Gang Stalking – Force the perps to get a real job.

I feel sorry for all of us who are victims gang stalking.  It’s a horrible life.  Never are we left alone.  Someone is always stalking us, or trying to do something  to remind us that we’re not free of their evil.

While I’ve been away, I had a few things done to me.  One day, for instance, I was walking with my suitcase and I accidentally hit someone.  Before I could  apologize, the person began calling me all kinds of names and threatening to do  harm to me.  I decided I would not apologize to her because of her rude behavior toward me and kept on walking.  As I walked away, the woman took a bottle water and threw it at my back.  Just the other day, I was in the store, a man and a woman began to argue with me.  I was in line at the store, had my handbag open and tried to ignore them.  But after a while, I got fed up with the name calling and responded in kind.  While I was responding to the man, who was calling me names, the woman got right next to me and stole all my I.D.  At the new apartment where I live, it’s non-stop electricity and break-ins every single day.  One day I came home, decided to make a sandwich with the ham I had in the refrigerator.  I opened the bag and, on top of the ham, someone placed roaches on the ham, so no sandwich.  Cameras have also been placed in my new apartment.  Things which I do, which no one has seen me do outside, the perps mimic as I walk around during the day.

I always wonder what kind of animals these people are that they would something to someone who has done nothing to them.  And they all seem to get great enjoyment just making our lives miserable.  No matter how we try to ignore them, it’s hard to do.  But ignore them we must.  Because if we pay attention to them, it makes them happy.  They can go back to the monitors and report what we’ve said and they’re paid for giving information on us.  So no matter what the perps do, ignore them.  Don’t give them any pleasure.  And don’t let them earn any money reporting things about us.  Let them get a real job where they have to do a real day’s work.

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3 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Force the perps to get a real job.

  1. Those people are disgusting! Our food gets messed with, too. They also put stuff on the clean dishes and flatware so that we have to rewash anything again before we use it. I hate these creeps. I wish they would go and get honest jobs too.

    • Yeah, aren’t they disgusting? So they’re getting into your home, too? If we broke into their homes we’d be in jail, but they get away with coming into our homes. If you can, put a camera in your home. Hide it so they can’t see it. I can’t put a camera in my place, there’s no place I can put it without them finding it.

      • I’m kind of in the same situation. We have reasons to think they already have cameras in our home, and bugs – so even if we could afford it, they’d be able to see where we put it, come in and take it. I did put one up by my front door in an apartment I lived in before this place, and some kids came and ripped it down. I wanted to be able to see who was at my door before I opened it. As far as them finding things, I’ve given up on trying to hide anything. You’re right about us trying to do anything they do. Yeah, we’d be in jail for going into their homes, but police are on their side. They don’t care about anything I tell them about. Of course police work for the government, so that makes sense. I guess we just have to keep our hopes up, and keep fighting the legality of GS’ing.

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