Gang Stalking – Readers, I’ve missed you!

Connecticut Plaza Apartments 2

Connecticut Plaza Apartments 2 (Photo credit: Mr. T in DC)

Hi, everybody.  I’ve been away longer than I anticipated.  I took some time off to de-stress and find a new apartment.  I must tell you readers, I really missed all of you.

I found a new apartment, and as I thought, it’s as bad as my last apartment.  Nothing has changed.  Still being hit with electricity, still harassed non-stopped, my apartment is still broken into every day.  Absolutely nothing has changed about my life.  It’s been worse since I stopped writing my blog.  I had no one to talk with, and my blog is the only contact I have with anyone.

I must tell you readers that our life is really hell.  I didn’t really realize how bad my life really is until I took off some time.  To be out there without backup is horrible.  At least on my blog, I have contact with my readers.  Being out there by myself is horrible.   More than ever, I really feel for all the readers that are going through the same hell I am.  I admire all the readers that have to put up with all the s–t every day.  Somehow, you keep going and sticking it out.

I’ll answer all the remarks you made to me.  Thank  you all for sticking in there and waiting for me to come back.  You have my love and admiration.

I’ll be writing my blog again every day.  I have a lot of things to tell you about the things that happened to me and new things I’ve learned on how to protect yourselves.

It’s good to be back and in contact with my readers.  I’ve missed you all.

5 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Readers, I’ve missed you!

  1. I missed you, too. I think of you when I’m not reading your blog as well, and wonder how you are. I’m glad you are OK, but I wish you had been able to escape the crap. I’m relieved to see you’re back. I started to worry that you’d ended up homeless and no longer had a computer or something. Welcome back!

    • Thank you. Okay with a target is a “relative” word. Are we ever all right? My computer is always hacked, so every time I get on I worry if I’ll be able to write my blog. So far I’ve avoided homelessness, so I’m lucky in that sense, but I never say never.

  2. I don’t know if you are a member of our TI community yet goto freedom from covert harassment and surveillance. Evil shall be destroyed for at Harvest all the Wheat along w/the tares shall be picked and the tares will be separated from the Wheat and hewn into the eternal fire Hell (not the exact words of our Lord & Savior, but you understand) Please keep sharing what the perp/stalkers are doing to you w/details as we can then connect the dots and make concise patterns of the torture with me I’m catching on more that they ARE bringing up memories from the past & present any time but it seems to be done more at times when I’m trying to concentrate on some POSITIVE ACTION TO TAKE IN MY LIFE & Activism against this Organized stalking & I can tale more when a new recruit is in the rotation of stalking me like a different vehicle is being used now then when you see it again somewhere following you/arriving at the same place, time you do There is no such thing as coincidence plus the “am I busted” look on the new recruits face is familiar go forward good news is we are making progress against this evil w/petitions and now a case or hearing, I have to re-read the last update…

    God bless us all

    • I’m not new to gang stalking. I’m going on my 4th year. It’s been hell for four years, and getting worse every year. They haven’t been able to drive me crazy or get me to go on meds so my torture keeps getting worse. They figure they’ll eventually wear me out, or I’ll do something so I can be put in jail or end up in a mental ward, neither of which will happen.

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