Gang Stalking – Too bad I couldn’t see into the future.

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The days quickly slip away.   It’s already June 23.  Where has June gone?  What have I accomplished in my life?  Not much.  I can say, though, that I’ve accomplished something,  just staying sane is an accomplishment.  No matter what the gang stalkers did to me, I survived almost another month.  And believe me, that’s an accomplishment.

I remember the days when I was free. I never stayed home.  I was always running around doing something.  I was at the movies, Ft. Lauderdale beach, going out with family, friends, boyfriend, traveling.  Oh, I think back to those days and wish for them back. I didn’t realize how free I was.  Or I thought I was.  But I realize I wasn’t.  No one is really ever free.  There’s always the government to deal with.  They make all the rules and we  follow them like idiots.  We never question anything.  I must admit I was an idiot.  And I must tell you, I’m more aware than most people.  I spent a lot of  time getting petitions signed for causes I believed in.  And now I think, what was it all for?

Before my gang stalking began, I lived in Florida (I never should’ve left, maybe what’s happening to me wouldn’t be happening). I remember while living in Florida, I used to see a lot of cars with their lights on.  I used to wonder “why are their lights on?”  It was always a puzzle to me.  Why? A lot of Canadians spend the winter in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida,  and I used to see a lot of Canadians with their lights on.  So I didn’t get beyond” asking “why?”  I assumed the lights were just what Canadians did when they drove. But still, there was  something about the lights that bothered me. It was very strange to me.

So years pass, and one day I notice that  the lights are everywhere I go.  Everywhere I go people  are following me with their lights on. I wasn’t in Florida anymore and the lights went on during the sunniest of day.   I soon found out what the lights were about.  The lights became part of my gang stalking.  The lights are put on to let know other gang stalkers  know that they’re part of the group, and to let targets know that the gang stalkers know who we are.

I wish I could have seen into the future.  I never would have left Florida.  I’d gotten married to the man who proposed to me.  I guess I took the road less traveled.  The road which lead me to what I’m now experiencing.  It lead me to a hell hole of a life.

I want the world to know about gang stalking.  What it does to someone’s life.  How it separates families, lovers, husbands,  children, friends.

When I used to see the cars in Florida with their lights on, I didn’t know anything about gang stalking.  I never heard anyone mention it. There were a lot of people who were going through torture and I had no idea they were.  Only the lights gave me a hint of something going on.  It makes me wonder, if someone mentioned gang stalking, would I have believed them?  I think I would’ve.  People don’t make up stories like this.  And I would have given them the benefit of the doubt.

What troubles me about what’s happening to me, is  that for the rest of my life, and even after I die, I’ll be considered a crazy person.  I can see the future and can hear my family saying things like:  well, you know, insanity runs in our family.  Remember aunt Gladys, she was crazy.  I feel sorry for generations that follow me, when something like this happens to one of them, the family will think it’s just part of the family history.  I wonder how many people were called crazy and had nothing wrong with them?

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9 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Too bad I couldn’t see into the future.

  1. I would Never have believed this if it had not been part of my life, gangstalking is demonic, family, friends, women, employers do Not like you for being a good standup person, have tried to pass it off as sociopathic and bipolar and it is, but some people are just wired wrong, everytime the freaks fired me for standing up for myself and my fellow truck drivers, they did me a favor.

  2. I had a 1997 Chevy pickup manufactured in Canada, the law there requires vehicles to have lights on, used to ride my Harley with lights on for protection, I could see a vehicle miles away with lights on, but pulled out one day on my bike and almost got run over, threw the bike down, way cool older man turned around and apologized, he said I did not see you. I pulled in front of a motorcyclist on the same
    street and almost got hit, he did not see me.

  3. I’m curious, when did your Gang Stalking start? Is there a reason or a person you suspect of being responsible for your Gang Stalking? What were the first signals to you that something was wrong?
    What was the response of your family and friends? Answer or don’t answer, it’s up to you. I think the basic evolution is the same for all of us but I am wondering how others handled the stalking. I can say I handled it badly.

    • I would like to answer this, but it would turn into a blog. I have blogs I’ve written about when I discovered gang stalking was happening to me. I’m suspicious of a few people who could have done this to me: my brother-in-law, my sister, rental manager, my looney next door neighbor. These are the four suspects. My instinct tells me it was my looney next door neighbor who complained about me to authorities and told them I was very violent and I should be watched. She once sent hazmat police to my door with guns in hand. But I don’t really know. My family and friends all joined in the harassment. One of my sisters and a niece told me I should go see a psychiatrist. They all harassed me.

  4. Gang Stalker’s have a terrible impact on a marriage and family. 15 years ago when I was first being gangstalked, men would walk behind me, so close I could feel their hot breath on the back of my neck.They mimiced noises I made in the bedroom. I felt like an animal in a cage , knowing they were listening and ridiculing my husband and my most intimate moments and mocking us. During that time I became incapable of having sex with my husband. We have never had sex since that day and not one moment spent in my home is spent without the oppressive awareness that I am being monitored in my own home, where I should feel comfortable and carefree. Just writing this Paragraph to you has me shaking all over.

    • How absolutely awful. I’m also monitored in my apartment. I’ll go out for a walk and gang stalkers all around me will be doing things that I do only in the privacy of my apartment. You shouldn’t feel ashamed, they should. You’re in your house and they’re monitoring you. Who’s the sicko? Not you. Them!

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