Gang Stalking – I have the power to speak up.

Kiersten in the swim

English: the forests in new hampshire in autumn
English: the forests in new hampshire in autumn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sistine Chapel, fresco Michelangelo

Sistine Chapel, fresco Michelangelo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Four winters, four springs, four summers, four autumns have passed.  And I’ve accomplished nothing in those four years.  My life is so miserable, I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.

I want to be able to enjoy my winters, springs, summers, and autumns.  I want to make snowmen and walk in the snow.  I want to walk on the beach and go swimming.  I want to walk in the woods and watch the leaves turn colors.  I want to feel the renewal of spring in my blood.  None of these can I enjoy.  It is not safe for me to go into the woods.  Who knows what’ll be done to me? I can’t go swimming, someone might try to drown me.

The beauty of the seasons is no longer mine.  Only darkness is available.  Darkness all the time. The constant darkness and shadows of the government and gang stalkers that harass and follow me everywhere.

I want lightness in my life.  There is so much light all around me, but darkness overtakes the light all the time.

The dark spirits that follow me around are sick people.  Everywhere they go, they create havoc.  What makes these people do what they’re doing?

How can a government that is supposed to be of equality do this to its citizens?  It is a corrupt, corrupt government.  It is not a government for the people by the people.  It is a government for the government.  A dark government full of secrets and lies.

For people outside looking in, the government seems to be very paternal.  But it is not a paternal government.  It is a dictatorship.  Be a good little girl and don’t cause any trouble or else we’ll step on you.  We’ll step on you and keep stepping on until you learn your lesson. We, the government, are stronger than you.  We can do whatever we want to you.  We know no one will believe anything you say.  We have power, you don’t.  You’re just one little person.  No one will listen to you.  We can convince them all that you’re crazy.  You can’t win against us.  We’ll defeat you and drive you into the ground.  We, the government, are powerful.  So give up, little girl.  You have no power.

Well, government, I might not have any power, but you will not shut me up, you will not drive me insane, you will not defeat me. I will keep on doing what I’m doing.  I will write my blog, speak up against a corrupt government, march against the government.  I will continue doing what I’m doing.  You can’t shut me up.  You don’t have the power to shut me up.  You have power in other parts of my life, but you can’t shut me up.  I have the power within me to keep writing and speaking and nothing you do to me will shut me up.  I will speak up!  I’m not afraid of you big, powerful government.  What’s the worse you can do me? Kill me?  I’ve accepted that you might just do that to me one day.  But still, you won’t shut me up.

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4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I have the power to speak up.

  1. Hello,
    As you say : they create havoc.
    If you do not know it you could be interested by a group of different parts of the world that sahre a common experience with gang stalkers. As far as I could understand , the site is mainly on mind control and lectronic harrassment, but can be another way to share with victims of global harrassment.
    Cheers up

    • Thanks,Nico. I’m on a lot of different sites, but I don’t join any of them anymore. A lot of perps in these groups posing as targets. So I just read what they have to say, but don’t join. I’m on Facebook with a lot of targets, but also a lot of perps. It’s hard telling the difference between the two. I just trust my instincts and my instincts are pretty good.

  2. I love it, you go girl, don’t let them win. They want you cowering in a corner, so they can come by and pick up the pieces of your shattered existence. It is cult like behavior, abuse, breakdown and re-make in our image. You have come to know who you are and no one can take that away from you, least of all the gangstalking abusers. Corrupt is to kind of a word for them, what they do to their target is criminal.

    • I agree “corrupt” is too kind a word. But no matter what word I use, it doesn’t describe their evilness. This has to stop. The world has to know. I’m going to do my best to get the word out no matter what happens to me. I’ve gone beyond the point of being afraid. I understand how Martin Luther King felt about his death coming. He accepted it and I accept it, too.

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