creating a false psychological environment. The typical reported tactics they use are based on the assumption that the target is unaware of the information found on Gang Stalking blogs, videos, etc. That these targets will think that everyone is in on it. But once we know the tactics, the game changes for us. It is much harder for them to get you in a paranoid state. I’m not paranoid, I am disgusted that people act like such morons who perp. Stay strong.

      • They can see into my apartment via infrared red lighting. Have you seen our soldiers carrying them in war? They carry a camera which gives back images of their enemies at nighttime, and I think that’s what they’re using on us. They don’t exactly see me, but they can get the outline of what I’m doing. They can see if I’m in the bathroom, eating, sleeping and so on. And I can understand your disgust of the perps, they disgust me no end. And thank God for the internet. Imagine if we didn’t have the internet? A lot more of us would have committed suicide.

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