Gang Stalking – Who the hell gave U.S. Nazis the right to punish U.S. citizens?

Buchenwald Prisoners Nazis 13129
Buchenwald Prisoners Nazis 13129 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Soviet POWs standing before a barracks in Maut...

Soviet POWs standing before a barracks in Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Austria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Holocaust memorial

Holocaust memorial (Photo credit: NH53)

victims of nazism and comunism

victims of nazism and comunism (Photo credit: omnia_mutantur)

IBM, Hitler and the Holocaust: A Terrible Tale...

IBM, Hitler and the Holocaust: A Terrible Tale of Capitalism Without Conscience (g1a2d0060c1) (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

Today is July 4.  America’s Independence Day.  People get off from work, go on picnics, set off firecrackers, that is, if there isn’t a law against it.  Our “Nanny government” wants to make sure we don’t hurt ourselves when we play with firecrackers, so laws have been put into place to protect us.  Americans no longer can play with firecrackers.  Now usually someone who wants to set off firecrackers has to get a license, and safety measures have to be put into place to make sure no one gets hurt.  At one time, kids used to have fun setting off firecrackers, now if they try the same thing, they can be put in jail, or given a ticket.   How’s that for freedom on Independence Day?

I’m not celebrating July 4.  This is not my Independence Day.  I’m not free.  When I’m free, I’ll celebrate the holiday.  That means that I’ll probably never celebrate July 4 again.  The gang stalking that’s happening to me never ends.  It will continue for the rest of my life, or  until I’m dead.  It’s a prison sentence.  I get no reprieve like real prisoners.

Who the hell gave these Nazis the right to torture me?  Who?  Who the hell gave these Nazis the right to send people after me who torture me and millions of other Americans.  Who the hell gave these Nazis the right to judge me?   Not the Constitution. The Constitution states that every citizen’s entitled to a trial by a jury of his peers?  Where are these people who I’m supposed to get a fair trial from? These Nazis cannot be my judge, jury and avenger.  These Nazis have no right to send people after me to torture me.  Who the hell gave these Nazis the right to follow me around 24/7?  Who?  They have absolutely NO RIGHT TO GO AFTER ME!

I’ve never committed a crime, been given a trial, or found guilty of anything.  So why are these Nazis after me? What gives them the right to be judge, jury and avenger.  The Nazis did the same thing.  They didn’t put people on trial.  They just did what they wanted to people.  Over 6 million Jews were systemically murdered.  And the same thing that happened in Germany is happening in the U.S.  The government flunkies just do what they want to do with the approval of the government.  How many have been killed, put in mental institutions, tortured by these Nazis?  They’ve learned from the Nazis on how to torture people quietly.  There won’t be a Holocaust as there was in Germany.  It’ll be a quieter Holocaust where people will keep on being tortured.  No one will know about it, because it won’t be “in your face” kind of  Holocaust.  It’ll be years and years of doing away with people before anyone wakes up to what’s happening in the U.S.  I don’t think it will happen in my lifetime.  It will probably happen after I’m dead.  I’ll never see them get their punishment.

But if this silent Holocaust continues, I will keep speaking up.  No damn Nazi is going to shut me up.  Never.  They’re nothing but a bunch of losers. These Nazis will probably never get their punishment.  By the time someone finds out what’s happening, they’ll probably all be dead.

If there’s an afterlife, I hope I get to see them.  I want to be their judge, jury and avenger.  And if  I have the power, this is what I’m going to do.  I’m going to send them back to earth.  When they’re on earth, they will go through the same thing I went through. They will suffer from the day they’re born till the day they die.  And I will be watching from above with a smile on my face.

Look at the pictures above?  Do you want this to happen again?  Speak up!  Don’t look away.  Look at the pictures!

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10 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Who the hell gave U.S. Nazis the right to punish U.S. citizens?

  1. I had massive vandalism many years ago, during the first 5 years of Gang Stalking. I would guess around $10,000 total damages, but many occasions. Never more that a few hundred $$s at a time. Back then in CA any damage over $1000 is a felony. Under $1000 is condsidered a misdameanor and the police do not want to be bothered. The Gang Stalkers always stayed under the felony amount.

    • I don’t think I’ve had that much damage, since I’ve never bought much of anything. I knew the gang stalkers would destroy everything I bought, and they have.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I can’t go and watch firework displays or picnicks or anything because someone WILL come into our house and vandalize and steal things, etc. This is not a free country becaues of exactly what you say, and no one wants to believe it. Including me – but unlike the people it’s not happening to, we have to belive it – because we don’t have a choice!

    • They love to steal from our apt./house, and destroy everything in it. They’ve ripped every pair of pants I have. I’m currently walking around with holes in my jeans, because I don’t want to buy new ones just to have them destroyed. And freedom, we have none. How can anyone believe we have freedom when we’re harassed, followed, tortured 24/7?

      • Very true. We are not allowed to own anything. Everything we have is really theirs. But because we are are using the things we have, like our clothes, they make our clothes shabby so that we will have to present ourselves in public looking like don’t care about anything, and like we’re crazy, and don’t care about our appearance. It’s disgusting making someone live that way! They rip and stain my clothes. And they rip my husband’s. They always do it in the same ways, and in the same places. I think they ruin everything we have just so that no matter what we look at in our homes, we are reminded constantly, that we are theirs. And our things are really theirs, too. Well, at least I know my mind and and my soul will never be theirs!

        • Yes, it’s terrible what they do to us. My clothes are also torn, that is, when they don’t steal. It’s truly disgusting the way we have to live. I’ve thought and thought about what I can do to help myself and other targets, but there’s really no help out there for us. No one wants to listen to what we have to say. The government has convinced everyone that we’re all vicious animals. But the day will come when this is discovered and we will have the last laugh. I truly believe this will happen. It’s happening to too many people.

  3. During the past 15 years I’ve been GangStalked by thousands of individuals and their children. The children frighten me , they are our future and are being trained to hate upon command.

    Commanded to condemn
    Commanded to feel contempt
    Commanded to feel callous
    Commanded to be cruel
    Commanded to conspire
    Commanded to conquer
    Commanded to be warriors against us.

    They are the future of Gang Stalking

    • Every time I see parents encourage their children to harass me, I really get angry. How can parents train their children to harass other people? Others who’ve done nothing to them. I can see their future. Little gangsters running around doing damage to their environment and people. And then we wonder why children are so bad? Parents teaching their children to mistreat others is the reason.

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