Gang Stalking – Targets do your best to let others know about gang stalking.

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Today when I went out, the man in the wheelchair was not around, but on my return home, the first one I see, the man in the wheelchair.  And he had his chair turned diagonally left so I couldn’t pass.  I  was not planning to go where he was sitting, but I decided nobody is going to prevent me from going where I want.  I headed in the direction of where he had his wheelchair and quickly took out my camera.   He saw my camera and took off as quickly as he could.  I  never saw him move so fast.  He didn’t want me to videotape him.  These gang stalkers are sure afraid of a little camera.  Why is that?  If they’re not doing anything, why are they so afraid?  The man didn’t even need help getting into his apartment.  He just zoomed into it.   Now I know if I want to get rid of him, all I have to do is take my camera out.  And off he’ll slink.

I put a sign in my window.  I’m going to do everything in my power to make  people aware  about gang stalking.  Even though I write a blog, there are still a  lot of people who don’t know anything about gang stalking.  The sign I put in the window says: For Sale: Very evil people.  These people will try to drive any one you want crazy. They will follow your target 24/7, harass them and make their life as miserable as possible.  No experience required – just be evil.  To ask about job:  See U.S. Government.  I love the sign and no one is going to make me take it down.  Let the people in the office try.

I got the idea of putting the sign in the window from a $10 bill that was given to me as change.  The $10 bill had something written on it.  I thought it was something some idiot wrote.  But I was very surprised when the bill read:  The Intel,, Educate, Gangstalking  All these sites I’m very familiar with, especially Gangstalking world.  On the $10 bill, it also had something that said Navy Swastika – Blue Box.  The last one I’ve never heard of.  I don’t know if it’s a site I want to go to.  It might be one of those hate sites full of people talking about how they hate blacks, Hispanics and Asians.  If I go into it, I might get deluge of hate groups sending me messages.  But whoever thought of writing about gang stalking on a $10 bill is very smart.  It’s a good way to get the word out about gang stalking.  From on now, on all my bills, I’m going to write something about gang stalking.  I think I’ll put my blogging name on the bills.  What better way to advertise? Of course, I might get a lot of weird people responding to my blog, but it can’t be any worse than some of the loonies who have written to me after  finding the information on Google.  So if you’re a target, you can do the same thing.  Put information on your bills about gang stalking.  Let’s get the word out.  Let the whole world know what’s going on.  Or think of some way you can get the word out to people.  We have to do more to stop this disease of gang stalking.

Oh, forget everything I wrote about writing on bills; it is illegal to deface U.S. money.

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  3. today, I went to dickeys ( a barbecue fast food rest located in las vegas blvd. near the vegas outlet. As soon as I got on the parking lot (they always do this, but I ignore them cuz they are not worth my time), next to me were cars parked with people inside them. Now, the weather today is very hot and it would be crazy for somoene to hang inside their car for no apparent reason. As I said, I ignored them. Now, as I was approaching the restaurant, a skinny blonde lady (she was not pretty) came out of the restaurant, she was wearing a black dress and started stroking her hair one on the left side and then the other. She began doing it infront of the restaurant and walked her way all the way to the end of the other business next to Dickey’s. Parked infront are cars with people inside without their engine running. AS soon as I saw the caucasian (white) female who was stroking her hair, I knew what was up. So, I just wanted to watch how far is she going to pull her scheme. Now, I was told about their signals and their signs to communicate ( like the signs they do on a baseball game). Everytime they have a new one, my secret adviser informs me about it. Anyway, what she was doing was a sign that she was signalling her co evil perpetrators (gang stalker and harasser) that I am in the vicinity and the restaurant. I went inside but decided to go out and pretended that I was just walking. She kept walking slowly and kept stroking her hair as if she was walking like Ms. America only the face and body did not look like Ms. America. When she reached the last building, she made a u-turn and returned back inside the restaurant. I sat infront of her and kept looking at her to let her know I know what’s up. Maybe she wanted me to know, but I just stared at her to give her a dose of what she was doing to me. At first, she was smiling devilishly as well as the man who she was sitting next to. Then I could see the uncomfortable feeling she was having when I kept on staring at her just to see what would her reaction be. Guess what, after a few minutes (one or two minutes) of me being there, all the people she gave the signal to, started going inside, fell in line and the place got crowded. These were the people who were sitting insdie their vehicle while it was hot. Just imagine the game they play. Is it worth your time? I did not want to mess with their bs so I stood up and left them all without anyone to harass but each other. That left the restaurant too with one less customer. I can’t believe they would put themselves at risk just to stalk and harass. It makes me wonder if someone had put a price on each target’s head (lol!). if they are able to risk their lives and soul on this game they play, there must be some kind of reward. Learn the signs they do. They are so immature. I still feel sorry for them cuz they act foolishly and stands like zombies. Sorry my comment is long. thanks for letting me comment.

    • Vicky, typical gang stalking behavior. They do have signals with hair, but that’s not one of them. Think about it for a minute. Do you do that with your own hair? They imitate me doing what I do with my hair. The way I push it back, etc. She was imitating you. She was doing what you do with your hair. I bet I’m correct. By the way, I wouldn’t have left. That’s what they want you to do, annoy you so you leave. I never leave when I go some place to eat (after making sure the food is safe) I stay, unless I’m having a real bad day. They’re a bunch of zombies and idiots. It’s unbelievable how they act. Next time, take a camcorder and carry a book (to hide camcorder) or newspaper and videotape them inside and outside the restaurant. Make sure you get a good shot of their faces and get video of their license plates. See how long they stick around.

  4. I do find it better if I do not interact with people. That’s including Gang Stalkers and anyone human. I go to the store and interact with the clerks in a friendly manner, same with the dentist or the doctor or anyone I must do business with. I am glad to have their services and I behave in a professional manner and expect them to do the same. I believe in paying them for their services. I owe them nothing more and they owe me nothing more. I do not make eye contact with people, nor do I respond when they say hello. You are correct people are evil.

    • If I stay home for one or two days and don’t go out, on the third day, I find it difficult to take the gang stalkers’ b.s. When I’m home, I’m harassed from 8 apartments, but I don’t have to look at their faces. When I go out and look at their faces, I can’t tell you what I want to do to the perps. I do look at their eyes. I want to remember exactly what they look like when this hell ends. That is, if it ever ends.

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