Gang Stalking – A target’s hellish experience of looking for an apartment.

After America

After America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Interior of Boulevard Gardens, an apa...

English: Interior of Boulevard Gardens, an apartment complex in Woodside, New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: The La Reserve Apartment Complex

English: The La Reserve Apartment Complex (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I haven’t begun looking for an apartment.  I’ve gone through the rental ads, but haven’t actually looked at any apartments.  The thought of  looking for an apartment makes me sick.  I can see it now.  Wherever I go, there will be at least 20 people in their cars, or more, following me.  There is nothing these people will not do to keep track of me. They will make illegal u-turns, run through red lights, go over lawns, almost run  people over, go up one way streets, run over dogs, old women, kids, etc.  Think of all the chase scenes you’ve seen in movies, that’s what will be happening to me. I mean, after all, the world might come to an end if they lose me.  I am so important in keeping America safe.  They just have to keep America safe from dangerous criminals like me.  God forbid they should lose sight of me!

Once I decide on an apartment complex I’m interested in seeing, they’ll wait by the sideline, or get the number of the complex and let the manager know how dangerous the criminal sitting in front of her/him is, or will be.  I can always tell when a manager gets the call. I’ll be sitting with the manager and she’s  telling me about the complex, and then the phone rings.  And I see the look on her  face change.  She’ll look into my face and try to make-believe that she’s not talking about me.  Her whole demeanor becomes stilted.  She’s  no longer relaxed, no matter how she tries to bluff her way through the call. ( And then when I leave the manager’s office, they’ll (agents) walk into the office and show the manager their badge.  The badge that will make the manager a true believer of what she’s been told on the phone.  The managers never check the badges.  I wonder how many of the badges they show are for real?   Just take out a badge and the world is yours.)

Once they get off the phone, their Spiegel changes.  They’re no longer as nice as they were a few minutes ago.  They hurry me through their sales talk. Some of them won’t even ask as me if I’m interested in the apartment, they’ll just tell me that they have somewhere to go.  And if I get lucky enough to get a look at an apartment, it’s usually the worse looking apartment in the whole complex.  And, of course, I’ll tell them that the apartment needs fixing.  They’ll reply that someone will clean and paint the apartment.  And when I go back to look at the apartment, it still a mess and nothing’s been done.

This is what I have to look forward to trying to find an apartment.  It’s bad enough when the gang stalkers follow me by foot, but by car it’s worse.  The last time I looked for an apartment, one of the gang stalkers almost ran me over.  And having to put with rental managers’ looks is another thing.  To see someone who is nice one minute and turn into a smirking jerk the next, makes me want to…  Well, it’s better if I say nothing.

I have to get myself mentally prepared for what I have to put up with the next  few days.  So I’m working on it.  I’m giving myself a lot of pep talks, getting myself physically fit and eating healthy things that will strengthen my mind. Because the mind is really where all the strength comes from.  A strong mind and nothing can stop me from finding an apartment. Wish me luck. It’s going to be a hellish experience!

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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – A target’s hellish experience of looking for an apartment.

  1. Your anxiety about going out in th world to do the simple task of house hunting is haunting me. Before we were Gang Stalked we were unaware of people who Gang Stalked and then we were introduced to their evil and chaos, the unnecessary constant fear of being attacked, runover, verbally assulted, mobbed, ……The sadism and ridicule in their eyes and voices. I ask myself, “Who are these people who enjoy the pain of another, who are these people who stack thousands against one and believe they are heros? Who are these cowards who intimidate old ladies?

    Now, I have come to understand who they are and what my part in their world consists of and you are right it, consists of living in HELL, a hell of their making. So, I say to you my Gangstalkers, those of you who have proved to me that it is better to be dead than live in fear:

    “You made me what I am today, I hope your satisfied..”

    • I don’t know if you’ve looked for an apartment recently, believe me, it’s hell. Being chased around from place to place is hell. I’ve experienced this quite a few times, so I know what they do. Since I don’t have a car, it’s cars against human. It’s disgusting what these animals do. I don’t know if targets realize this is what they do, but I do. I’m sure they’ll do the same thing to you when you look for another apartment/house in Europe. Be ready for it.

    • I would hope that what you wrote would move the gang stalkers in some way, but I doubt it. They truly believe in what they’re doing. And having the government compliment them constantly on what heroes they are, just reinforces what they think of themselves.

  2. Unfortunately, what you are saying is often true. My experiences have been that business transactions are often difficult and the person you are doing business with can be hostile and negative. But this can happen to anyone, it just happens more with the Gang Stalked. I was shaken by your description of the manager being told gossip and innuendo. I know for a fact I have been the victim of false witness by my Gang Stalkers. It gives you a sinking, helpless feeling. Losing ones respectability and being unjustly accused of being unstable is not something that a person can ever recover from, once a reputation has been diminished it can never be reclaimed.

    Please try to keep in mind that each Gang Stalker is also an individual and maybe the person you are dealing with has a moral compas and will act in an ethical way toward you and will treat you with the respect you deserve. I have experienced that behavior from people I’ve known to be Gang Stalkers. Not many, but a few. Good Luck to you.

    • I think I have a harder edge than you do, so people aren’t as nice to me. I don’t suffer fools gladly. And my New York upbringing sees s–t for what it is.

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