Gang Stalking – Safety should be your first concern when moving.


Apartments (Photo credit: Beedle Um Bum)

Three light switches with exposed wiring

Three light switches with exposed wiring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, what I wrote was just deleted, so I’ll start again.  My computer keeps being turned off by the perps.  They don’t want me  to tell you what’s happening to me because they want to keep you thinking you’re nuts.  If I tell you what’s happening to me, you’ll realize that  what you’re going through is  what’s happening to me and it will make you realize that you’re not nuts.  They want to make you think that what’s happening to you is happening only to you and you must be nuts.  I know that you’re not nuts and I’m not nuts.   They want to drive you crazy, make you start taking medications (so no one will believe you when you tell them what’s happening). So I hope I’m able to finish my blog today.  If my computer’s turned off, it’s not because I quit on you.

Yesterday, I wrote about moving and I’m going to continue on that subject.

You don’t have to worry about getting a place to live.  I would say 99-3/4 of apartment managers are perps.  They want to have you as a tenant.  You’re a money machine.  They keep track of you and recruit tenants as perps.  They get good pay for doing this.  I know in my last apartment, the manager wanted me to stay.  She really got angry when I moved.  When I left, she lost her cash machine.  Plus, the managers are made to feel very important.  They love being perps.  The government feeds  their egos constantly.  They all think they’re spies and very important.  So don’t worry about being able to get  an apartment.

Your first  concern should be about safety.  That’s what you have to worry about when you’re looking for an apartment.

When you’re looking for an apartment, check out the grass outside:  is there dog poop; are the blinds torn?   Is the area around the apartment filthy looking?

Is the apartment surrounded by lots of lights?  The lights will be used on you at night to hit you with the electricity from the lights.  Visit the place at night to see how bright the lights are surrounding you at night.  You will notice things at night you won’t notice during the day.  That’s the mistake I made moving into my present apartment.  I forgot to check the lights, and I’m surrounded by them at night.

Check out your neighborsChecking our your neighbors will tell you  what your life will be like.  If the neighbors all come  to check you out, don’t take the apartment.  They’ll be checking you out because you’ll be their new cash cow.  Also if the neighbors are overly friendly, same thing, get another apartment.  It’s a fake friendliness.

Don’t take an apartment on the first floor, or in front of a parking lot.  Perps will use their cars to hit you.

Don’t get an apartment where perps surround you.  Try to get an apartment at the end, at least you have a fighting chance.  When you’re surrounded by perps, you’ll get hit from every direction.

Don’t get an apartment near electrical wires or anything electrical.

Don’t rent apartment with a walkway.  You’ll have to look at their faces every time you pass them.  So try to get a place where you don’t have to pass anyone on the way out.  Try to get apartment with a few exits.  If you have only one way of getting out, you’ll have to pass the same miserable people every day.  If you can go out different exits, you can change your route every day and they have to guess which way you’re coming out or going in.

Check out the location of the mailbox.  If it’s in a place that you can’t see, they’ll be missing with your mail.

Walk around the complex and check to see if there are any exposed wires, water valves that are open, etc. (Look at photo with house, don’t rent an apartment with wires surrounding you.)

No matter what you do, your first concern should be safety.

Tomorrow, I’ll write about what you should look for inside the apartment before you rent.

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7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Safety should be your first concern when moving.

  1. Hello,
    I became anxious during your long silence and worried that anything worst would have happened to you. And I feel sorry that moving did not improve your situation.
    I wonder if you have time and would be interested in translating the articles of
    The idea would be to make a copy and use google translation before tranforming the texts into a palatable english text that I could check in accordance with the original. which is often written in slang.
    If you have time enough and agree to do it , I would appreciate that you tell me your expected price for this service . The information could be sent to Please do not add it in your comments .
    With king regards

    • I receive comments through WordPress, so I have no control on posting of comments. I’m confused about translating I understand enough words from your posts to make out what you’re writing about because of my Spanish fluency, but I don’t know enough French to translate. I wouldn’t charge you anything if I could translate. Thanks for your concern about something happening to me.

  2. Excellent adice! Especially about the wires. Although, I am one who believs they also have DEWs. I am certain those are used on me. 24/7 now. It used to be now and then, but now it’s constant at home. We aren’t near any big concentrations of wiring or bright street lights. (this is the darkest town I’ve ever seen as far as street lights) I know for sure I’m being zapped. I can feel it. It’s even changing my appearance. It’s pure eivl!

    • Earlier, my husband was rushing me to go to the store, but I also want to say, you are so right about them trying to make us and everyone else think we are crazy! And about the pills. They used the pill thing on me. I no longer take them, so they can’t say I say the things I say are because I’m on meds. I show no signs of needing meds, either, so they can’t say the things I say are because I need to take them again. I think if enough people who know they aren’t crazy find each other, maybe we can eventually convince people there is something really going on. This is why I thank God for people like you, who are brave enough, to write a blog…and thank you so much for writing it over again today!

    • Are you sure there are no electrical wires? Take a really good look around where you live at night? I bet there are a lot of lights pointed in your direction. And if you’re getting a lot of zapping there are several ways they do it: through their computers, their phones. I really don’t think satellites are pointed at us. Everything they do is third world kind of thing. How can our appearance not change? With all the stress we have to deal with, it’s a miracle we remain sane. Do you have neighbors living nearby? They’re probably zapping you.

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