Gang Stalking – Adios, good-bye, go annoy someone else.

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Lately (it’s been going  on for a while), they’ve done a lot of gas lighting to me.  I turn my computer on and they’ve changed the date and where I’m located.  So the computer will have a two-hour difference, plus or minus.  And it’ll be a day earlier or later. I guess they’re trying to make me think that I’m crazy.  But I know I’m very sane and watch for this.  This is the kind of mind games they play with you so you think you’re losing it.  But you’re not losing it.  It’s the jerks playing baby games. They have nothing better to do with their lives, but to try to drive targets into some mental institution, or take pills that will prove they’re really crazy and no one will listen to them.  So watch for things like this.  There’s nothing wrong with you.  The ones who are crazy are the gang stalkers and the government flunkies.

I have a Facebook page, and lately, my Facebook page has become very busy with people I knew from my youth.  People who befriended me, but only contacted me every three or four months.  Now, these same people show up on my page every single day and make comments.  These people know what I’m going through.  I’ve told them all, but it hasn’t sunk in. And now the government has gotten to them and they  believe everything the government says about me.  It didn’t matter that I warned them about my gang stalking.  What the lying government says is what they believe,  and not someone they knew to be an honest person.  So, I’ve wasted a lot of  time trying to warn them about what’s happening in my life. The government always win.

So I’m going to get rid of all of them.  Just seeing their faces every time I sign into Facebook annoys me.  It annoys me that I’ve warned these people about the government, and they don’t care to listen to me.  More zombies joining the gang stalking group.  And if they read this blog, good-bye, adios, good riddance.  You’re not my friends and I don’t need you on my Facebook page to annoy me.  Go annoy someone else.

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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Adios, good-bye, go annoy someone else.

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  6. Interesting, I am at the point where if I even think you are a Gang Stalker or associated with Gang Stalking, I cut you off immediately.

    Old friend from my childhood finds me on Facebook: Gang Stalker. Friend from work calls me on the phone and I ask her to cat sit: Gang Stalker. Childhood friend of my husband, who I introducede to his wife of 35 years: Gang Stalker. My own Grand daughter: Gang Stalker. It is heart breaking when people you loved and trusted want to denigrate and violaate you for their own sadistic pleasures.
    Good=bye, you were never a friend or cared about me, to begin with.

    • When everyone I know starts to write to me at the same time and with the same frequency, I know something’s up. I don’t know whether the people who run the gang stalking program are stupid, or they’re just mean bastards. It hurt me to remove the people all at the same time. That’s why they tell them all to do the same thing at the same time. To hurt us even more than we’re already hurting.

      • Good for you. You are brave. I would do the same thing. I agree that is what they had in mind. To make it hurt more, but you lived through it. I get rid of anyone I suspect of being GS’ers too. I had a guy befriend me once pretending to be a fellow GS victim and would put me down on comments at every oportunity. It was clear he was trying to make me look crazy. I figured he was a perp and said goodbie with an “unfriend” I don’t get in contact with old chums because I figure if they haven’t been told the lies by now they will be if I do. I just have new friends on my page. People who I meet through others on fb.

        • Yes, it’s terrible how the perps try to get to us any way they can. I’m still removing more. I don’t care if I end up with no friends; friends like those I don’t need. I’m also on Facebook. I can’t answer your response, my computer is down and I’m getting it repaired again. I’m currently in the library using its computer.

    • I agree. No one needs those kind of people in their life. I have had to disown several of my family, friends and associates because they became GS’ers.

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