Gang Stalking – Targets, you have no privacy whatsoever.


Clinton í Kaupmannahöfn
Clinton í Kaupmannahöfn (Photo credit: Ørvar)
FBI analyst.

FBI analyst. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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As  I wrote in my earlier blog, I told you I was going to see Bill Clinton.  I’m glad I went to see him.  He’s a very good speaker and a lot better looking than on television.  He’s really a very handsome man.  He looked trim and fit in a  black suit.  When he finished speaking, he went into the crowd and began touching hands with us.  I wasn’t lucky enough to be near him so I didn’t get to shake hands with him.  But the crowd rushed in on him and I could see the FBI start to get nervous.  The FBI didn’t like all the people surrounding him and led him away. I think Clinton would’ve stayed if they’d let  him.

All the time I was at the rally, I got zapped from perps.  They zapped my feet, back, and arm.  And there was a little boy standing in front of me who imitated everything I do in my apartment.  Things that I know no one has seen.  Things that happen in the night in my bed.  At nighttime, I get zapped in my hands.  I’ll take my hands and make a fist back and forth. This gets rid of the electricity.  I saw a lot of fists doing what I do in my bed.  They also imitated me putting on make-up.  And no one has ever seen me put on make-up, but these people know how I do it.  There’s only one way they can know this, they’ve seen me on camera.

Not only are there cameras in my bedroom and bathroom, but there is also one in my livingroom.  When I see them doing something I’ve done,  my mind goes  back to where I was when  I did it.  And I’ve discovered that some of the things they do, I happened to be in my livingroom.   I’ve looked all over the livingroom trying to find the camera, but I can’t find anything.  I think they have a thing they use to see through the walls in the dark.

It’s disgusting that there is nothing we can do that the freaks don’t see.  We go to the bathroom, they see us wiping our ass. We take a shower, they see us naked in the bathtub.  We’re cooking, they can see everything we cook and how we cook it. We’re getting dressed, they can see our panties and bra.

The perps are really the lowest form of life .  They’re all lower than slime.  I’d like to see how they’d act if what they do to us, we’d do to them.  I’m sure they’d be complaining about how we’re intruding on their privacy.  But they think nothing of taking away our privacy rights.

Basically, targets, you have no privacy whatsoever.  They’re watching you every minute of the day.  And when they’re not watching you, they’re zapping you into oblivion.  And I’m sure most  of you know you have no privacy by what happens to you every day.

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23 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Targets, you have no privacy whatsoever.

  1. Organized Gang Stalking and Cyberstalking, Chennai, India.
    Dr John Hall says the images seen by the perps are only X-Ray and Infrared images and not real life time images. To see a good collection of Dr John Hall’s interviews please click on the link below.

  2. V2K, MEDUSA, EPIC, EMF ELF, Active Denial System All these devices are real and the perp/stalkers are using them on us 24/7 along with their tac-tics Gas lighting, Brightening, Street theatre, Directed conversation, Drugging, Lie campaing
    The voices are not coming from your walls it is the V2K device and read “THE TORTURE REPORT” By Dr Les Dove CPH. Let us continue to Pray for one another for we shall overcome this evil

    God bless us all

  3. I believe they can project dream like images and suggestion when you are in a sleep state, and / or that twilight time just between awake and asleep. I also believe that they use microwave devices to stimulate the hypothalamus of a target in order to create emotionally stressful or agitated states of mind. These states of mind are then used in combination with perp activity in public. The idea is to make the target seem unbalanced and crazy to an observer not in on the gang stalking tactics.

    You may want to check out Dr. John Hall, Dr. Robert Duncan and their work on Gang Stalking and electronic weapons.

    • Thank you for telling me about Dr. Hall and Dr. Duncan. I’ve read a few articles written by them already and know of them. I think most targets know about them. I do agree with you that they can project dreams and images while we sleep. Thank you for your response.

    • I believe it, definitely. All of it. I have reasons to. I thank God that I don’t get cursed with hearing the voices, but the rest of the stuff, is all too familiar. And it does make people think you’re crazy. I’m glad I know I’m not now. I checked out those Dr.s you mentioned. Thanks for telling us about them.

        • At the beginning, they used to do V2S to me. But I knew it wasn’t from my head. So I checked everywhere in my apartment trying to figure where the voices were coming from, especially at night. I discovered that the voices were coming from within the walls. I had a counter and, from the bottom part, I could tell voices were coming from within. I began to put my radio exactly where I could hear the voices, and it soon stopped. They didn’t like getting the voices back. And now, every time they start with the voices, I put on my radio and they stop. So it’s all coming from your walls. Check your apartment carefully. They do the voices through microphones within your walls.

        • I have read a bit about it, and considering my experiences, I had no problem believing it at all. In fact I think I may have had an experience with it once – not on a regular basis. I remember years ago hearing an ex boyfriend’s voice very clearly, saying, “Hello, Angel” cause that’s what he used to call me. I hadn’t seen him for two years. I was in a mall parking lot. There was no one around. He turned up at my door two weeks later for a visit. I always thought it must have been a premonition. Now I look back and wonder if it was a government experiment and he was in on it. I’ll never know, but when it comes to this stuff, it seems they can do anything. I’m just hoping they don’t start harassing me with it all the time like they do with some people. I wish I could do something besides feel sorry for those people.

          • Well, I’m one of those people who’s harassed 24/7. They like to go after people who write blogs. They rather we not. That’s why my computer’s hacked so much. If you never write, they’ll go easier on you.

            • I’m sorry they mess with your blog. That’s why I ddecided not to write one. I’m having a hard enough time trying to write just a single story to publish. You don’t need to write a blog to get harassed 24/7. I do too. cyber and physically. Maybe most of the cyber attacks are on people who write blogs, or are journalists, or activists…and I’m “special” I don’t know. What a privledge NOT! But anyway, Let’s just keep on writing and p**s them off.

              • If you want to write a story, just write. Don’t think about whether the grammar is correct or not, just write. You can always correct the grammar, but you have to START! If you never start, your story will never be written. So START writing!

                • Yeah, I do. I’m nearly finished, no thanks to them. It’s the gramar and spelling they mess up. I’ve decided to let the publishing company produce the draft, where they actually print the book, and send it to you to look at and see if it needs any corrections before they print it in mass, and have them correct that. I’ve given up on doing it any other way. After every edit, they go through it and mess it up again.

                  I have been able to pin down that it’s the government who are interfering through their own stupidity. The PC I use to write it on never goes online and has no wireless card in it, so the only people who could possibly get into it to mess with anything are the NSA themselves (or whoever they allow to use the equipment needed to do so) I found an explanation online of how they do it.

                  By interfering with a computer that has no way to connect to anyone in any traditional manner, they incriminated themselves.

                    • I haven’t put any of it online yet, though I’d really love to do it that way – as in post it on a blog and ask for public opinions as I write it, but being a target, that may be unwise. Because of the circumstances, I’m even afraid to do an online spellcheck, but I’d be happy to send it to you via email after it gets printed in that mock-up book. The freaks wouldn’t be able to plagerize it, then. I’d love to show it off. Especially since it was written as sort of a “gettaway from reality” thing. It’s a world where all the things that happen to us simply don’t exist. Thanks for offering to pass it on. I do plan to pubicize it on websites when it’s finished.

  4. I believe it because I have had instances where we have written something down that we didn’t want them to see or hear us talking about, and they still found out about it. Even though my husband was the only person I told, or my son was the only person I told…They never would have told anyone else. They know about perps, hate them for what they do to me, and would never help them. Sometimes they will even control the computer when I’m alone, based upon what I’m seeing at the time. If I decide to read something they’ll zap it. This makes me think the stories about thought reading must also be true. I don’t want to believe them, but I think I don’t have much choice.

    I’m sorry that they bothered you at the convention. They really are nasty! Can’t leave us alone to enjoy something any time at all. Yeah, If we did what they do to us, they’d complain. But we mean nothing to them. I’ve news for them. They mean nothing to me. I hate them, and they deserve it. They aren’t good enough for me to wish I could be their friends. They feel like they have power over me, but they don’t. I’m still here, and I’m going to keep on fighting to get them exposed and stopped.

  5. Some TI’s say that the perps can see thru our eyes & I believe it cause when the MEDUSA device was/is used on me they had a co-worker watching me from a few feet away& he was on his cell & my head turned in his direction and my eyes focused on him (I was trying to look & do what I was doing, but the device makes us look, do, say what the perps want) and he said into his cell “You can see me?” What I got from this was the a perp/stalker was on the phone and trying to “recruit” yet another co-worker showing him that they can see thru my/our eyes… There’s got to be away to block all the devices I heard about a frequency jammer, but have yet to invest in even more shielding, for they are distracting me 24/7, but don’t be discouraged for in the end Good shall conquer All evil…

    God bless us all

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