Gang Stalking – New apartment won’t change anything.

Laundromat in Toronto, Canada

Laundromat in Toronto, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I wrote about what you should look for outside when you’re finding a new apartment.  I forgot to add that you should make sure you don’t end up near a laundromat or meters.  I almost made this mistake.  I found a beautiful furnished apartment and I just loved the place.  But a little voice told me to be careful and wait.  So I waited three days.  On the third day, I returned to the rental place and decided to look around before I went into the office.  Well, was I surprised!  If  I’d taken the apartment I would have lived over a laundromat and meters behind me.  A lot of electricity would have come at me.  So be careful!

When the rental agent takes you inside an apartment, look  at the door knob very carefully. A lot of times, the door lock is too short and the door won’t close properly.  It’ll  be very easy for someone to get into your apartment.

Look at the carpeting and see if you notice any holes in it.  Usually holes are part of your harassment.  The perps make holes in the carpet so it’s easier for electricity to get in through the floor.

Check the blinds carefully.  A lot of  times the blinds will be uneven, short and long.  And usually the width is too short, so the perps can get at you. Make sure you can close and open the blinds.  My blinds don’t work at all.  I can’t open  or close them.  My mistake in not noticing.

I noticed in my new place, everyone has screens, but I don’t.  Another mistake I made.

Check all the faucets.  There are no stoppers in any of my faucets.  I asked the maintenance man “why are there no stoppers?’  He told me with a straight face that stoppers were no longer required. Yeah, sure they’re not.  What baloney!

Every tenant has a medicine cabinet, I don’t.  I have a large mirror.  I’m sure they use the mirror to watch me.  Every place I went, there were  large bathroom mirrors.  I keep the mirror covered.  They did the same thing to me in my old apartment, so I know what the mirror is for.

Make sure you check the shower pressure.  My shower pressure is so low, I can barely take a show. I complained about it and I was told there’s nothing they can do about it.  Yeah, sure.

Check everything.  And I mean everything.

Yesterday, I wrote that you should try to get an apartment on the second floor.  What I really meant is that you should get apartment on the top floor, whatever floor that is.

Looking for an  apartment as a target is hell.  All the looks you have to put up with when you meet  people.  You know what they’re thinking about you and there’s nothing you can do about it.  You have to grin and bear it.

So if any of you are looking for new apartment, or house, I really wish you a lot of luck.  Don’t expect anything to change in your new apartment.  It’ll just be the same old same old.

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21 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – New apartment won’t change anything.

  1. Gang Stalkers are ‘Terrorist Task Force’ trainees and or Terrorist Processors for the highly corrupt, unethical, immoral, illegal FUSION CENTER federal employees and their civic pals they buy off. All of them are now branded themselves including all those Infraguard types Neighborhood Watch(ers) i.e. CERTs, C.O.P.s Weed & Seed, etc.) they are unconconsciousable hypocrital torturing psychopathic manic slow no-touch murderers for hire.

    Senate Committee Just Release FUSION CENTERS ‘A Nation of Traitors to the Constitution’ by high-level former State Police Investigator

    This is what creates the millions of targeted individuals all around America. As reported extensively. As one high level former State Police Investigator recently said, “A Nation of Traitors to the Constitution”.


      • That was an excellent video! So they actually made a policy of messing with people’s blogs…bastards! It makes sense. A lot of people say they have typos and mistakes put into the text on their sites and blogs by perps.

        • Oh, believe me, my blog is messed with all the time. They delete, delete what I write. Move my cursor around to where I don’t want it to go. I think I’m typing on one line and look up and it’s somewhere else. And after I publish my blog, they change pictures, give it extra spacing, misspell words, just change it. WordPress is so good. WordPress notifies me when they make changes on my blog. I love WordPress.

      • Whenever I see those kinds of mistakes I figure they were probably made by perps. I know they even do it to stuff I have in files on my computer that I’m not (willingly) sharing, so it has to be hackers…and I know about the moving the curser so that you are typing on a line you don’t want to on, and that sort of thing. They even do that to me when I’m typing my story well offline. I’m glad to know WordPress lets you know about changes. You just made me decide if I do start a blog, I’ll use them. Thanks!

  2. More very good points. I see what you mean about trying to get a top floor – so they can’t be above you. One of my perps ived above me, and would make a lot of deliberate noise to drive me crazy. You want to make sure as few people are in direct contact with your space as possible. I believe you about the mirror thing. It’s pretty obvious. I’m wondering if you didn’t notice your apartment didn’t have screens at first because they took them off after you said you’d take the place? I’m sure it’s for easier access for them. When I moved into the house I’m renting, everything was perfect but the perps soon damaged everything – woodwork, doorknobs, floors, carpet, ripped all the blinds, bent metal vents…It’s digusting! I can’t afford to get any of that fixed. They want to drain your money. That’s for sure!

    • Funny, you should mention that things were done to my apartment after I moved in. That’s my subject for today; how they change everything after you move in. And, yes, they want to make you become homeless by constantly destroying everything you own.

      • I just read the one you wrote today. It’s not comforting to know that happens to other people. But it does reassure me that I know I’m not crazy! That guy probably mentioned latex paint to let you know he was a perp. They like it that there’s no one we can turn to.

        • Oh, I knew he was a perp from the minute I met him. He works in the office and was also telling me how well he’s doing moneywise. He told me he’s never done so well in his whole life. Yeah, because he’s recruiting perps. I saw him interviewing a perp when I went into the office one day. He’s making lots of money perping people.

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