Gang Stalking- Why can’t we just get along?

No more hate, end occupation

No more hate, end occupation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A postcard of a Duluth lynchings, June 15, 1920

A postcard of a Duluth lynchings, June 15, 1920 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Screenshot of footage of King beaten by LAPD o...

Screenshot of footage of King beaten by LAPD officers on March 3, 1991 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

indoctrination of the child

indoctrination of the child (Photo credit: the|G|™)

The world is such a mess.  It seems everybody hates everybody today.  Israelis hate Arabs.  Syrians hate Turks.  Egyptians  hated by their government.  Afghanistans hate each other because of their religious beliefs.  In the U.S., Republicans and Democrats hate each.  Why is there so much hate going on?  Why can’t people accept each other as they are?  Why do people  feel that what they believe is the right belief and everyone should think the way they do?

It seems that no matter how someone tries to stay out of the fray, they can’t.  In some way or other, we become part of  what’s happening. If someone just wants to live his life the way he wants and not bother anyone, there’s always someone who will try to tell that person what he should be thinking and doing.  We’re told what religion we should practice. What a woman should do with her body.  We’re told who we should not have sex with. As Rodney King said, “Why can’t we just get along?”

Why do there have to be any borders that separate countries, states?  Why can’t there be a world that makes it easier for all of us to get along?  Why can’t we just accept each other as we are?  Why is it so difficult for people to love each other?  To care about each other?

We, who are now alive, are leaving a mean-spirited world for the children who are not yet born.  I see it every time I take a walk.  I see mothers who urge their children to have no respect for anyone.  I see mothers who urge their children to stick out their tongues at me.  I see mothers encourage their children to kick me when I’m not looking.  I see mothers encourage their children to make nasty remarks as I walk by.  What makes these mothers do this?  Don’t  these mothers have any empathy for anybody?   Are their lives so miserable that it makes them feel better to teach their children to be disrespectful to someone they don’t know and hasn’t done anything to  them.

I know that the government encourages families to get involved in gang stalking.  Why is it that they have to indoctrinate the children? Why don’t they leave the children alone?  Are they indoctrinating the children for the future?  The world is bad enough without indoctrinating children into evil.

I don’t blame the children.  The children are doing what their parents tell them to do.  The children think that what their parents tell them to do is right. They don’t know any better, but their parents do.

The world is full  of hate.  We don’t need any more children in the world learning to hate others because of what they look like, what religion they practice, what country they’re from, who they choose to have sex with, what color they are, etc.  What we need more of  in the world is love.  We need to learn to live with each other without wanting to kill each other because of who we are.

I hope you mothers realize what you’re doing to your children when you tell them to act in a way that’s hateful.  You’re teaching them to hate others.  Why don’t you teach your children empathy for others?  We need more of it in the world.  Why don’t you make the world better for your children and others?  Leave your children the gift of a better world.

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4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking- Why can’t we just get along?

  1. Sometimes we need to destimulate ourselves, If it were’nt for Dave I would probably only go out to get food and water. I’m lucky to have him and he is a calming factor in my life. Take care of yourself,
    it is over a hundred degrees out there, so keep cool.

    Just think what it would be like to be one of them, where your world consist of constantly thinking of ways to do another harm, when your talk is constantly about doing harm to others, when you act out that harm and then discuss and laugh about how it felt to do the harm and you mock the person your’ve committed the harm against. Who would you rather be us or them?

    • Yes, I always think about how they must feel. After a good day of gang stalking, they get together and have a drink, eat some food and make fun of all of us. Honestly, I’d rather be neither. I don’t want to gang stalk anyone and I don’t want anyone gang stalking me. What a horrible life we lead, and believe me, the gang stalking life is no fun, either. They’re watched to make sure they’re doing their evil work. And they’re told what to do every minute. So, in essence, they’re life is hell, too.

  2. Why would the Gang Stalkers want to get along, they’re winning. They are building an underclass of people, they can threaten, abuse, and kill, at will. That’s why they constantly remind you they have the right to kill you, They believe they are allowing you to live, they are allowing you to have an apartment, they allowed me to sell my condo in Dallas. And it is true, they are allowing us to do these things and the moment we are disallowed by them, we will be dead.

    We are the training ground for they’re youth, they need us to teach the yourng how to be psychopaths. We are a service, like the Gladiators to amuse and occupy themselves with hate. Why do you think they do not kill us? They certianly have motive (cruelty), power (they’re everywhere), and they have enough psychopaths who want to do the deed. Do you think that I’m not dead because they have a modicom of empathy. Any empathy, any one of them ever had was drummed out long ago. I’m not dead beause they want to use me and once the’ve reached the goal of their mission. I will be dead. Remember the jungle, there are no laws, “Might makes Right.”

    This is how they see life in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    • It’s a terrible world we live in. But they don’t scare me. I might say things about taking time to get my mental state right, but where I doing anything else, that’s the same way I would think. It has nothing to do with them, really. They think it does. I haven’t been going out too much lately, they probably think it’s because of them. It’s not about them at all. I have another reason, but I’m not stating that reason here. America land of the free, what a laugh!

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