Gang Stalking – Thank you, thank you, thank you

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English: The Queen of Hearts, from a 1901 edit...

English: The Queen of Hearts, from a 1901 edition of Mother Goose, New York: McClure, Phillips, 1901. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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WordPress, thank you, thank you, thank you for trying to help me out.  You guys are absolutely No. 1.  No blogging site, I’m sure, is as helpful to a blogger.

Bloggers, you want a great blogging site, this is the only site you should consider.  No one censors you, no one tells you what you can write.  Http:// accepts all views., may you become the biggest blogging site in the future.  You deserve to be No. 1.

Again, million thanks for making my life easier.  My love to all you.  You have my highest admiration.

With my love to all of you,


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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Thank you, thank you, thank you

  1. I’ve noticed 3 of your blog pages have been deleted. Tried several times to go back and access them. A “This page is not available” sort of thing. Don’t give up, though. Most go through, and we others treasure them.

  2. I never recieved your blog, my email address seems fine except when they mess with it. Did you send me 3 Emails at 11:30 last night, Right after I finished writing the post?

  3. Oh! I call that a “show of power, see we have power over what you can and can do, what you can and can’t read.” All abusive people have one thing in common: A thirst for power. When I researched the Gang Stalker’s behaviors the closest I could find in the criminal mind was the serial killer. For most serial killers the fun is not in the kill, but in the targeting, the hunt, the denigrating and the fear in the eyes of the victim, the absolute control over the victim by the killer, there lies the fun. The sexual conotatations, the Gang Stalkers use, imitate the sexual control the serial killer has over his victim. Coupled with the pain, both emotional and psychological, the Gangstalkers love to administer, like getting members of your own family to turn on you, I would clasify their behavior as Sexual Sadistic . Then there is what I call “the Cleaners.” I’m in that stage, that’s the elimination stage, the silencing stage. Where they drop the love bomb on you, In this stage they imitate the pediphilla, who likes to interact to their victim and relive their denigration over and over………….
    That’s why in writing my poetry, some of my poems were about serial killers and pediphillas.

    • Well, they’re doing this to me now. Any time I interact with anyone, male or female, they right away try to make them befriend me. By befriending me, they can find out all sorts of information about me. I never fall for it. Recently, I’ve been going to Circle K to buy some things and a woman there has tried to befriend me. On my way home yesterday, I saw her wearing a low-cut dress, to entice me, I suppose. She just happened to come out exactly the same time I was on my way into my apartment. Well, she can be assured, I will not longer be talking to her. It seems any time I talk to any woman, there’s a change in her appearance. She’ll start wearing make-up, dresses up, looks more attractive. Is this supposed to turn me on or something? Because believe me, it doesn’t do anything for me. The only thing it does it tells me she’s a gang stalker.

      Did you ever get my blog? What about your email address?

  4. That last blog you wrote must have really struck a nerve for the Gang Stalkers to erase it from the face of the earth. I’m glad you feel in league with us listeners and your fellow bloggers. When you are a target the most difficult feeling you have is that of isolation. No one is your friend, no one believes this is happening to you, everyone thinks you are crazy. You are the object of humilation and ridicule. In a society that values brainpower, it’s a hard way to live.

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