Gang Stalking – Moving? Read this to avoid problems.


August 2009 Mosaic

August 2009 Mosaic (Photo credit: Jill Clardy)

When I decided to find a new apartment, I notified the manager of  the complex I would be moving.  My lease was up in July.  I notified her in May I would be moving, and then, I repeatedly told her I would be moving.   A week before I was to move, the manager left a notice on my door that I hadn’t notified her in writing.  Since I verbally told her I was moving, it didn’t count that I’d notified her.   She told me that either I renew my  lease or she would deny me my security deposit and let others know that I’d run out on my lease, therefore, ruining my credit.  Of course, I went into the office and reminded her I’d told her.  She said it didn’t count.  It had to be written notice, nothing else counted.  I just bet.  I bet there were plenty of other tenants who told her they were moving and never gave written notice.  Of course, for me it didn’t count.  I’m a target and it always “screw her time.”

I had already found another apartment and put down a deposit, so if I moved into the new apartment, my credit would be ruined.  I decided just to pay rent for the new apartment and pay rent on my old apartment.   I kept the old apartment for the whole month of August. I wasn’t about to pay for something and not get my money’s worth.  At first, I cursed the woman every time I thought of her.  What a b—h.  She purposely waited for the last-minute to let me know of my written notice.  But in the end, it worked out well for me.  I had a whole month to slowly move from one apartment to another.  And I took the whole month of August to move my stuff, and was able to clean the apartment.

On the last day that I was in my old apartment, I asked the manager to check everything out before I left.  She sure did check everything out.   She began by blaming me for the door being off its hinges (her husband broke the hinges).  There were marks  on the wall (done by her husband) and I got the blame.  Her husband  tore the blinds, and again she blamed me for it.  And as she went about the apartment, she checked off how much I’d have to pay for all the repairs.  It came to over $500. Not only did she screw me  with the moving date, but she also was going to charge me for the damage to the apartment.  I’d had enough of her screwing me.  I told her she was going to have to take me to court to get the money.  I was not going to pay for damage done by her husband.

She also told me I had to be out of the apartment by 5 p.m. of that date.  I’d paid for the whole day, but she threatened to make me pay for another month if I wasn’t out of the apartment by 5  p.m.  Oh, yeah.  I went out after she threatened to make me pay for another month.  There was nothing in the lease about me having to be out of the apartment by 5 p.m., so I wasn’t worried about her threatening me.  But as I was walking around, I saw a police officer and questioned him about what my rights were about moving date.  He reconfirmed everything about the moving and my rights.  I had the right to stay till 11:59 p.m. on my last day since I already paid for the day.  I could not go over that time.

So I’m telling you about my  experience so it doesn’t happen to you.  Make sure that before you move, you give written notice and make sure you get a written copy signed by the manager, which is what I did.  I didn’t want her saying  I never gave her written notice.

Also, make sure your apartment is as clean as you can get it.  You don’t want them charging you for any damage to the apartment, especially since I’m sure you’ve caused no damage.  And when you turn in your keys, also get the manager’s written signature that you’ve returned the keys.  You don’t want her saying you didn’t return the keys.  Get a signature for everything you turn in.  You really can’t trust any complex manager.  They’re all part  of gang stalking, every one of them.  They get money for recruiting tenants, so it’s in  their interest to screw you.

When cleaning out your apartment, leave nothing behind, nothing.  I used to watch the maintenance man when he cleaned the apartments of  tenants who moved.  When the regular tenants moved, everything would go straight into the dumpsters.  When a target moved, he would put everything into a trash container, take it to the office and go through what a target left.  So leave absolutely behind they can use against you.  I’m sure there’s nothing you leave behind that means much of anything, but believe me, they’ll turn it into evidence.  Leave nothing behind!

Tomorrow, I’ll write more things about moving and some new things I learned about a new apartment and moving. Until then…

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4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Moving? Read this to avoid problems.

  1. Good for you for telling her you wouldn’t pay for damage her husband did! And what a disgrace she is, for not telling you on any of those numorous occasions you reminded her you were moving, that she needed it in writing! And thank God for the ocasional meeting of a nice cop who is honest. There are very few of those!

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